For a more comfortable living


For a more comfortable living

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With that said, our life in the mansion began.

Our nightlife is also doing well, there are times when I embrace one girl, 3p, 4p, we enjoy it.

Fatima and Emily are gradually getting along with each other, their combination is responsible for making me feel good and ejaculate.

Lulu tries to make me happy by asking Fatima how to move her hips and tongue more effectively, or how to tighten her vagina.

Even after doing three at the same night, I’ll still go to the brothel the next day and have fun with Katie and others.

During the day, the girls are free to do what they want.

I leave 5 million gold to Alma, Emily and Fatima in order to buy daily necessities and food.

Fortunately, thanks to eating delicious food everyday, Lulu’s group are gaining a good complexion lately, and the light in her eyes is coming back

Fatima seems to like shopping, she hires an escort from the guild, then buys furniture to make the house even more grandiose.

Emily doesn’t want her body to deteriorate, so she asked me to let her resume guild work

I approved of her being employed by the guild with the condition that she has to be in a party of B-class adventurers

I used hypnosis on Fatima’s escort and Emily’s party-mates just so they won’t have any prurient thoughts about them

too am finishing, as always by myself, the S-rank quests I receive from the guild, and taking notice of the market prices, when the merchants have sold off the crystals, I once again rise funds just by making lumps of crystal and selling them for high sums.

With that I make a lump sum of money, making me one of the richest people in town.

That kind of life lasted for three weeks, then the subjugation request for “Raiden Dragon”

Raiden Dragon subjugation is an S-class request, it is a dangerous monster that it would normally take one hundred A-class adventurers to kill.

It mainly lives in the highland, its body can freely manipulate lightning, and it breathes thunder.

It’s still a weak opponent when it comes to me.

After I took the request I immediately flew up high with flight magic, put the dragon to sleep, I cut its neck carefully in order to not damage the loot.

I used the skill “Null Shock” and began to carefully dismantling the dragon, the loot “Raiden Dragon’s mane” and “Lightning Sac” was removed.

I returned to the guild immediately, showed the evidence, and got two milion gold as award.

But for the subjugation of Raiden Dragon, it is but a small change.

I earned permission to take home the “Lightning Sac” from the guild

I got an OK because the guild doesn’t know how to deal with the disposal of such a dangerous item.

When I brought back the “Lightning Sac”, made everyone inside leave, assembled the image in my head, remodeled the house with “Reconstruction magic”, I used the “Lightning Sac” to make an “oven” and a “generator”

Now, electricity can be used in the mansion


I had everyone come back in, I rested in the sofa and had everyone gather.

「Master, I found more weird equipment’s in the kitchen, woah what’s this!?」

「That one, It’s “IH Cooker” and that one is “Refrigirator”. IH cooker can be used to heat pans without using fire, the refrigerator can be used to store food and cold preserve them. I’ll teach you how to use later.」(TN: IH Induction Heating/Heater, I live in the 3rd world country so I researched about this…)

「Heeeh? That seems convenient. Does that belong to the lost ancient technology?」

「Something like that…. Well, the normal kitchen is still there, so Alma, use whichever is easier to use」

「Master, Master, the candle holders are missing, there’s some weird object attached on the ceiling instead. How do you use it?」

「That one? Just flip the switch that is placed near the door, and light magic will be activating by doing so.」

「Oh, that’s convenient……」

「……uhmm, Master, The boiler has been changed, how do you use that?」

「That “Magic Boiler” is to heat up the bath water, just flip the switch and the water is heated…u do not need to use firewood every time.」

「Y-yes….Also, there’s a large white box in the bathroom….what could that be?」

「That’s a “Washing machine”, just put the laundry and the powder, then press the button, and they will be washed automatically. I’ll teach you how to use it later.」

「……Somehow, the convenience is scary……」

「When you have free time, go and find some work for you to do.」

「……Yes, Master.……」


Once we had gathered together, Emily let out a sudden shriek, as she tumbled towards us with her skirt half ripped.

「H-hey, Emily, what’s wrong?」

「T-toilet, water……」

「? Is the toilet clogged?」

「T-that’s not it! After I finished in the toilet and was about to flush it with water, I saw and pushed a weird switch, suddenly water gushed out from the toilet」

「That one’s a magic washlet……When you press the switch the switch, water will come out of the toilet, you can use this instead of “clean” to clean up your ass and pussy.」

「That was your doing!? Only you would come up with such as useless idea!!」

「If you get used to it, it’ll be convenient.」

Alma laughed loudly.

「Geez, what an interesting mansion. Could you teach me how to use the Kitchen right away, master」


On my estimation, the shock bag will last for at least a year.

The Raiden Dragon subjugation is requested once every three months, there should be plenty of power remaining by that time.

Like this, I have obtained an all electric life in the fantasy world