A few days after moving to the Imperial Capital, we had gone sightseeing.


Kiki’s interest seems to be winning the gambling arena, Fatima lost in the casino, I laughed and took back the money.


Emily wants to continue her work, so she joined a new party, as for Mary, she wants to continue her charity, so she was looking for a reliable partner.


Since the mansion is huge, the slaves and cook increased. all of them are under Lulu and Alma.


I started a new business trade.

Normally, trading business that involves carriages are attacked by monsters, at worst you can hire B-class adventurers as escort.

There I had an idea to consider putting a coat of arms design on my carriage, and paste it with my “Strong Man Aura”.

Thanks to my carriage having the coat of arms, they’re not attacked by monsters, and C-class adventurers are enough.

Since the cost is cheaper, they will naturally gather in my company, eventually, this region will be under my control, and I will be the richest in this country


Every night, I do the girls with the purpose of making them pregnant, Lulu and Mary got pregnant at the same time.

I released Lulu from slavery when she got pregnant.

Lulu was so happy she cried.

I attempted to treat her like the other girls, but she refused, she insisted on being the chief maid.

After Lulu and Mary got pregnant, Fatima and Emily followed immediately.

Then after a while, Kiki also got pregnant.


I’ve used safety magic on the girls, It’s important to take care of their body.


While the girls were pregnant, I go to the luxury brothels of the Imperial capital

The girls were quite nice, but since I already have a good number of girls, I didn’t redeem any of them.


Continuing the work of crystal trading and distribution, ten years have passed.



Lulu’s eldest child, John, feels inferior for being a child of a slave, and is always supported by his siblings on his growth.

I pity this child’s humility, I proposed for him to start a different company, but John firmly refused, and he devoted himself on merely supporting the house.


Second child is Mary’s, Edgar is a child as bright as the sun, although he was naughty at childhood, he exhibits a business talent inherited from Mary and I, he’s grown to be the heir.

This child is similar to me, when he grew up, he played in the brothel, she’s being reprimanded by Mary, but, I laugh as I forgive him.


Emily’s child is my third son, Rudolf, instead of business, he grew up longing to be the adventurer me .

He’s an honest and gentle kid, he never resorted to violence against people, I trained him and he became the best adventurer in Harold Kingdom


The Eldest daughter is Fatima’s child, Sarah, her beauty has emerged since the early childhood.

Unlike her mother, she was serious, and she tries to help Mary on her charity work.

Because she grew up to be the most beautiful woman in the country, the suitors were unending.

But, Sarah went to a decent love marriage, she’s married to an honest noble.


Kiki’s child is the second daughter, Miu, she has the appearance of a beast girl’s ears and tail, a normal appearance.

But this one is a problem child, she usually takes advantage of her speed and makes her mothers angry.

Rudolf grew up as an adventurer, and reached the peak of his career, and lived next to us, I have faith in my merchant daughter-in-law.

After having a daughter-in-law, I’ve calmed down, and grandchildren had appeared here and there.


By the time I reached 60 years old, I gave the company to Edgar, and I was living peacefully with my retirement


Even if I believe I can have eternal youth, my girls won’t have it.