The Lust System: Chapter 149 (Unlocked)


Chapter 149 – Clash


The wall where Max was on had a clear vision of the only entrance towards the rooftop. Nothing would escape from his eyes if anyone were to go through it.

Little Dou was also hovering over, curiously looking whether someone would come.

While waiting, Max thought back to the previous incident where he wasn’t able to kill the ghost’s body.

The damage he dealt vanished like it was erased. It was quite similar to Yu’er’s Reverse Time, except it was instant, faster than his eyes could blink. It was unbelievable.

Max didn’t think it was a skill since it was instantaneous, and he doesn’t believe someone could use their skill right after the time resumes knowing they would die. No one could react that fast.

It seemed more like Max triggered one of his life-saving cards. Perhaps it came from a protective item or a perk of being possessed by a ghost.

But it doesn’t seem like it can be used constantly. Though Max still considered the probability of it happening.

Secondly, since the ghost came out unharmed, Max had to think about whether he exposed himself being an Awakened.

Max thought for a moment and concluded that he should at least expect the ghost to be aware of it. There should be an indicator of some sort that notified him of his escape from death.

However, he was confident that his skill was not exposed since the time had stopped for everyone.

If Max were in his situation, he would only be filled with confusion. There was no way for him to observe what happened. Visually, he would merely see a series of flashing movements.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and the man still hasn’t shown up.

This ghost was taking so long. Maybe he wasn’t able to find them and went somewhere else? Then if so, they can go home!

Just as Max was thinking about this, someone interrupted him and pulled him out of his thoughts.

[He’s here!]


Little Dou flew back, urgently notifying him about the incoming enemy.

Max immediately became alert. He already had several plans in his mind. The only thing he had to do was to wait and see which would be the most suitable.

Evil Ghost Luo got to the top floor after wandering around the building to find any signs of his prey.

Being a security guard for a few days let him become familiar with the establishment, so it wasn’t hard for him to roam the area.

After finishing all the places he could come up with, Evil Ghost Luo turned to his final destination.

This time, he had a feeling that his prey would be there.

When Evil Ghost Luo got to the rooftop, there was nothing to be seen. However, his eyes mysteriously glowed.

Max kept his eyes on this man that was standing near the entrance as if he was a statue. Inside, Max was starting to believe he had this man fooled.

This ghost took a long time to reach here, and now he was only staying still. Can he even locate him? Would he give up?

Max continued to stay in his position. This ghost giving up was what he precisely wanted.

This would be the ideal development. When the ghost finally gives up and takes off, Max would secretly trail after him to wherever lair he hides in.

Afterwards, he would then decide how to deal with him.

Without warning, the man suddenly dashed towards his direction before punching out with an energy empowered fist.

Max could feel the ferocity of his attack from where he was hiding. Not wanting to receive the blow, he dodged away, in turn, revealing himself.

The ground vibrated once the fist came in contact with the wall, cracks formed all over it. Luckily, Max evaded it, or else it would have hurt quite badly.

Since he already revealed himself, slowly, his form returned to his original appearance.

Max grew more vigilant, but he also couldn’t hide his astonishment. This ghost somehow had a skill that could detect him.

He doesn’t have a clue how that could be possible. Facing this seemingly skilled opponent, Max decided to take this seriously.

Truthfully, it was quite simple. Evil Ghost Luo was a ghost. Ghosts like him suck souls out of humans and consume it.

Having the ability to suck souls would also mean that they have a way to detect it.

This was also how Evil Ghost Luo ended up targetting Max. He could detect a unique soul from him that appeared to be more appealing compared to others.

Even though Evil Ghost Luo didn’t see anyone on the spot where he detected a soul, he still fully believed someone was there.

Used to surviving on his own, Evil Ghost Luo had heard about different kinds of treasures. An item that provides invisibility wasn’t unheard of; that was why he never found it odd.

Evil Ghost Luo had already sensed him right as he got into the rooftop. The only reason he was standing still near the entrance was because of him being wary of an ambush.

From what he sensed, his prey was only a few seconds away from him. He could easily reach him, but his cautious side prevented him from making a move straight away.

He expected some reinforcements supporting behind his target since there was no way his prey would hide so close to him. Evil Ghost Luo was convinced that this must be a trap.

When he initiated an attack to get a feel of the situation, hitting the area where the soul was, his prey finally revealed himself.

Max faced the man who had a look of amusement on his face. Taking out his dagger, Max returned his stare as if challenging him.

This could be said to be his first true battle; a rush of excitement was flowing through his body.

In the meantime, he would not use his skills. Max wanted to test out his combat ability first.

With this, he kicked the ground to charge forward.

The only thing he had to be careful of was the original form of the ghost. As long as the ghost itself doesn’t come out, he could do whatever he wants.

Max slashed him directly on his neck. Although he didn’t plan to use his skill, it doesn’t mean he would play around.

His attack was targeted to kill his body and force him to come out. Max had some basic knowledge relating to him, such as physical attacks won’t be able to touch ghosts.

For that reason, he wanted to purely use his combat ability to defeat his body, and once his true form emerges, Max would then use his skills to finish it.

His attack got evaded by a simple backward movement, and before he could deliver another, a swift palm filled with force shot out. Max quickly leaped away to avoid it.

That was close. It almost hit him.

This man seemed to be only using his body to attack, and the energy in his attacks was also quite strange.

His weird energy was dangerously powerful. Max couldn’t understand how he was doing it. He only knows that he would not want to be hit by that.

Once again, tightly gripping the dagger with his hand, Max went in for another attack. He made use of his agile body to slowly overpower his opponent.

Both of them continued to exchange attacks. Max had already inflicted a few scratches all over his opponent’s body, but no one showed any signs of slowing down.

Outside the closed school gate this late at night, two individuals can be seen speaking to each other as they guardedly made their way inside.




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