Chapter 125 – Tracking


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As he was trailing the two of them from the shadows where he has plenty of room to run and hide, Max gradually thought that these Awakeneds were smarter than he expected.

A few minutes had passed, and they were still on the move, Max, who knows a lot about the city, estimated their final destination.

From the direction they were going, it seems like they planned to move from one side of the city to the other.

Max initially thought that these two Awakeneds were simple, but from how they acted, it showed that they were quite experienced, particularly in escaping.

The unconscious man was slumped on the shoulder of the big-framed Awakened with a thick coat covering him while on the other side of his shoulder hanged his little partner.

When they reached a certain distance away from the area where they took the man, they immediately went to a nearby street where their truck was parked.

Not wasting any time, they drove away as if nothing happened. Even now, as Max was trailing them, he could see their faces focused on getting their job done.

Based on his observations, they always avoided big roads, preferring to stay on the small streets where it was dark and roads that not many people use.

While the bigger Awakened was driving, his partner was on the lookout, giving Max a harder time following them.

Getting closer and closer to the other side of the city, Max slowed down and maintained a considerable distance between them, expecting them to meet another Awakened sometime soon.

This area is the location of factories and warehouses, so not a lot of people hang around this place.

Max watched as they slowed down and took a sharp turn, getting inside an inconspicuous building at the corner of the district.

He stopped near the building as he checked his surroundings while making sure there was no one on his tracks.

Following them in after confirming that it was only a parking space, Max saw their truck on one side without anyone in it.

As there was only one room with the lights on, it was evident where they were currently at.

“It’s a man this time?”

The fat guy said after looking at the unconscious man on the floor. Standing beside him were Bear and Fox, waiting for their payment.

Hearing what the fat guy just said, Bear responded in an uncertain tone,

“Yesterday you said that a man would be fine, right?”

Bear became worried when he heard his question. As far as he knows, women would be more expensive and more desired for prostitution. He also knows that the man they captured is not an attractive one.

He only did it because the fat guy said it’s fine to bring a man next time with no other requirements.

“Yes. This is fine.”

“And about your payment…”

Bear and Fox intently stared at the fat guy, waiting for his next words. They wondered whether there was a problem or they won’t be paid as much as they got when they brought a woman.

“Are you fine being paid on your phone?”

Bear sighed in relief and nodded as he was urged by his partner to pull out their only phone to receive the payment.

Once the transaction was done, the payment instantly reached their phone. Seeing the long string of numbers, Fox became ecstatic.

“Hah, we thought a man wouldn’t be as popular as a woman in the prostitution industry, looks like we were wrong.”

Bear with a broad smile, jokingly told the guy. When the fat guy heard him, one of his eyebrows twitched but it quickly replaced by a fake lewd smile as he said,

“Hehehe! Of course, of course! Different people have different tastes, you know, and our business is only getting started!”

“That’s right! Sometimes we could hear their voices when we’re on our way out. They must be having fun!”

Fox nodded, looking like he understands what the fatty said. Bear was the last one who spoke, ending their conversation.

“Brother Zhu, we’re going to go now! The night is still young, and we will have enough time to celebrate this day’s success!”

“Wait, before you go let’s add our contacts so I could easily reach you whenever I need something.”

Bear and Fox’s eyes brightened, being in contact with the Fatty Zhu meant that they would have a long period of cooperation which means more money for them, hurriedly nodding, they added each other on their phones.

As they got out on their truck, Fox couldn’t contain his excitement, hurrying Bear to drive.

“Let’s go to the bar we last went to!”

“No, let’s find another one. The last time we have to spend a long time to convince them to let you in because of how small you are. Do you want to wait that long again?”

“Hmm, so how about that high-class club? We are going there next time, right? How about now?”

“I don’t think they will let you in.”

“Hide me inside your coat and get a private room! We have a lot of money so they won’t chase us out!”

Bear nodded and turned their truck to another direction, going back to the center of the city.

Fatty Zhu followed them out to make sure they left before closing the gate to the building. He then went back to the room and locked the door.

Feeling safe with no eyes watching him, Fatty Zhu brought the unconscious man in the inner room where a stairs down was located.

When he reached the basement, he went directly in the only door ahead.

Inside the room, a strong stench of blood drifted through the air. The floor had traces of blood, especially near the table with a lot of straps attached to it.

At the corner of the room was a bloody cage with rusted steel chains sticking on the wall.

“Hehehe, they thought we were buying these people to become a prostitute. Can you believe that?”

Fatty Zhu walked in with the unconscious man, talking to the man waiting for him in the room.

On the couch by the wall, a man in a white shirt was busy scrolling on his phone. He looked up to see Fatty Zhu with a man on his arms.

“They finished it already? They sure work fast.”

“So what’s the plan for this guy?”

Fatty strapped the man securely on the table as he turned to his partner, waiting for his answer.

“We have a new order. Let’s check him first then we’ll send him off to the different buyers. They paid a lot for this, after all.”

Not bothering to look at the Fatty, the man replied while looking at his phone, communication with those buyers.

“How much did would we get with this?”

Fatty Zhu patted the strapped man then went his way to sit beside his partner. After calculating the amount they would get for this guy, his partner spoke,

“Almost double the amount yesterday.”

“Seriously? This is getting desirable by the day.”

From his laughing expression, Fatty Zhu seemed to be pleased with what he heard.

“Yeah, and it will increase our chances of being caught.”



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