Information of damn thief


Information of damn thief

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After that incident with Thomas, I am now feared in the town, yet I play the gentleman in the brothel, I am gentle with the girls, cherish them and send them to heaven repeatedly.

Marie continued her charity work, and as her master I become popular on the poor.


However, some were misunderstanding that I was a gentle guy because I was sweet with girls and they tried to be overly-familiar with me.


Just like today, even though I told them that the study room is off-limits, Emily knocked on the door.


「Hey, are you here? I made some apple pie so I brought them here.」


Although Alma is our exclusive cook, I decided to have Emily make my favorite food which is apple pie.

Emily also complained that she won’t let anyone else make apple pie.


「I’m busy. Leave it in the living room, I’ll eat it later.」


「It’ll be cold by then, I want you to eat it while it’s hot」


I allowed Emily in while sighing.

I don’t see any problem with it anyway.


Emily sneak up from my behind and tried to read what I’m writing.


「What’s this formula symbol thing? I’ve never seen such writing before.」


「This one’s a cursed ancient symbol. If you stare long enough you’ll be cursed.」


I said while I was shooing her away, Emily replied with a bleh  and left the apple pie dish on the desk.

By the way, what I was writing was a formula calculating the interest rate, I can do it mentally, but I want to transcribe it, just in case.


Seeing the pie, I grabbed a slice and eat silently.


「Tell me your impressions」


「It’s delicious as usual so there’s no need to say it」


When I said that, Emily’s face reddened and hit me.




「Geez…Well then, I’ll resting on my room…」


Says Emily, when she’s about to exit the room, she stopped.




「Ah, oh right, while were at it, I have to tell you this…You’ve been deceived you know?」


「What is it??」


 No merchant would try to cheat on me, and no one will even dare to steal my women.


「When you take request on the guild, you only bring back the evidence and leave the corpse behind, Don’t you?」


「Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass to take all of the materials.」


「That’s the reason, since you leave it, It will be exploited.」




「There are guys who take materials from the monsters you defeated and sells them as material at the armor shop at high price」


「Hou……although it’s impossible to tail me……Then、they must see me getting a high reward quest before hand、I wonder if they used “Stealth” Skill?」




“Stealth” skill is used to hide oneself

I too use “Stealth” skill to hide my aura, since no monster will come near if I keep my aura on.


「I don’t care about giving it away, but, who’s that shitty thief??」


「It’s a cute girl with slim body, animal ears, and huge chest..」


「For an insolent person to steal my property, I’ll catch her and give her some punishment」(TN: Sure, Punishment)


I thought Emily would say something, but she just shrugged her shoulders.