The Lust System: Chapter 139 (Unlocked)


Chapter 139 – Maid’s Duty (R-18)


What a satisfying way to end the day. Sighing as he relaxed, Max, for quite some time now, had been soaking in this hot tub.

Since the last school day of the week had finally ended, Max would now have plenty of available time to do a lot of things.

Max opened his eyes, feeling refreshed. Earlier, he had to walk a long distance to reach the said location sent by Yu’er.

Now he was in a secluded villa on the far side of the beach. It was a private estate that was newly bought by Yu’er that will be made to be their base.

It consists of vast lands and a beach right outside the mansion. In this place, no outsiders would be able to see any activities they were up to, a property belonging to only themselves.

Yu’er was extremely excited when she showed Max around their base. This would be where they could train and use their skills in peace.

Initially, what Max had in mind was Yu’er merely wanted to go on a vacation since it was a weekend. Never did he expect that she had something like this planned from the very beginning.

Feeling pleased and comfy, Max cleared his mind of any thoughts. Overall, this day had gone well, with no problems appearing to spoil his day.

It should be fine if he enjoys the rest of his day in relaxation like this.

Out of nowhere, Max heard footsteps on its way to him. As it reached the entrance, Max turned to see Xue standing right there facing towards him.

“Master, allow me to wash you.”

“Hmm? Sure.”

Max’s eyes lit up as he responded. Xue currently had a maid outfit on her, and she was back to her original appearance.

Her long black hair was neatly tied, and her amazing curves showed in the right places, highlighted by her decently tight maid clothes.

A tempting body was hidden inside her frilly clothes, and her long legs were alluringly covered by white stockings.

Everyone would hire a maid if they all were to look like this lady who was making her way closer to him.

Max only had to lay back down on his tub to let Xue do all the work. Closing his eyes, Max could hear Xue reaching over beside him.

His body was shaking in excitement. Max had never experienced this kind of service before. He could only imagine how it would turn out and how great would it be.

He didn’t bother thinking why Xue was doing this since she was his slave and not one part of him disliked his unique experience.

Not long after, Max felt a soft hand touching his chest, rubbing in every spot, thoroughly washing him. He let loose of his strength completely giving himself up to this pleasurable sensation.

Slowly, Xue moved to his arms, intent on not leaving any dirt on his body, meticulously sliding her hands against his skin.

Xue treated his body delicately while Max was lost in his own world, relishing in the sensation of the contact between their skin.

At this time, Max didn’t want to do anything. He felt her hand slide across his body, ending with his toes attentively wash by her silky fingers.

It might be his imagination, but Xue seemed to take a longer time on his energized member. Max never once spoke a word, intent on enjoying the session like a king.

His body was soft, left with no strength from the soothing bath he had experienced. Once they were done, Xue escorted Max back to his room to pick some clothes for him.

As Xue lightly dried him, gracefully wiping his body, his hard-on never went down, giving her an excellent display to see.

“Master, would you like me to take care of this?”

Xue stared at Max, gesturing at his thing below. It seems that she had no issues with it, contrary to what Max expected.

Nodding in response, Max waited to see what she would do next. His eyes glowed with a hint of lust, looking at her exquisite face with a striking pair of dark blue eyes.

One of her hand traveled down to his dick as she started to slowly slide it up and down his length, her silky smooth hands were softly pleasuring him.

Max watched as she kneeled in front of him to get better access to his dick. Surprisingly, Xue didn’t start with his dick.

Xue took one of his balls into her mouth. She tenderly licked it around, warming them up inside her then switched to the other one.

This act made Max harder, looking at her seemingly innocent expression intently sucking on his balls.

Eventually, Max felt her leaving his balls, moving up to lick his shaft using the tip of her tongue. Starting at the base, Xue worked her way up to the sensitive underside of his dick to the head.

Reaching the tip, Xue finally took the head around her lips and started to gently suck him off. With her hand caressing his balls, Max felt her mouth lowering, getting his dick deep inside her mouth.

Slowly, Xue bobbed her head up and down his dick. This was the definition of great service. Soon, their breathing was beginning to get heavier as the pleasure started to build up.

His Awakened slave was now doing her best to pleasuring his dick. The whole process was totally unexpected.

Coming here today, this situation never came up to his head. However, since it’s here, he would just cherish every second of it.

Max couldn’t help but feel thrilled for the future where he would be surrounded by Awakenend beauties with otherworldly qualities, imagining how delightful his life would be.

Xue stroked the root of his dick with her hands while swirling her tongue wildly around the underside of his head.

This drove Max mad with desire and pleasure. He groaned as pleasure filled him each time his dick went in her mouth.

After continuing for some time, Max was starting to feel his peak coming, giving Xue a warning,

“I’m close.”

Xue didn’t say anything. She only sucked him faster, preparing to finish him off. Her pace and intensity grew with each movement she made, moving up and down his dick.

Her inexperience was clear from her actions, but Max thought this looked more desirable. His mind was getting out of control, and his dick was hard and throbbing.

“Ahh, it’s here.”

His dick began contracting. Xue bobbed her head up and down, forcing herself to quickly swallow his load up, not wanting to waste a drop.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot out down to her throat. Xue was able to take most of it down with some filling her cheeks.

She licked the tip of his shaft for the remaining load as she swallowed all of it down. Strugglingly breathing through her nose, Xue milked even more cum out of his balls with her hands.

Exhaling a mouthful of air, Max was spent and drained. His dick slowly slid out of her mouth once Xue was done thoroughly cleaning him up.




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