Chapter 126 – Familiar Glow


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“Hehehe, with your skill, how would they catch us? We would be the one playing with them like they’re clueless kids.”

Fatty Zhu ignored his partner’s words, they have been doing this for quite some time now, but them being wanted criminals had already been going on for years.

Even if that was the case, the fact that no one was still able to capture them shows how useful their skill was against other Awakeneds.

“Just don’t forget to use your skill. You always forget about it. We’re lucky that we have been staying low for months now and they were starting to forget about us. If not, we would probably be caught by now.”

Fatty Zhu added, recalling how careless his partner was, always forgetting about using his skill.

“Yeah yeah, I get it.”

His partner nonchalantly replied, scrolling on his phone. He was the one responsible for finding clients and partners around the world.

The phone he uses was identical to Max’s, but he knows a lot more about the use of it than Max. He could easily find prohibited goods, knowledgable on where they are hiding.

He also joined multiple groups with people in the same business as them; they share and receive relevant information every day.

“Oh! Tomorrow is the…?”

Fatty Zhu seemed to remember something, but his partner cut him off, knowing what he was going to say.

“Yes, it is tomorrow. Did you forget it already?”

“Hehe, it’s been fun in this city, we had a lot of catch. I forgot about it. Where are we going next?”

His partner showed a composed expression, and furiously tapped on his phone then showed the screen to Fatty Zhu.

“There had been a lot of things happening in the neighboring city, Zhonghai City next to this. Yesterday, they said there were a lot of fights that happened between different gangs in there.”

“And those gangs now had a lot of those new Awakeneds. From the information that I got, a lot of our group members were already on their way there.”

“Do you mean?”

Fatty Zhu questionably looked at his partner, confirming whether they had the same idea.

“Yes. Should we go there too? Since there’s a lot of new Awakeneds, those would be some good prey. But of course, you should think about it. We could still go to other cities anyway.”

“Heheh, of course, we will go. This Fatty Zhu isn’t scared of kids fighting. Let’s show them how they should respect their seniors.”

Fatty Zhu laughed in excitement. In his entire life, never did he look down on other Awakeneds as he knows how dangerous and cruel some of them are.

However, these new Awakeneds that popped up from nowhere seemed to be destroying the order, starting chaos wherever they go.

A lot of older Awakeneds were getting impatient at these brainless fools doing whatever they want, and one of them was Fatty Zhu.

This time he would show them how ignorant they are about the world. Fatty Zhu would have fun playing with them and putting them in the place where they belong.

His partner turned to give him a long stare and nodded after. Their next course of action is now finalized.

Above them, in the vents where air flows to the basement, a pair of eyes were staring at them.

After Max followed the two Awakeneds in, he immediately went to find a way to get in without using the front door.

Since it was bright inside the room, he would instantly get caught when he goes through the front.

He was only there to find some answers, not to fight meaninglessly, so he needed to find somewhere to hide.

Only after going around in circles a few times did Max find something, the entrance of the vent, and having no choice, he crawled in.

However, Max encountered another problem when he was crawling his way in. The direction of the vents seemed to be going down and down.

Max was certain that he already passed the room he planned to go into, but he continued, changing his plan to go in somewhere below the room and go up after.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Max hurriedly crawled. When Max finally reached the other end, he carefully peeked where he currently is and saw the unconscious man that the two Awakeneds captured were being strapped on the table.

Figuring that these two should be the boss of the two Awakeneds, he waited to see what they were going to do next.

Now he has a better understanding of the situation. Those two Awakeneds that he followed were only the ones who do the capturing then they pass it on to these guys.

These two people would now be his new target since he already figured out what the last two Awakeneds were doing.

Having the ability to do business with two Awakeneds, it was safe to assume that these people weren’t ordinary.

Checking them with his Status Checker showed nothing, but at this point, that doesn’t prove anything. Max could only wait and see what they planned to do with the man.

After that, Max kept quiet and listened in to their conversation while still being cautious that someone might pop out behind him where the pitch dark tunnel was.

As he listened, Max heard some useful information about Zhonghai City. It seems that the underground world of it was infested with new Awakeneds and more Awakeneds were flowing in the city to join in the fun.

Since Max didn’t know about their strengths, he would have to pass this time and get a bit stronger before going to that dangerous place.

The two people in the room suddenly stood up. Max readied himself to move just in case.

“Now that we’ve decided let’s finish this and prepare. We’ll move when the sun rises.”

Fatty Zhu stood up along with his partner. They made their way to the table where the man laid.

“That early?”

“We still have to find another base in there.”

Fatty Zhu stretched his arms as he went to the other side of the table.

“I hope we’ll get one this time.”

His partner only watched on the other side, waiting to see whether they would be successful this time or not.

Once Fatty Zhu was ready, he smiled and lifted one of his arms. As the muscles on every part of his body contracted, he elbowed the strapped man directly on his neck.

Sounds of bones breaking reached their ears but their facial expressions never changed, seemingly used to it.

The unconscious man will never wake up again. Magically, after a few moments, a blue glow started forming on his chest.

Slowly, it formed the shape of a cube, glowing in a blue hue. Seeing the familiar glow, Fatty Zhu’s smile became bigger while his partner’s lips curled up. It was a success.

Grabbing the glowing cube on his hands, Fatty Zhu opened his mouth and sucked in like he wanted to eat it.

The glowing cube flew towards his mouth, but before it reached and got inside his mouth, everything froze.



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