Women’s demands


Women’s demands

With Kiki coming to our house, our lustful life accelerated even further.

Especially Fatima, whose taken interest in Kiki, she plays with her and dresses her with frills.

She doesn’t hate it in particular, whenever she buys a new dress, I’m the first one to see.

My business is steady, I sold crystals in the market multiple times already, on the other hand, investments also ensures my profit, when I noticed, I’m not the richest man in just Alias, I’m already the richest man in the Harold Kingdom


It’s been a year since I’ve been summoned in this world, I was called by the girls


Wondering what was happening, i went to the living room, Emily suddenly stands up


「You….Get us pregnant already!」


「What’s with this all of a sudden, I thought you don’t want to give birth to my child?」


「That’s a different story! If we don’t have children here, we’ll only do sex every time, and that’s fundamentally wrong」


「Hmmm……What’s about the other’s opinion? What about you Fatima?」


「I’m don’t care either way, but as a woman, I want to know the feeling of having a kid.」


「What about Mary?」


「I also long to give birth to a child…It’s a woman’s pleasure」




「……Eh? ……D-do master want to have a child with me……?」


「Isn’t that obvious? I’m everyone’s master」


Fatima naturally whistles (TN:Touche Arc, Touche)


「……T-to receive such affection……I……Also want a child……」




「Yes! Yeees!! I want Boss’ child!!」




I pondered about Emily’s suggestion


「This means, everyone wants to have a child right? I’ve talked to everyone, they all want to have at least one child. After that, we can use contraception magic again and have sex」


「Hmm……Kids……Speaking of, I also want to make children」


The women cheers.


「But, when you’re pregnant, I won’t be doing hardcore sex…..I will be visiting the brothel for that」


「You’ve been visiting the brothel every time so we don’t care. Besides if you want to do us, we can still use our hands and mouth」


「If we’re going to have children…Hmmm..this mansion is a bit small for that」


「Where is it small?!?」


「We need it to be wide so they can play, also the nursery….Ok, let’s move to the imperial capital!」


「Oh my, Imperial capital? what about this house??」


Fatima asked a sound question


 「I’ll hire people and maids to manage, and leave this as a villa. I want this town to be my business base. This crystal business won’t last for decades, so it’s better to distribute in other areas. So we’ll start business if we go in Imperial capital」


「Will it be okay??」


Emily asks anxiously.


「My odds of success is perfect.」


「Well, Master’s business ability is well known by the merchants in the town….We’ll be fine.」


「I’m feeling lucky today! We’re going to the Imperial capital and buy a house」


「Well, It might be a bit late…but don’t surprise the people from the Imperial capital that much」


「That’s impossible to do」


I left without a word, to immediately build a mansion at the imperial capital, I bought a wide land, build a majestic five story mansion with magic, and had it go all electric.

The residents of Imperial Capital have heard the rumors but were still stunned seeing the construction magic


I then returned to Alias, had them prepare the household goods for several days, and had gone to the imperial capital riding a horse-carriage.


We moved safely at the end of the day, I told the girls to cleanse their bodies.


That night, I released contraception magic on all of them, and came to my hearts content