The Lust System: Chapter 144 (Unlocked)


Chapter 144 – As the Sun Rises (R-18)


Max twitched his eyes, feeling some movement on his lower body.

Shielding his eyes from the sun shining through the window, Max set his sights downwards to witness what was going on below.

Slowly opening his eyes and looking down, he saw Xue taking his dick in her mouth, her eyes closed in pleasure.

Max initially thought that she was only teasing him to wake him up. However, it became quite apparent that she had other ideas for him.

A gasp escaped his lips when she pulled moved closer and wrapped her soft breasts around his hard member.

Soon after, she began to move her breasts up and down the sides of his dick. The combination of her soft mounds and tight hold intensified the pleasure being transmitted to his body.

Max could only watch and let her do what she wants on his dick. After a while, she pulled back and leaned over, bringing her mouth close to his throbbing dick.

Tempted by her nearing lips, Max lifted his hips, pushing his energetic dick towards her mouth. Xue, who saw this, stretched out her tongue and licked his the head of his dick.

It seemed that she had learned a few things from the last time they have done this. With a muffled sound deep in her throat, Xue opened her mouth and slowly took him inside.

However, she only sucked him for a few seconds before pulling away. Her tongue then came out, and she slid it down his length until it reached his balls.

Finally, she licked back up his dick and hovered over the head. With warm lips, she moved down, taking him inside once again.

Max gasped as she took him deeper and deeper, feeling the tightness of her throat. Through the bright sun rays, Max could see her lips reach the base of his dick.

She took all of him deep inside her mouth. Max could feel her throat muscles contracting on him before she pulled back with only the head remaining on her mouth.

She then went back down, sinking his dick in her warm mouth. Max reached for her head and pulled her against him.

Xue opened her mouth, accepting all of him with no trouble. Soon, they moved in a rhythmic motion with him pushing up and her head moving down.

His mouth was open, gasping to suck some air from the immense pleasure he was experiencing. Over and over, she made him feel like he was close to his climax.

When she could sense how close he was, her hand wrapped around his dick and placed her mouth over the sensitive head.

Her hand began stroking him in an up and down motion sucking the head, and within a few seconds, Max was ready to release his hot fluids.

With a cry, Max lifted his hips, eyes tightly shut, shooting his load all over his mouth. Xue held his head on her lips and pumped his dick to get it to release everything.

His balls unleashed a massive load of cum, hitting directly at the back of her throat. Even with this, Xue didn’t stop sucking. She was moaning on him while she swallowed, preventing herself from spilling any of it out.

His balls were on fire as it kept exploding, pumping out its stored fluids into her anticipating mouth.

When he opened his eyes, Xue was licking the head of his dick. She had finished taking in everything Max had released without wasting any of it.

Max watched as she delicately cleaned him with a face full of consideration and desire.

Since Max only laid down and let Xue do all the work, he wasn’t the least tired from that and recalling last night’s session; he wanted to feel her insides once more.

Pushing her down in one smooth motion, Max reached on to his dick and positioned it on her pussy lips.

Max stared into her eyes with his dick twitching, waiting at her entrance, seemingly teasing her.

With every touch of his dick on her soaked pussy, Max could see her pushing up her hips. Finally, deciding it was enough, he pushed his lower body down and felt his head penetrate her inner lips.

Max stopped and gasped as her swollen lips wrapped around the tip of his dick. Just like last night, it was tight, preventing him from sliding it all the way in with one smooth motion.

Eventually, Max lowered his hips, and little by little; his dick slipped into her soft, tight walls. Max could feel every inch of her warm and wet hole.

Her arms made their way on to his back, and her legs pulled on his waist, forcing him to go deeper inside her cave.

Once his tip reached her deepest region, Xue couldn’t contain a moan from leaking out as she felt her lower body melt onto his.

By now, his balls on top of her outer lips. He was completely buried inside her.

Max resisted the urge to cum, relishing the feeling of her warm walls around him.

Without waiting, Max gently moved back and forth, digging in her moist folds and letting her sensitive lips slide across the surface of his dick.

Both of their minds were only filled with immense pleasure. Uncontrollably, moans were released with each thrust.

Xue’s body trembled while her hips were involuntarily twitching, feeling numb from the sensation coursing her pussy.

Max slowly pulled out, and relentlessly drove his dick back in.


His hips repeatedly lifted and sunk, moving in and out of her with powerful strokes.

This early in the morning, only the sound of moans filled the entire room. It might even be louder than their previous night’s activity.

Max buried his face on her breasts, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. Alternately, he sucked on one with his lips and twirled his tongue around it while he used his hand to play with the other.

Red marks were left on her breasts from the amount of affection he gave them, but it didn’t stop Max from ravishing her.

He advanced to her smooth white neck, giving them plenty of kisses. While he sucked on her flushed skin, Max felt her body convulse, racked with uncontrolled spasms.

Xue began to cum, and she was cumming on his dick, which heightened the pleasure he was feeling.

Over and over, Max pushed himself into her, his dick smoothly sliding against her twitching walls. Fluids ran from her pussy, further wetting his shaft and the sheets below.

Max resisted his climax, controlling himself to last a bit longer. He didn’t want it to stop.

Despite this, with her pussy soaked and tight, milking him of his cum and the waving folds around his dick, Max wasn’t able to contain his looming orgasm for long.

Groaning, Max fully pushed in, burying his dick around her warm walls with the head resting at the small hole of her deepest region.

Max felt his hot fluid rushing up as it spewed out, splashing on her walls, branding it with his liquid as if establishing the fact that he was there, and it was his.

Once he was finished unloading everything deep inside her, Max finally collapsed on her before rolling to his back while grabbing her.

With Xue now on top of him, Max kissed her as they laid in the afterglow.




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