Chapter 131 – Visitor at Night


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“Where should we go first? Do you have any ideas?”

Max nodded as he asked. In the first place, he never had any plans to go alone. With Yu’er and Xue’s help, they could do a lot more things.

There was also Lydia. Even though Max already conquered her, they still couldn’t have her help since they didn’t want to Layla suspect anything.

Also, Max and Yu’er still weren’t able to find the right time to be alone with Lydia to tell her about themselves.

“I don’t, but we know where to search for those kinds of information.”

Yu’er thought about the online groups that have everything they need. They can do some research and ask their fellow Awakeneds. The answer should be there somewhere.

“Chief Li!”

“What is it now?”

Chief Li sat in his office, busy looking at different folders containing the current events happening around the city.

On the folders, recorded were the activities of Awakeneds all around their city, reports from other departments and the higher-ups. Since their city has a few million inhabitants, naturally, the number of incidents happening was numerous.

Day and night, Chief Li had to deal with headaches after headaches of Awakeneds being too conspicuous, disregarding law and order.

Most of them were the New Awakened that thought they were the chosen one among others, taking all advantages they can get from anyone without care of consequences.

Though some of them were aware of their circumstances and the world, they still chose to do whatever they want, confident that they to be unbeatable with their abilities.

Others rely on their backgrounds that will support and defend them when they get into any trouble — Awakeneds from influential families and those who have some connections fall under this category.

Those kinds of people will never be treated seriously. Once they violate law and order, their only option is to get stronger while continuously hiding from the authorities or face punishment in their improved prison facilities.

However, Chief Li was never once stepped back from them. Those people that stir up chaos without fear of authorities are ignorant and too full of themselves to use their heads.

Chief Li is only one of many who were tasked by the higher-ups to maintain the peace of their city. With such a big tree protecting him, there’s no need for him to be afraid.

Truthfully, the government forces aren’t the most powerful organization that exists. Some other organizations were just as formidable only that they are mostly reclusive.

The government is comprised of distinguished figures and powerful Awakeneds with notable backgrounds and connections worldwide so people would still have to recognize their power.

No one would dare to offend them without any definitive reason. Even evil organizations would have to think about the consequences before going against them.

However, all those considerations only happen in the open. In the dark, away from anyone’s watch, anything can happen.

Fortunately, with Chief Li’s request for assistance to properly deal with all the issues, the higher-ups allocated more personnel, including some Awakeneds under his command.

And with their capable Intelligence Division, they were able to subdue most of these lawbreakers.

If the Awakened merely committed minor violations and were also a newly awakened individual, Chief Li would only try to speak with them.

He would give them an idea about the world and tell them everything that they needed to understand while recruiting or forming an agreement with all of them.

Even when some Awakeneds never did anything against the law, Chief Li would still attempt to contact them for formalities sake and to pull them on their side.

Most of those Awakeneds didn’t want to be bothered by anyone, especially the authorities, only wanting to live their lives peacefully.

But when they hear about their attractive conditions with almost no requirements except not to break the law, they would change their minds and happily cooperate.

Now, Jing Fei, his assistant, suddenly barged into his office with an urgent and slightly helpless expression on his face.

“We have a situation. Here are the reports sent by the Intelligence Division.”

Jing Fei gave him a couple of documents. When Chief Li finished reading its contents, his brows were already knitted together.

“Evil Ghost Luo? How did this happen?”

“We have no idea. I already contacted the surrounding cities and the city where Evil Ghost Luo should be to ask why didn’t they notify us about him. But they were also surprised when they heard about our report.”

“They should be scrambling for an explanation right now since they were the ones responsible for this guy.”

“But what are we going to do?”

Jing Fei felt panicked. This isn’t good at all. They have a powerful Awakened in their backyard who preys on ordinary people for nourishment and gets stronger with each prey he consumes.

Evil Ghost Luo was given his name from how vicious he is, disregarding any laws and morality for power.

He has an unknown Ghost-type Skill that can be used to forcefully suck his victim’s soul to strengthen himself. He could also possess his victims by dominating their wills and occupy their body whenever he wants.

This skill made him unstoppable when he was still slowly growing at the beginning, effectively hiding his existence by moving from body to body.

Unlike others, Evil Ghost Luo acted differently. When he found out about his skill and how it works, he found a job in a hospital to prey on dying patients.

That way, no one would suspect anything if they were to die. When he had no one left to prey on, Evil Ghost Luo would move to other hospitals.

This scheme continued for months. He was only caught on the act by the authorities when someone reported about a suspicious person.

However, it was too late. By the time they faced Evil Ghost Luo, he was already too strong. Each time they sent powerful Awakeneds, Evil Ghost Luo would only disregard his stolen body and escape through walls.

This left them helpless. They have the necessary power to defeat him, but all of it was useless if they couldn’t even catch him.

“We can’t leave him alone. Prepare our forces, we have to make a move now, or it will be too late.”

Chief Li looked out the window. Most people should still be sleeping in the middle of the night. They must succeed tonight. Or else, the upcoming days will be a disaster.

“Also, ask for reinforcements from other cities. We need all the help that we can get.”

“I already did. They said that they would arrive in a few hours.”

Jing Fei hurriedly reported before running out to pass the order of their Chief. He also readied himself for the coming battle and arranged people in preparation for cleaning up the aftermath.

“A few hours? This isn’t good. We’re on our own.”

Chief Li shook his head. This will be a crucial mission, and they have to succeed no matter what. What he needs to do right now was to focus on their objective.

Reinforcements would arrive after a few hours. Chief Li calmed himself down. There’s no reason why they can’t deal with this.

Having a composed expression, Chief Li stood up after a deep breath and walked out, his head filled with countless thoughts.



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