The mansion in the fantasy world


The mansion in the fantasy world

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The girls were at loss of words when they saw the completed mansion

The gathering onlookers had the same reaction.

The expressionless Lulu was looking up the mansion with her mouth slightly open.

The completed mansion were three stories tall, the entire surface is covered with marble, surrounded with walls and a splendid gate.

A cheerful laughter broke out the silence

「Ahahahaha! What a great mansion….It is an honor to work in such a mansion.」

Said by the resident chef, Alma Powers.

She looks like a 40 year old, she wasn’t employed as a sexual object, she wasn’t ugly, rather she looks well

A skillful chef, rather than being lured by the high salary, it seems that she has been attracted by the condition of being able to use any luxury ingredients.

「Master、may you show me the kitchen right away? I’ll have to learn how to use it, I’ll also get the ingredients for dinner today、is there something you want to eat?」

「Let’s see……For me, any meat meal would do. But since we’re celebrating the completion of the mansion, you may use expensive ingredients.」

「A meat dish right? What about you girls?」

Being asked by Alma, Fatima and Emily returned to us.

「Ah, Right, let’s see……I think I have to build up my physical strength, meat dish is fine with me too. Normal amount is fine.」

「It’s strange for just one person to take a different menu……So, I’ll take a meat meal too」

「All meat meals right? Well then、should I make effort to procure a whole chicken?」(TN: I’ll refer to them as chicken because google images told me that it’s chicken, well the literal is bird. I’m just doing what i want.)

「Chicken! I want to eat the parson’s nose of a chicken!」

「Ah, that’s unfair, Fatima! I also want to eat the parson’s nose of a chicken!」

「Don’t fight over such things….we can just buy two right?」

「Oh? Master, two whole chicken for three people, no matter how much you eat, it’s too much」

「If there are leftovers, Alma and the slaves can eat it you know?」

The slaves got noisy when I said that.

「What a strange employer…Well, that’s fine, can you show me the kitchen?」

While saying so, Alma entered the mansion fast.

On behalf of the slaves, Lulu timidly spoke up.

「……Ummm……M-master……a chicken would be too luxurious for us slaves ……a cereal porridge would be enough for us……」

「If there’s a leftover, it would be a wasteful」


I spoke to the slaves.

「Listen, Certainly I’m a millionaire, but I hate wasting money, I only use them on useful things」


「Everyday, we will eat fresh food and rice, You’re free to do whatever on the leftovers」


The confusion seems to be bigger than joy for Lulu and the slaves.

「Lulu, you need to nourish yourself in particular. You need strength to be embraced by me」

「……Yes… Then, master, what should we do today?」

「There’s no need to clean since the mansion is new. maybe, just boil water in the firewood boiler. But first, get accustomed on how to use to the mansion.」

「……get accustomed on how to use to the mansion.……」

「This mansion is a bit different from the other mansions…. don’t ask for work like earlier, you should move and find what could you work at」


「Hey hey, can I look around the mansion?」

The unmesmerized Emily asked.

「Yeah…Before that, I’ll explain the rough structure」

I began to explain while pointing at the mansion

「First of all, the third floor is my bedroom and my study room, the study room contains cursed items so anyone other than me is prohibited to enter.」


「Second floor is where the women’s chamber and guest rooms are located… Fatima, Emily, You can choose whichever room you like to use.」


「In the first floor, you can find the kitchen and dining room, the bath, the servant’s room, and the living room. Make yourselves comfortable」


「Then, let’s go inside the mansion」

Unable to wait anymore, Fatima and Emily bursted in the mansion

Lulu and the slaves followed them

Before entering the mansion, I take a look around the onlookers, then spoke to the particular man I saw.

「Hey you, you’re a guild staff right?」

「Y-yes! Arc-sama! How can I help you?」

「I may be a rich man now, but I’m not going to quit being an adventurer. From now on, come to this mansion whenever there’s an unreasonable request from the guild」

「Yes. Certainly」

「And then……When『Raiden Dragon’s』subjugation request appears(Lit: Lightning and Thunder)、don’t turn to other adventurers、always bring the request to me」

「Understood……『Raiden Dragon』isn’t it……? I’ll always bring the request in this place……」

「You got that? That’s absolute. Here, have some tip」

A bag containing 30,000 gold was given as I said that.

「T-Thank you very much!!」

 Ignoring the staff who was bowing multiple times, I entered the mansion.


I was at the living room, resting at the sofa, Emily and the others came to me cheering.

「Hey! What’s with that bedroom?! It’s too wide、What are you going to do with a stupidly huge canopy bed!?」

「What do you mean by “what”?」

「Ahaha……! Master, the bath is too wide, there’s even a sponge mat and lotion, You love it, don’t you, master?」(TN: Refers to the mat play I guess)

「That’s because I want to enjoy the mat at home」

「Umm. Master, we have not found any water well, from where should we gather water?」

「Just twist the knob of the faucet. When you boil water in the boiler, hot water will come out」(Pun: People die when they are killed.)

「A faucet?  it is a lost ancient technology, isn’t it?」

「Oh, I used it and the toilet flushed, what a great mansion.」

「A flushing toilet? I hear that only nobles have them!」

「Because it is convenient for you?」

Construction Magic in parallel with Excavation magic pulls the water and keeps the sewerage system.

「Master、the ingredients have been stocked. Still, that was a nice kitchen……I can shake my arm freely」

「Umu…… kitchen, restroom, boilers and laundry related appliances are meant to be more convenient, this place is still incomplete though.」

「Which part of this house is incomplete!?」

Emily, showing an amazed expression, after that her face cloudened.


I know because I have held that same expression.

That is, remembering her past boyfriend, wondering if it’s okay for her to have such luxury, that kind of face

I got up from the sofa and kissed Emily.

「Don’t think too much, you should enjoy every day, Emily..」


「Emily, Fatima, Lulu, use『Clean』 skill to cleanse your bodies……」

 I’ll enjoy 4p tonight」