Dumb Thief ★

間抜けな盗っ人 ★

Dumb thief ★

Pun here. I was sad that Secret didn’t win the Frankfurt major, but I do like how OG played, so I’m still satisfied with the result. (I’m not satisfied with the bets tho)

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This chapter contains Netori, so please skip this if you don’t like it, but if you’ve read this far , I don’t think you are a normal person that skips a netori chapter.

The news about Mary Rose being mine is rushing through the city.


The jealousy had been directed to me because I had been monopolizing the city’s number 1 prostitute, yet no one voices out complaint to me.


With my power to hold her by 100 million gold, I embraced Mary lots after the first night. (TN: blackmail-ish, you get it.)

Of course I did the other women the same way too. (TN: not blackmailing, he means sex)


Fatima said that Mary seems to be resistant on sex at first, in addition to having aptitude for sex originally, I continuously made it rise, now, she calls me master while vigorously moving her hips.


At first, she seemed hate oral sex, but with Fatima’s guidance, she  polished the talent, and can now swallow semen when I ejaculate.


Mary is a prostitute at night and is the Goddess of Love itself in the morning, I suggested that she should continue her charity work.

I handed Mary 5 Million gold, and I told her:


「Use this money as you wish, you can even use all of them to invest in the charity’s long term funds. I won’t bother you with it, so do as you will」


Mary thinks for a while, and had decided to use the money as funds for her charity work.


I was in the mood to throw away money to please Mary, but Mary seemed to have some business talent, thus the charity work gained profit.


Mary resumed her charity work, and as her master, my fame raised naturally.


Those were the days….


「Ah~! Fuwah~! More! Do me more!!!」


Emily is already making love with me in the bed this morning.

I already gave her lots of love last night, yet when she saw my morning wood, she got excited. (TN: do you remember the times when Emily hated doing it with him? I don’t either.)


「Mmm~! Mm~! Mm~! Aaah~! A little bit more……! I’m gonna cum……!」


Then there was a sound of knocking.


「Master, are you awake??」


「Fatima? It’s fine, come in.」


「W-wait! Wha-!!」


Fatima came in after opening the door.


「Oh my, you’re enjoying yourselves….Did I perhaps interrupt?」


「Doesn’t matter….gonna cum」


I raised my hip and Emily’s pussy neared climax.


「Ah~!! Aaah~!! Arc!! Love!! I love you!!」


Emily was saying that while making an ahegao face.(TN: the actual line is close, so I chose ahegao)

Emily bit my shoulder in embarrassment.


Oh my, oh my……」


「Mmm~! Mmmmmmmmmm~!!」


「It hurts, Emily….Gonna cum.」


I stopped and hit the womb, releasing a huge amount of semen inside, Emily climaxed while biting my shoulder




「Fuu……Good girl、Emily、That felt good」


I patted Emily’s head while speaking, she then stopped biting and covered her blushing face with the sheet.


Good grief……So, what do you need Fatima?」


「Oh、that’s right、I’ve caught a person in the garden」


「What? That’s unusual……」


The mansion is surrounded by a fence, and I filled it with magic stone traps.

When someone entered the premise with malicious intent, they’ll be paralyzed and be unable to even let out a voice.


Since I build this mansion, they despise it for being filled with women, some outlaws tried to invade the house, but they were caught in the trap, I send them to the authorities, and they disappear as they were executed.

Nowadays, outlaws know that if you don’t want to die, don’t try to invade the Demon Mansion


「Does he not know about this house?Could it be a wanderer? If so, should we send him to the authority?」


「That’s what I’d like to consult you with……」




「Could you take a look at it?」


「Got it.……」


I wore my clothes and left Emily in the bedroom as I head to the garden




I descended down the stairs heading to the garden, there I saw a young man.


Judging from his clothes, he does seem to be a son of a merchant.


His clothes seemed to be Magic resistant, yet the trap penetrated it the moment he stepped inside the house.

My magic won’t be broken by something like magic clothes.


Anyhow, we can’t question him petrified, so I removed the petrification ring.


「-Gah!! *Cough**Cough*! *Wheeze*……」


It was nighttime, when the main gained consciousness after being paralyzed, writhed in suffering.

So annoying. I used bind on him.


「Ugh! D-dammit!……You!….You!……Mary……!」


「What? So you’re acquainted with Mary?」


「Oh my? Could you be Thomas?」


Mary coming down after hearing the commotion, saw the man’s mediocre face.


「Mary, do you know this guy?」


「Yes, Thomas was a business partner, when were small we used to play a lot.」


「Childhood, that means, till you both grew up?」


「Yes, but when Thomas’ business went on such misfortune, he visited us several times, but my father refused to open the door.」


「I see…I get it now.」


I lightly kicked Thomas’ belly




「Being a childhood friend, suffering the same misfortune as your house, by reaching his hand out, he’ll try to kidnap you and invite you to be an adventurer, he tries to sneak to abduct, because it’s a dangerous house, and with its huge sum of money, he wore a magic resistant cloth to abduct Mary」(TN;TL;DR: He saw Mary as a comrade and tries to kidnap her and steal money. nope, too lazy to edit, you’re here for porn anyway)




Thomas had cold sweat as I had guessed correctly.


「……Mary! You don’t need to live in this house! Come with me!」


「Even if you say that……」


The confused Mary hid behind me to protect herself


「Sorry bout that, but Mary’s mind and soul is mine already」


To show off, I embraced Mary from behind, fondled her chest, and touched her secret place. (TN: Netori kitaa. I’m a netorare hater tho, I’m a man with double standards)


「Aah~! You can’t、Master! In this place……!」


「You say that, but aren’t you wet already?」


「STOP!!! Uu……Mary」


「So, Master what do we do about this guy?」


Fatima pokes Thomas with a twig.


「Hmmmm…….im also a member of the company, and i think it really is lynching privilege」


「So, we kill him?」


Thomas went pale when he saw Fatima imitating a neck chop.


「We can do that, but he’s a merchant’s son. We still need to get permission from the firm, and the lynching should be in open.」


Hearing those words, Thomas’ face went hot.

He’s probably thinking about whip punishment.

Of course, I don’t plan to settle on such a half-assed punishment


Sorry to say Thomas, but you tried to touch my woman, you shall be punished.


I embraced Mary in front of the young man and ejaculated to my heart’s content.