The Lust System: Chapter 137 (Unlocked)


Chapter 137 – Contact


Max was currently on his way to the nearby cafe before going to school. This time, Yu’er wasn’t with him since she had to go early in the morning to finish up some school work she was in charge of.

On his way, Max was intently focused on his phone, busily enjoying its contents while at the same time keeping up with the news.

While reading and watching videos, Max asked out a question to Little Dou who was doing her own thing on his head.

“These Awakeneds didn’t even bother to hide their identities. Look at those skills; they look so cool. If I wanted their skills, can I get the same one from the System?”

[Yes! The System has everything! These skills are just simple ones. Anything you see from there is available in the System Store!]


Max looked at different videos of Awakeneds, showcasing their skills in different ways from hunting to engaging in duels. From their faces, they seemed to be incredibly proud of their abilities.

He could see some swift sword skills to the most flashy and destructive explosion skills. Some Awakeneds organized arenas in secret locations for Awakeneds to watch or join the battles.

The prizes available were also attractive, from some useful items such as enchanted accessories to weapons and mysterious treasures.

The most attractive prize was a Skill Box containing a type of Healing Skill. The specifics of it were hidden in consideration of the winner who would claim it.

No one would know whether the Healing Skill was going to be useful or not. Regardless, the item was still captivating in everyone’s eyes.

Watching different battles had become his main entertainment as with other people all over the world. It was like the games he played before. However, now, it was real.

The ongoing fight currently showing was a duel between one sword user and a masked assassin, and it was happening in a forest-like environment. This match should take a long time to finish.

From what Max had seen, every people who joined were only Rank 1. He never once saw a Rank 2 individual. This further confirmed how hard it is for most Awakeneds to reach Rank 2.

Also, from what Max had observed, for a Rank 1, he should be close to the top of the ladder. A Rank 1 Awakened only has one skill, and he has a lot of formidable skills.

But even with all that, Max didn’t become conceited. Being the strongest Rank 1 was never his goal anyways. He would surely reach Rank 2 and Rank 3 someday so there’s no need to keep comparing.

Though looking at all of this, Max learned a few things about how different other Awakeneds were in different parts of the world.

The way they didn’t bother to hide their skills and how they joined Awakened hosted competitions to determine who was the strongest among them. That idea was something Max isn’t comfortable doing at least for now.

When Max becomes overpowered enough, only then will the world slowly know of his name.

Not long after, he reached the cafe with well-decorated walls and a serene atmosphere.

After getting himself some breakfast, he could feel some stares from the students who should be going to the same school as him.

Maybe it was because of his genes and becoming an Awakened that he was too handsome or it was something else entirely, but he didn’t care, finding a spot to sit, Max went back to his phone.

By his estimates, he would get his own Magical Space soon. Once that was done, he thought about what comes after. What should he do next?

When he wanted to see if Little Dou had some ideas, asking her in a low voice, she energetically responded with an excited face,

[You are already starting to blend in with Awakeneds! In the future, you will certainly know and meet a lot of them! They could be your enemy, ally, or an acquaintance!]


[But you’re too slow! It’s not good! With a lot of people in this city, you should be able to find an enemy! Try finding one! The pressure it will give you will accelerate your growth more than you can imagine!]


[Get more experience in real battles! That’s how you become strong! And it will be fun!]


Chief Li sat in his office with three people and thought about last night’s events. They did everything they could, but still, they failed to capture Evil Ghost Luo in the end.

Now they have an even bigger problem. Evil Ghost Luo should be hiding somewhere in this city. It’s only a matter of time before he goes on a rampage again.

The three people with him were Jing Fei and the two Awakeneds who chased after Evil Ghost Luo.

After their people cleaned up the area last night, they called it a day and got their well-needed rest.
Now, they were here to discuss their next step.

Seeing the worry in Chief Li’s face, one young-looking man spoke up,

“Even though that Evil Ghost Luo escaped, I definitely did hit him with my flames. He should be heavily injured right now as my flame would continuously give him pain for at least a few days before he would be able to heal it.”

“After he heals, he would still take time to regain his strength before thinking of doing anything outside. We still have a lot of time to find him.”

The young-looking man was the one who shot the damaging green flame, and he knows more than anyone how powerful it is.

That was why once the notice for assistance came, he was the one chosen to deal with Evil Ghost Luo.

“How did you know it hit him if he escaped?”

Chief Li was curious as to how this guy knew when he supposedly got away through the walls. The man simply smiled,

“When I looked at the body he left, its face was contorted in pain. There was no way a dead body would feel pain, so there’s only one way to explain it.”

“My flame is powerful enough to kill his original form with one direct hit. When my flame hits its target, it always explodes to its surroundings.”

“In this case, his body would be surrounded. He reacted quickly by coming out of it. Any slower and he would’ve been in so much pain to think about anything else.”

“When he separated from the body, it would be impossible for him not to get touched by my flame that was surrounding his body.”

“The fact that he was gone meant that he was alive, but I’m certain about the damage my flame would give him. He should be hiding and treating his injuries right now.”

Chief Li and Jing Fei looked at the man with a hint of admiration. It was amazing that he found all that from only looking at its face.

The last man in the room didn’t say anything. It was as if he was not included in their conversation though everyone seemed to be used to him being like that.

Having finished his breakfast, Max went on his way to class. As he got in the school gate, someone bumped against him from the side.

“Oh sorry, young man. I was too careless.”

Max turned to the side to see who it was and saw a security guard giving him an apologetic smile.




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