Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 2 ★ (Periscope)

高級娼館でソーププレイ その2 ★ (潜望鏡)

Luxurious brothel’s soap play Part 2 ★ (Periscope)

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「Yes, first of all, let’s clean your teeth」(TN: Nisemonogatari? Anyone?)

Said Fatima, then she put a dish on the edge of the tub and proceeds to put water and salt on it.

I pinched some salt and brushed my teeth with my fingers.

There’s no such thing as toothbrush and toothpastes here, but the soap is the the same in my previous life.

Speaking of, I did not find any mouthwash.

Well, if there’s no sexually transmitted disease in this world, why need a mouthwash (TN: Seriously? You only use mouthwash after 69/Cunnilingus/Blowjob?)

「Fufufu…. Well then, excuse me……」

Fatima entered the bath facing me.

Having two people in the bath, the water naturally overflowed.

「Fufu……This one is energetic isn’t it? It’s amazing……」

Fatima began to stroke my erect penis gently underwater, I held my ass up.

「Excuse me, but could you raise your posture? Yes, raise your feet please.」

Being told to do so, I raised my feet and hanged it on the edge, thus raising my waist.

My dick stands out in the surface of the water.

Right! This is a periscope

「Fufu, then I’ll begin licking it…. *Rero~*」(TN: Search “Rerorero Kakyoin” in youtube, You’ll understand what the sfx is)

After entwining the head with her tongue, Fatima swallowed my big penis whole.


The sound of water was mixed with an indecent sound.

Fatima’s tongue crawled on my meat devotedly.


I’ve experienced periscope in my previous life, apparently, the woman finished doing my cock, we should proceed with the mat play

But Fatima was still busy continuing her fellatio.


With a large penis inside her mouth, her tongue still moves freely, licking  the head, neck, the rod as whole. One hand is massaging the scrotum underwater, while the other jerks the part where her mouth hadn’t swallowed

「That’s it……I’m cumming!」

I declared once again. I spewed a large amount of semen inside her mouth.

「Nn! Mmff! ……Nnmu……*drool*……*swallow*……」

Although the semen was too much that it was spilling out of her mouth, she still insisted on swallowing the semen down her throat.

「Mm~……Fuu……Haa~……Amazing……You just released a while ago, to release such an amount」

Fatima laughed teasingly, and began to poke my skyhigh dick.

「I’ll just prepare the mat, take your time in the bath.」

Said Fatima. She then got herself out of the tub, laid down the mat made of sponge from the wall, poured hot water to heat it up.

I submerged in the tub and watch her do her work

After warming the mat, Fatima mixed red lotion and hot water in the tub and stirred quickly.

「Ufufu……How is the red slime lotion? This is the finest lotion you can find」

I heard that well.

If I see a red slime, I should immediately hunt it.

Fatima spread the lotion in the mat, laid down the towel to act as pillow, and painted lotion all over my body.

「Then, could you come over this mat? your foot goes here. Be careful coz it’s slippery」

I did as I was told, I got out of the tub and laid down on the mat.

「Ufufu… Then I’ll begin」

Fatima declared, thus the mat play begins