Wavering Heart.


Wavering Heart.

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It was the thirtieth day since I met and was raped by Arc.

The naked Emily who’s resting on Arc’s arm, started to recall the things that happened until now.

Speaking of Arc, he was combing Emily’s chestnut colored hair while letting her rest in his arm. It seems he was looking at the ceiling, lost in thought.

Arc goes to the adventurer’s guild once every three days, then takes a request that even dozens of people grouped up can’t do. Then, brings back the proof at the same day. When he comes back home, he brings hundreds of thousands of gold.

Then next day he’ll go to the brothel, leaving Emily at the inn. He won’t be back till the noon of the next day.

When he’s not doing any requests, he’s usually at the inn, reading a book, not caring about anything else.

When Emily complained about the mountain of books, he clicked his tongue and stored it in his leather bag.

I was amazed by what was going on with that leather bag and, when I asked, Arc let me touch the inside of the bag.

There was nothing inside the leather bag

….Isn’t that the legendary “Magic Item Box” of which I’ve only read about in books?

If there was a so resourceful adventurer such like Arc, I should have heard of him.

But, I have never heard of such a monstrous adventurer before.

Emily tried asking who he is, he replied with “Just an adventurer”

Then, on the days when Arc doesn’t visit the brothel, he does Emily everyday, to which turns her crazy. He’d ejaculate three to four times, then they’d both sleep in the same bed.

The sheets would be wet with love nectar and semen every morning. The staff of the inn wouldn’t complain since they’re being paid well.

Next morning, after Arc made her enjoy the pleasures of a woman, she’ll suddenly remember Cain and be filled with guilt.

Cain, a companion from when she was in a party, was the partner she was in mutual love with and to whom she had offered her first time.

Well, Arc is handsome without a doubt. In sex, other than his huge cock, his technique is excellent. Cain has a normal size yet he was gentle.

On the other hand, Arc does it bluntly. It’s unpleasant.

Though he’s unsociable, he’s kind sometimes.

(Aaah! Gosh! What am I thinking?)

Confused, Emily scratched Arc’s chest with his fingers.

Arc said “Ouch”, yet, there’s no scratch is to be seen in his body.

(Ah, I should sleep……)


Resting in my arm, Emily’s breathing turned into someone who’s sleeping. I kept thinking

Emily might have not noticed, but my thing rose up again.

Nowadays, she doesn’t hate it when I embrace her during night, and even accepts the kisses she so much hated at the beginning.

If I ask her, even though reluctant, she’ll give me fellatio.

Emily’s mouth isn’t as good as Fatima yet, still it’s progressing.

Sooner or later, Emily will be able to do it well.

My activities as adventurer named Arc Demon is doing well.

Changing my name has no meaning.

I just thought that my previous name “Fujiyama Shinsuke” would be too weird in this world

The people in the guild calls me Arc, so now I’m used to it.

Work is simple.

After I receive a request, I fly to where the monster is. After casting a debuff, I slash it with a sword, then I bring back the evidence.

Then for two hours, I defeat slimes for lotions, then return to the guild.

-This way, I earn an average of 200,000 gold, many times even 500,000 gold.

In Japan’s term, I’m earning ten million yen an hour.

Even if I only work once every two to three days, there’s still money. That’s why I usually stay in the inn, reading a book, searching for knowledge in this world

The general topography, information about monsters, commonly used magic and skills, world state and history, and general customs and behavior.

I’m learning to manage money wisely, and a little more about this world

I’ve tried out various things in the brothel.

It’s not like I’m always doing Fatima, I do pick Katie and others sometimes.

Katie isn’t as talkative as Fatima, still she does some good service like anal, but when we tried it she fainted with my pounding so I refused to do it again.

Katie’s level in fellatio is the same level as Fatima.

Compared to Fatima, the other girls are inferior, thus I exclusively pick her, sometimes I pick Katie, and sometimes I pick both of them when they’re available at the same time.

I was curious of how other brothels look, in the end the girls with the same beauty from “Dragon’s Cage” was nowhere to be found.

Being a flashy adventurer, then having lots of money to get expensive women, my name was surely known, thus an arms dealer invited me for lunch tomorrow.

Socializing with merchants would be good for my information gathering, so I took the offer.

Tomorrow is a day off.

I should sleep.

Guess who’s the next harem member?

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