Luxurious brothel’s soap play part 4 ★ (The morning after)

高級娼館でソーププレイ その4 ★(軽い朝チュン)

Luxurious brothel’s soap play part 4 ★ (The morning after.)

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The next morning




In the windowless room, my biological clock told me that I dozed off.


「Mmf~……*lick* *lick* *lick*……」


Fatima gave me a fellatio, trying to wake me up. I pretended to be asleep, gratefully accepting the sevice.




「……It’s gonna come」


I declared, and ejaculated inside Fatima’s mouth.


「Mm~! Mmff! ……*Slurp*……Mm……*Gulp*、Gulp……」


Fatima seems to be surprised at first, yet she calmly swallowed the semen.


「Mmf……*Gulp*……Fuu……My stomach is filled with semen.」


I raised my body, held Fatima, and started rubbing her breasts.




「……I’m putting it in、Ok?」


「W-wait! We did it like crazy yesterday, I didn’t notice but it made my Pussy sore now, It must be loose today so I might not be able to satisfy you」


「Why not just heal it?」


「Oh, you can use heal? Then I’ll take your offer.」


「k, Heal」


I put my hand on Fatima’s pussy, then applied a little magic.


「The pain is gone now, though the tightness of my pussy won’t return, anyway, I’m good for sex again」


「Did I just destroy your business?」


「The tightness will return to original within three days, and this won’t affect my normal work」


Fatima said so, I slid my finger inside her to confirm her tightness.


「Hmmm, If it’s about the tightness, normal customers would be fine, nevermind, you’re not normal」


That said, I don’t feel bad.


「Hey~… Are you coming back again? If so take me, I’ll be waiting for you, okay?」


「Yeah, when you’re tight again, I’ll be back」


「Won’t you get bankrupt? Don’t overdo it okay?」


「Money is easy to get. Besides you would be wet waiting for three days」


「Quite stubborn aren’t you? Could it be that you’re the S-class from the rumors yesterday?」




「In that case, it’s fine… But, are you alright? You’ve been fully erect all time since yesterday… Are you okay?」


「Oh this? That can be controlled」


When I relaxed my hips a bit, my large penis that has lost its support, *fwoosh*, drooped. 


「Oh my, that’s quite convenient. But, too bad, I thought i could still go for another round.」


「So you don’t want another round?.」


「Fufu, that’s a joke♪ There’s still some time before breakfast, want another round?」



Saying so, Fatima sandwiched my cock and began titblojobbing.


Fatima’s mouth-pussy was comfortable, I came twice in a row.



After that, I received a light meal for breakfast.


Fatima returned my mantle, armor and sword


「Ah, and yes, here.」


I took out 300 gold from my item box while saying so and gave it to Fatima.


「Oh my, are you sure?」


「Grab a drink. It’s a tip for your service.」


「Think before you spend okay? Still, thank you」


After that Fatima led me to the curtain of the reception room.


Before opening the curtain, Fatima made me bent and gave me a kiss.




The passionate kiss took longer than the first one.


「Fuu… Then, my job is done here, please do visit us again.」


She said then bowed. I opened the curtain.


The boy was waiting in the reception room


「Dear customer, did you like our service?」


「This sure is a luxurious shop I say」


「It’s an honor. Here, the cash insurance that has been entrusted to us. 」




I received 300 gold from the boy


「In three or four days I’ll return, Is Fatima available by that time?」


「Yes, if you’d like. Fatima is available in those days.」


「Then, I’ll reserve Fatima for my return, also, introduce me to some girls like you did yesterday」





When Emily came home from her noon shopping, Arc was reading a book in the bed


A large pile of books can be seen in the bed.


「……And here I thought you ran away already……」


「And where do you think I’m going to run off to? I just bought some necessities for my stay in the inn」


「We’re not going to stay here for long anyway」


Arc flips a page of the book while saying indifferently.


「……As promised, I made an apple pie. It’s in the table」


「Ah, that one? that tastes bad.」


「That’s because there’s a lot of apple in there!!」


That said, she noticed that the plate on the table was empty.




「For you, 2000 gold, use it to buy your necessities. 」


「That much……!」


Not listening to her, arc took 2000 gold from his leather back and put it on the table beside the bed.




「Don’t run away with my money. Also, let me tell you something」




「If you’re going to follow me, gaining luxuries isn’t impossible」


「I’m going out…. I need to cool my head for a bit.」


「Return by night, I’m going to do you.」


「! ……」


Being glared at, Arc continued to read the book without care.


Emily exhaled a sigh and went out for a walk