The Lust System: Chapter 146 (Unlocked)


Chapter 146 – Unknown Assailant


The weekend had gone by without much things happening.

Max never stopped trying out ways to use his new skill, along with Xue and Yu’er.

With the numerous trials they have been through, all of them were now extremely familiar with the Shapeshifting Skill.

This is especially the case for Xue, who got to learn new techniques that she had no idea she could do before.

Xue had indeed gained a lot this time, and she couldn’t be more grateful now that she had more efficient ways to apply when she uses her skill.

The uneventful weekend seemed to end quite abruptly, and it was time for them to go back to the city.

Of course, this villa won’t be abandoned. They had decided to come back later when they have some more free time to spare and need to try something out away from outsider’s eyes.

The past few days had been relaxing for all of them. They only spent their days in their land, not bothering to go out and explore the small beach town a few minutes of walk away from their area.

When they got back to the city, Max could feel an entirely different atmosphere in his environment.

He couldn’t explain it with words, only that he felt unsafe as if anything beyond their control could happen without warning.

But it didn’t eliminate the fantastic sight of civilization he missed during their past few days of staying cooped up busying themselves in their secluded villa.

Nodding his head, Max thought his city was indeed not bad. Awakeneds? Enemies? Unexpected events? When any of that occurs, they will simply deal with them all.

The school day began once more, and Max had new sets of works he was required to finish.

It was a tiring day. When he was done, it was already dark outside.

This day, Max was forced to remain at school for some activities which he wanted nothing to do with.

However, since Max was a student, he had to do it. These were the daily menial tasks he had to always deal with.

Yu’er and Xue were long back home now. Max informed them earlier about his assignments and asked them to go on without him.

Now Max would have to walk back alone without anyone to speak with except Little Dou.

Thinking of this, Max couldn’t help but curse at this school and his teacher, who was responsible for him staying late like this.

Someone like him should have more free time, not wasting his life away at this boring institution.

His impression of going to school was slowly getting lower and lower, though it wasn’t entirely a bad thing since Max would get to talk with Little Dou about everything revolving the System.

Every time they talked about it, it turns into an interesting conversation. Max would always learn new things by asking Little Dou about every little question that popped up on his head.

From all their conversations so far, Max found more information about the System that he had no idea about.

The System is indeed mysterious. Little Dou once told him never to underestimate the System because he hasn’t touched the majority of its functions yet, and if he thinks the System is quite simple, then that could only mean he didn’t know anything.

This made Max curious about what she was talking about. He was fully aware that he doesn’t know anything and could only put out a few guesses.

However, since Little Dou wasn’t talking about it, Max could only look forward to the future. Perhaps a surprise will be waiting for him then.

Now that he thought about it, he had been saving up Points for a long time now. Recalling last night when he checked his Points before going to bed, he was surprised to find that his total Points had already reached 30600.

Only a few weeks had passed since they decided not to keep spending Points, but now they already had a lot only from the nights they played around in their bed.

Max also remembered Xue, who he had taken some nights ago. That alone should give him around 2800 Points and adding the nights he spent with Yu’er, which was almost every night; it made sense for him to accumulate Points that fast.

Maybe they would only need to wait for a little bit more than a week before they would have enough Points to purchase their chosen skill.

Walking down the hallway of the school building, Max made his way to the stairs, planning to head home after a long day.

From the windows, Max could only see a few students remaining at the school grounds hanging out and playing sports.

Looking at the time on the wall, he figured that they should be going home around this time before the school finally closes.

Max really did stay late this time. Walking strolling, he spoke to Little Dou,

“Finally, we’re heading home now. Haah, I’m so tired.”

“By the way, can you tell me about some good skills I can buy from the Store once I have some extra Points after the Magical Space?”

While walking, Max decided to start a conversation with Little Dou once again to avoid being bored and at the same time, hear her suggestions about some skills she thought would be incredibly useful for him.

[Mn? I know a lot, but the System doesn’t allow me to tell you about it!]


Holding a lollipop with both her arms as she delightfully licked it, Little Dou responded like she was used to Max asking her questions that she couldn’t answer.

But this time, Max had a different idea. Feeling that Little Dou might have misunderstood him, he added,

“No, I only want suggestions, and the skills I’m talking about are only limited to those we saw on my phone being used by other Awakeneds. Which of their skills do you think would be useful for me?”

Although he asked for suggestions from Little Dou, it doesn’t mean he would follow whatever she says.

Max has his own lists of skills, which he thinks would be great for him to have. He only wanted to hear what Little Dou was going to say to see if he missed some excellent skills.

Little Dou’s eyes brightened. If she were only giving suggestions on something that Max already had the knowledge of, then the System would most certainly allow her to help.

[Oh! The Teleportation Skill that we saw is really good! If you can have that, you won’t have to always use your Time Stop for small matters such as escaping!]


What she was talking about was the minor teleportation that they saw someone has. It allows the user to move a distance away instantly, and it can even pass through solid objects smoothly.

When they turned to the direction of the stairway, Little Dou, who was happily licking her lollipop on Max’s head, saw a man standing right in front of them.

The person’s face with a pair of creepy eyes was too close to Max that Little Dou was spooked, letting go of the lollipop she was holding.

Once she took a closer look, the person’s mouth was opened, and a faint white form was flowing out of it moving directly towards Max.

Before she was able to react and warn him, Max already had a dazed expression.




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