Chapter 30: Date With Lily (Part-1)

“Sorry…oh, sorry… I am sorry…”  

Right now, I am walking in full speed through a crowded street, constantly apologizing to the people I am bumping into.   

“Fuck! I am late,” I mutter to myself.   

Me and Lily decided to start our date just after the school end so that we can get as much time together as possible today. The plan was to go home, get changed and meet at a restaurant for some light snacks before getting on with our plan for today.   

But well, I forgot about a few really important things…  

The first is that I never keep my money in the wallet. It remains scattered around in my room. So, I lost around half an hour there finding enough money for the date.   

And second, well, I am basically grounded…   

It seems like my mother has developed some special in-build radar to detect my movements after the recent events of me sneaking out of the house. Making it really tough for me to get past her and out of the house.  

So again, I had to wait till my mom entered the bathroom before running at full speed out of the door.   

I hope Lily won’t get too angry with me…  

After a minute or two, I reach a small restaurant we decided to meet in earlier and enter inside.   

Damn… Even though it’s not evening yet, this place is really crowded.   

Now, where is Lily…   

I glance around the whole place to find her but without any success.   

“Caiden! Here!”   

Suddenly, a voice calls me out.   

I look at the direction of this voice and see Lily waving at me from the table furthest to the entrance door. I too wave back at her before moving forward…   


The moment I take my first step forward, a person ran past me so closely, that we almost crashed into each other.   

“Hey! Don’t run!” I yell after but the person doesn’t listen and disappears inside the washroom close by.   

What the fuck is wrong with people these days?   


Wait, were the hairs of that person green?   

Ahh~ who cares…?   

I move forward again and reach the table Lily is sitting on.   

The moment I properly see Lily, my eyes get open wide in surprise.   

So beautiful…   

Lily is wearing a really pretty knee-length sundress which is white in color with flower patterns all over it. She has put on a light makeup on her face and her long silvery blond hairs are also done neatly with slight curls on their ends.   

I momentarily get lost in her beauty.  

“Caiden? Are you okay?” Lily asks.   

“Y-Yeah, s-sorry I got late,” I say while shaking my head, trying to come out of the trance.   

I start to sit down directly opposite to her.   

“Wait!” Lily says while quickly standing up from her seat.   

“What?” I ask, confused.   

She doesn’t say anything but just simply bend forward… and give me a quick kiss on the lips.   

“Oh, thanks…” I say, turning red.   

“Hahaha… Why are you saying thanks? I am your girlfriend. Kissing should be normal between us,” Lily says while laughing.  

Damn! I am an idiot…   

But it feels so amazing hearing Lily say that she is my girlfriend.  

On a somewhat different note, Lily is not looking shy like she was when I asked her for the date before. Instead, she is looking strangely confident.  

“And I haven’t been waiting for long actually. It took me some time to get ready as well,” Lily says with a smile.   

“Really? I feel a bit better hearing this,” I say.  

“And yes, I have also already ordered a few things. We will eat quickly and leave for the movies after that,” Lily says.   

“You have? Good, I thought we will miss our show,” I say, relieved.   

Our plan for today is simple. After this, we will go to a movie, then shop some things for Lily and then well we will have dinner at a hotel.   

“You know, Caiden. I think this date is really a good idea. After what happened to us in the past few days, I think we both needed a breather. I am glad you asked me,” Lily tells me with a wide smile.   

I say nothing but just return her smile with equal enthusiasm.   

“Oh! The food is here,” She suddenly says.   

I look back and see a decent looking waitress coming towards us with a tray filled with food.   

“Here is your order… enjoy…” She says in an extremely bored manner while putting down the tray.   

The next moment, her gaze fell on Lily and her eyes open wide in surprise.   

“… beautiful,” she says unconsciously.   

And then she looks at me and shows a shocked expression.   

“Brother? No… Cousin? No…”  

“Servant?” she asks wonderingly.  

What the fuck? Do me and Lily look that mismatched?   

“Hey! You are being rude, okay? And anyway, he is my boyfriend!” Lily retorts angrily.   

“What!? Your boyfriend!?” The waitress says, shocked.   

“Yes, I love him! You got any problem with that?” Lily asks, her mood getting worse.   

“Well, no. But you can do so much better girl! You are so gorgeous! And just look at him! He reeks average!” she says while making a face as if some bad smell is coming from me.   

“He is the best person I can ever ask for. You understand? I don’t need the advice of someone like you!” Lily shouts while standing up.   

She is bright red with anger now.  

Everyone starts looking at our table.   

Okay, this is getting out of hand.   

“Lily, it’s fine. I don’t care what she thinks,” I say, trying to calm her down.   

“No, Caiden. I won’t hear if someone insults you!” Lily says.  

Okay, okay.   

“Oh… I get it,” the waitress says while nodding.   

Suddenly, she bends down and brings her face closer to my ears.   

“You must be really rich, right? I am warning you. This girl is obviously a gold-digger. She is just taking money from you in exchange for sex and is spending it with her real boyfriend,” she says to me meaningfully.  

What is wrong with this bitch!? Lily is way richer than me!   

“You know what? Just shut the fuck up and leave!” I shout angrily as well.   

“Hmph… Whatever!” The waitress says before leaving.   

“Come on, Caiden. I don’t want to eat here anymore,” Lily says.   

“Wait. We will get really late if we go anywhere else now. I think we should quickly eat and about that waitress, we will just complain to the manager later,” I say.   

I really don’t want to ruin my date because of someone else.   

“…fine. But we will surely tell the manager about her,” Lily says while sitting back again.   

Of course. That bitch deserves to be fired from this shop.   






“Well, at least the food was good,” I say, leaning back on my chair.   

We have finished eating out food and are now waiting for the bill to come. It didn’t us took much time to eat as our order was small.  

“It was okay. I couldn’t enjoy it,” Lily says. She is still a bit angry.  

“I know, here…”  

This time, I stand up and bend forward to kiss her. Unlike the quick kiss Lily gave me before, I don’t separate my lips until I get a good taste of her soft and plump lips.   

“You feel better?” I ask while sitting down again.   

“Y-Yes,” Lily says with her cheeks bright red.   

“Urgh… Such a gold-digger…”   

Suddenly, a voice says.   

We both look up and see the bitch waitress standing there.   

“Here is your bill… obviously you will be paying…” she says to be before slamming our bill on the table and leaving.   

“Okay, this bitch is done for. I am not going anywhere else till she gets fired,” I say angrily while taking out my wallet.   

Even though I don’t even feel like paying anything, I actually know the manager and he is pretty good-natured. I know he must have done some mistake hiring a woman like her.   

“Wait, Caiden. We will share the bill,” Lily tells me while taking money out of her purse as well.   

“But Lily, you don’t have to listen to—”  

“Nope. You know I will never let a guy pay alone. We will share,” Lily says defiantly.  

“Okay, fine,” I say with a little smile.   

I enter my hand into my pocket to take out the wallet…   

Wait, where is my wallet?   

I pat around my other pocket and couldn’t find it there as well.   

Fuck! Don’t tell me that I put all the money in the wallet and forgot to bring it!   

Shit! What am I going to do!   

“L-Lily, I am going to the w-washroom for a second. It’s… Ehh… urgent,” I say nervously while standing up.   

Lily gives me a simple nod.   

Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!   

How did I forget the freaking wallet!   

I almost ran to the washroom.   

Should I ask someone to lend me money?   

Yes! I should ask the manager. He knows me.   

But man, how will it look if I complain about his employee just after I beg him for money…   

I cannot ask anyone else in front of Lily…  

Yes! maybe someone in the washroom might lend me money after hearing my situation…  

I quickly reach the washroom. The door of men and women section are directly opposite to each other and there is also not much distance between them.   


The moment I was about to enter the door of the men’s section, someone grabs my shirt from behind and pulls me.   

And before I can even do something about it, the hand release me itself.   

“What the fuck?” I curse while turning back.  

…and my eyes almost pop out in surprise.  

“Emily!” I exclaim loudly.   

Standing in front of me is Emily with an unreadable expression on her face.   

“I saw and heard everything. So, you raping that Lily was nothing but an act to fool us, huh?” She asks.  


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