The Lust System: Chapter 145 (Unlocked)


Chapter 145 – Limits of the Skill


Breeze can be felt on his face as he flew like a bird in the sky, free from all the constraints of being a human.

Max could see the fantastic view of the mountain range as he flew by it.

With the clear night skies, everything can be visibly seen.

The seemingly silent mountains, the bright lights on the city a distance away, and the endless sea that was currently filling his sight, all of it was incredible.

It was like he was in a dream. In the past, he would never imagine that one day, he would be in this situation.

A few ships were slowly riding the calm waves, unaware of him being right above them. Well, no one would even think about it since it was such an unbelievable thought.

Zooming past them, Max arrived somewhere in the middle of the sea. Before him, were never-ending waves on their way to the unknown.

Turning his head back, the magnificent sight of colorful lights illuminating the shoreline and the spectacular landscape full of greenery landed on his vision.

From his angle, a vast patch of land filled with different kinds of wonders was visible, and he couldn’t help but be amazed at the seemingly magical scenery.

If people were to see him right now, they would be shocked to see a weirdly shaped creature flying in the sky.

No doubt that it will turn into big news as there was no such animal that would look like him or anything remotely close to how he looks.

Fully aware of his current circumstance, Max only decided to do this once the sun went down, turning the sky dark enough for him to blend within it.

Max turned his body into a black dragon from the myths. However, since he never saw a real dragon before, he could only form something close to the characters in the games he played in the past.

When he successfully changed his shape into a vivid exterior of a dragon, Max excitedly tried it out after finishing a series of tests.

He had to make sure he would be comfortable moving in it, and nothing would unexpectedly go wrong.

Ever since he got the Shapeshifting Skill, Max experimented on it. He tried out all kinds of fantasies he could think of to see if it was as amazing as what he had imagined.

The result didn’t disappoint him. Max found that as long as he had enough energy, simple shapeshifting can effortlessly be done.

He only needed to picture them with precise details in his mind and will his body to transform. As long as it’s not a complicated figure, he would turn into the exact image in his head.

The more complicated ones required more energy and incredibly detailed imagination. Quite obviously, Max had a hard time changing into some fantasy creatures he had been dreaming of being.

Fortunately, with his Rank 1 Peak Phase status, Max had plenty of energy to transform into simple forms such as objects, humans, and animals that he had knowledge of.

It gave him enough room to change into a wide range of different transformations, including complicated ones like the one he was in right now, a mighty black dragon.

Max found out that even Xue wasn’t able to do what he was doing because of her lacking energy,

Xue only taught him about her experiences in transforming into objects, what to look for before copying a person’s body, and techniques on how to not act suspicious.

So he was mostly on his own when he had to think about creative ways of using his newly gotten skill.

Though after multiple trials of him, Yu’er, and Xue, experimenting on the use of the skill, they discovered that her skill was limited to only physical transformations.

Max attempted to change into the Awakened he previously watched on his device, whose battle showcased a set of sword skills that was swift yet flashy at the same time.

When he was able to copy the person’s physical appearance successfully, there was still no sign of him being able to use the sword skills.

They concluded that there was a limit to her skill and spent some time exploring more of her skill’s limitations.

In the end, they also found that the skill doesn’t allow changing into ethereal forms.

Max was the one who discovered it when he tried to transform his body into a soul version of himself that was supposed to be immune to physical attacks.

He imagined that his soul form would not receive any damage since if it was real, no one should be able to touch it.

Sadly it didn’t work. If it did, Max would be unstoppable as he could dodge weapon attacks, and he would still be able to fight back with his skills.

Although the skill could be said to have limitations, Max was still contented with its usefulness. It was already great to have the ability to transform his physical appearance into anything, and he only needed to use his imagination.

The complex transformations of turning into massive objects like houses were impossible for now with his insufficient energy.

Even his current dragon form was only as small as a medium-sized bird. Any bigger and Max won’t be able to maintain it for long, and some areas would turn into a poorly made transformation.

However, the possibility was still there. Maybe in the future, if he had the opportunity, he would turn himself into something bigger, a larger size of his dragon form.

Since it was dark outside and his form was a black dragon, Max was able to fly anywhere he wants, and no one would spot him unless he flew lower close to the ground.

His head looked menacing with blood-red eyes, and his body was quite well made and detailed.

This skill was genuinely magical. It wasn’t something that can be explained by science at all.

Max looked forward to the future where he would be able to transform into significantly larger and complicated figures.

He was getting excited at the thought of it as he flew back with high speed, having finished everything he wanted to do.

Flying was surprisingly better than he thought. When running, he could only turn to specific directions, but when he is in the air, he could turn to every direction, including upwards and downwards.

The cool breeze rushing to his skin was also exhilarating. Max felt freer than when he was on the ground.

Now Max felt like the world suddenly got bigger for him. No longer would there be limits as to where he could go.

It was all because of Xue and her skill. If they didn’t encounter each other, Max wouldn’t have this skill, and he wouldn’t feel like this.

Looking at the scenery below, Max sighed in relaxation as he glided down back to their villa.

Overall, this day had been tiring since he had been busy the entire day, yet it was also quite a peaceful and exciting one.




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