The Lust System: Chapter 134 (Unlocked)


Chapter 134 – Predicament


Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Max was preparing to sleep. He still has classes tomorrow, and he had outdone himself tonight, filling his head with multiple questions.

One of his worries was not knowing whether they were in danger or not. That was the only reason why he was intent on having the Magical Space.

Max would simply give his women access to the Magical Space. Then all of them, including himself, would be able to use it as a shelter once they find themselves in trouble.

Max would never accept being looked down upon by others by being weak. He would be the one playing with other people, not the other way around.

There was a lot of news about revenge and massacres done by some aggressive Awakeneds. Max was glad that since he got his System when he was still ignorant and inexperienced, he never did anything to stand out.

Until now, Max only went to a few places. He acted normally, not forgetting to use items to disguise himself and never had any unbeatable enemy.

Before this, Max thought everything would turn out fine as he had the System, some Invisibility Potion, Face Mask for a disguise, and a Time Stop Skill.

Now, Max felt that he truly made the right decision to save up for the Magical Space, while knowing that he won’t get to buy skills and items for some time.

This was the information era where everyone has access to a magnitude of information. Once Max began to learn more about Awakeneds and their world, he could already think of different ways in which he could kill himself.

From being tagged and always be located, to being picked up by his smell that no invisibility and temporary time stop can escape from.

More unique skills should also exist somewhere. Max felt his worldview turn upside down, forcing him to adapt to the new world he wasn’t used to.

Max considered getting more powerful skills from the Store. However, nothing can guarantee that he won’t catch the eye of Rank 2 Awakeneds or worse, a Rank 3.

With all of this information, having his own space became a lot more attractive. That was also why Yu’er wholeheartedly agreed with him on this. It was undoubtedly a great skill to have.

However, Max knows that they would still need a few more weeks before having the Magical Space, so he had been busying himself on other things.

He roamed around the city, planning to learn more about its inner workings and the veiled society hidden underneath.

Whenever Max looks out to this ever-familiar city, he could only see people peacefully living their lives, minding their own business.

But the information he had says otherwise. Chaos, Awakeneds, Special Affairs Officers, were only some of its contents.

Max couldn’t see a shadow of it in this city at all. It didn’t mean their area was more peaceful than others; it only meant he wasn’t seeing it, which was worse.

It couldn’t go on like this. Max wasn’t scared of outside forces or any Awakeneds out there. He was aware that he would outclass them in only a matter of time and have probably passed most Rank 1 Awakeneds already.

His only concern was safety, lack of knowledge, and unpredictable moments. With all this running through his head, Max fell asleep.

If only he knew that numerous Awakeneds were currently setting out to a chaotic battle in a particular location in his city.

A few minutes. This was how long their fight had gone for. So far, Evil Ghost Luo has been successful at prolonging the match to slowly tire them out.

Even though he was starting to get exhausted himself, he wasn’t the least bothered by it. His original form was a ghost, and he was only feeling the fatigue overcoming him because he was connected to this body.

Once he separates himself away from this body, those feelings instantly would disappear. Ghosts never get tired, nor they need sleep and food to eat.

Evil Ghost Luo never had to worry about the weaknesses of a human body ever since he got his skill and turned into a ghost.

Currently, not a single scratch can be seen on his clothes even after exchanging blows with these Awakeneds for quite some time now.

It’s because none of them could land a single hit on him all this time. Evil Ghost Luo had experienced countless deadly battles that for him, with their laughable skills, this match was only for fun.

Evil Ghost Luo never once thought of them as a threat. In his mind, these people were delicious souls that will be consumed by him soon.

Devastated grounds, smashed buildings, and fallen trees can be seen in their surroundings. Fortunately, foreseeing this, every road connecting to them had long been blocked, and officers prevented anyone from going near them.

While Evil Ghost Luo was amusing himself around them, Chief Li was starting to get impatient and worried about his people’s conditions.

It was a miscalculation. Chief Li racked his brains on his next action. The lives of his people were left in his hands.

Depending on his decision, they would either survive or die. No matter what, he had to do something to pull them out of their current predicament since they were all his responsibility.

From the report that he got, Evil Ghost Luo shouldn’t be this strong. Even only three of these Awakeneds should be able to defeat him, and from how it’s going, it wasn’t even close.

The latest update that Chief Li got about him was that he wasn’t skillful when it comes to physical fights. He only runs away to escape through solid structures whenever they spotted him.

What they didn’t know was, all this time, Evil Ghost Luo secretly trained different techniques using his body.

Evil Ghost Luo was aware that his weak vessels were his weakness, and if he couldn’t fight, he would have to live his life running away.

What’s the point of his power then? His growing strength and his unlimited access to bodies will have no use if he doesn’t have any combat techniques.

Evil Ghost Luo didn’t want to always rely on his ghost form to escape. He couldn’t accept that someone as strong as himself would have to run away without any fight.

His confidence in his ghost form was absolute. He can easily escape and bide his time to slowly harvest souls in some of his secret farming spots.

However, Evil Ghost Luo felt that he needs to consume a large number of souls to break through his bottleneck and to push through the barrier.

The unexpected strength and skill that he showed gave Chief Li and Jing Fei a headache. They were the ones who had to devise a plan for his emergency mission.

When they finally had one way to defeat him, this happened. Why does it have to go wrong at this crucial time?

The groups stationed around the scene were also in a difficult situation. Now they know this heavily outnumbered fight would be a lot harder than what they initially expected.

“Chief Li, should we send another group?”




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