TLDR Prologue

TLDR Prologue: I died.

This is ridiculous.

“How the fuck did I pass through the glass? That was weird.”

They may be written in quotation marks, but seriously, you won’t even understand if you heard me speak those, all you can hear is FVHBAIUGFSK JEBNWVDUYBVASFJLHBSWFRAF. Wind is entering my mouth so I can’t speak.

Those are my thoughts as I was following the law of nature which is known as gravity.


A minute before it happened.

Hello readers, My name is Deep Red, sorry for breaking the fourth wall, but this is a web novel. Anyway, I’m a novelist and is now at a vacation in Japan for a week. Why Japan? Because I’ll get hit by the infamous truck later. Oops, spoiler.


As I was saying, I was in a vacation in Japan, and currently sightseeing in Tokyo Tower. Holy shit, this is too high, but the beautiful scenery completely overruled my fear. I won’t get into details because the original author hadn’t reached Japan, sucks to be him.


Having those thoughts, I was hit in the head.

Ouch! Who did that!?


I looked around to see who smacked me, but what I found was a shoe flying on my direction.




I lost my balance and stumbled down.


But, my butt didn’t reach the floor the moment I expect it to do so.


What’s happening?





Back to the current time.

I took out my phone and tried to call my editor.

I’d tell him to delete my hard drive.

We all have loli porn in our hard drive.


You don’t?

You’re lying.


My editor picked up the phone.




“You’re telling me to destroy your hard drive? What man, are you falling from the tokyo tower?”


How the fuck did you know that I’m dying here?

Anyway, he got my message, I don’t mind dying anymore.


It’s been a minute since I tripped from the tower and I still hadn’t reached the ground yet.

What the hell? is physics broken? or is this just a playback of my mind?


Maybe I should call my sister and say I’m sorry for putting mayonnaise on her laundry basket.

Nah, I’m sure she’ll forgive me if I died.


Maybe I should call my highschool crush and tell her that I was the one who sent her the chocolate statue on the second day of classes.

Nah, that’s embarrassing.


Or maybe……..

While I was recollecting my past, I noticed that I almost reached the ground.


Oh, nice, a truck.




What happened? I got hit by the truck before I reached the ground. What are the odds?

Surprisingly I don’t feel any pain.

Did my brain shut down my senses?


Or is it just because I’m already dead?


Well, I will never know because I’m flying horizontally to a door.




What is this? D*raem*n? M*nsters Inc.?


Suddenly the door opened.

What’s on the other side of the door is a grassland.

Seriously? Grassland? What’s this? an Isekai Novel? This is a TLDR NOVEL FOR GODDAMNS SAKE!

Ah, by the way, TLDR means Too long Didn’t read.


I flew inside the door and landed flat on the grass

On my back, I heard the door closing.


I immediately got up and opened the door once again. what I found on the other side is just the same grassland, this is M*nsters Inc.’s door right?


What should I do?

For the meantime, let’s bring this door with me.


TLDR: MC fell from a tower, hit by a truck and was sent to the other side of the door.