Chapter 117 – The Phone for Awakeneds 


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Unknowingly, a few days had passed since the incident at his house. There had been quite some changes in Max’s daily life.

One of them was at school when Max, Yu’er, Lydia, and Layla would eat together at the same time.

Ever since that night happened, Layla continued to shoot him teasing looks, not forgetting to have occasional contacts, leaving Max hot and bothered throughout the day.

He wondered whether other people might have already noticed the changes in their relationship now that they have gotten closer.

Being the one closest to Max, Yu’er was the first one after Lydia to know about what happened that night.

Contrary to what Max was expecting, Yu’er was more enthusiastic than him, telling Max that he finally had a breakthrough, getting both sisters after numerous deliberation.

The number of times they have thought of ways for Max to take Layla was astounding.

Considering that she might be cautious on the inside, they had overthought many things, escalating the matter, making a few times harder.

Now they didn’t have to think about it anymore. What Max had to do now was to make their ties closer by trying to get Layla in the Women Conquered Section.

The next day after the steamy and enjoyable night, Max found out another surprise waiting for him when he checked his Status.

Lydia’s Loyalty surprisingly reached 100! Maybe because of Max accepting both of them, Lydia finally gave in, adding a point in her Loyalty, turning it up to 100.

Hearing of this great news, Yu’er cheered in joy. Both of them would now have another person to share and analyze ideas about the current happenings around them.

The last thing that made Max delighted was that he got Layla’s Target Charm for himself. Testing it out, Max with Yu’er’s permission, experimented on how the skill works.

Only when the sun went down, and the stars illuminated the sky that they finished playing with the skill.

On their first try, Max used the Target Charm on Yu’er standing a considerable distance away. Once a pink glow surrounded her, she dazedly turned and walked to him.

When Yu’er got away with it, she was weirded out by the fantastical and peculiar phenomenon affecting her.

She described it as a mysterious force controlling her body to move in the area where Max was standing.

Upon several more trials, Yu’er added that her thoughts were never cut off from her uncontrollable body. While her body was moving mindlessly towards Max, her mind never stopped running.

Yu’er could still think of her next moves and plan out her following action while still controlled by Max’s Target Charm Skill.

She conclusively proved it by dodging Max’s hits as soon as she got out of the body controlling ability.

Now that they have a good understanding of the ability, Max and Yu’er tried out some combinations with the skill.

Confirming that their guesses were right, they were pleased. Hitting a skill like the Purple Lightning is guaranteed to hit the specified target without any chance of failure when used after the Target Charm.

This made Max a lot stronger than he already is. He now has a multitude of skills in his collection with Time Stop, Reverse Time, Purple Lightning, and Target Charm as the core.

Combining it with Weakness Reader and different consumables as support, Max would be a monster in fights.

A few days had passed since then. Nothing much happened despite Max keeping up with the news around the world from the phone made for Awakeneds.

When he first received it, Max didn’t have any expectations of using it, having seen it from Yu’er a lot of times.

Max thought he would only have a new phone and would get over it after a day or two of playing with it.

However, when he opened it and saw the contents of the phone, Max couldn’t be more mistaken.

The phone had a lot of things inside it, useful applications for an Awakened like him. Everything a regular phone has is also available on the phone.

Though there were extra features that regular phones didn’t have, one of them was the news. Max was not someone who keeps up with the news around the world.

Not to mention how boring it is, it was also a waste of his time as none of the contents were relevant to him and their situations.

But the news on the Awakened phone was different. All of it was about Awakeneds! There was nothing about mainstream public news at all.

What interested him more was the amount of news on Awakeneds posted in there. Max spent the whole day reading about the current happenings all over the world.

It was rare for Max to not do anything besides only reading now that he had his skills to use and all the fun things he could do.

And from what he noticed, most of the news only came from one source. Every single shot was captured from a high angle.

Someone seems to be using a specific skill to capture some of the images and clips of the events then broadcasting it with their phone.

The images and videos were incredibly lifelike, definitely more advanced than the current technologies available.

Watching the realistic graphics, Awakeneds can then have their personal view of what was happening in every corner of the world.

Observing further, most people seem to trust the unidentified source of all the news. It looks like whoever the figure behind it was, they only wanted to inform the people about the recent events.

It was purely news coverage of activities occurring in every area of the world, and everyone was thankful and contented with it.

Digesting all the information he had read, Max was able to draw a clearer picture of what was happening in his mind.

Max specifically focused on the latest news about chaos and new Awakeneds popping out randomly everywhere.

A lot of government and organizations were currently pulling their hairs on what was happening in their areas.

Rogue Awakeneds that became criminals kept on appearing nonstop, catching all of them off guard, scrambling for some way to contain it from getting worse.

Some Awakeneds were saying that someone should be behind it like they were spreading a virus to everyone.

Some said that maybe a government or an organization was behind it, testing their ways of artificially creating Awakeneds.

However, most of the comments had the same assumption.

They were calling it a new era where everyone would be Awakeneds, spreading panics to everyone who read it.

Not a few minutes passed, all of them were quickly shot down by an anonymous intellectual explaining that even though there were a lot of new ones popping out, it was still only a small portion of the world’s population.

And even if they were to double in number, the total percentage of them compared to the world would still be less than one percent.

The anonymous intellectual went on to show proofs of the research by showing them an exaggerated estimate of the number of Awakeneds that exists as it is impossible to know the real figure.

Seeing the inflated estimated numbers and doubling it, then comparing it to the world’s population, the anonymous intellectual’s findings were proven to be true.

The explanation calmed a lot of people, mostly those who feared that they would only become ordinary because of their mediocre skills.



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