Take Up the Cross


“The ultimate payoff is here: lifelong scoundrel and swindler Adris fehl Dain, with his brutal partner of many decades Serras fehr Almet, descends into the lost crypt of the Immortal First Emperor. The once all-powerful tyrant, and eternal lord of the floating continents of Xin, lies within a coffin of solid agate. An emperor’s legacy awaits who finds it…!

… excepting for one problem: Adris fehl Dain is plagued by a life of recurring misfortunes.

And no misfortune could be greater than a lust-mad, demonic castle beyond the impassable clouds owned by a supreme evil.”


Genre Tags: Action, Adventure, Battle, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Smut, Supernatural, Tragedy

Author: nonothing
Editors/Proofers: Zirrboy, Kermit the Frog

(Published Weekly: Monday and Thursday)


R18 Tags:

Battle Rape, Exhibitionism, Femdom, Group, FFM, Impregnation, Monsters, Monster Girls, Reverse Rape, Rape: As a Weapon; On Defeat; On Victory, Threesome, Voyeurism

NOTE: Loli/Shota

(Not Exhaustive. Except something from this. Subject to change.)

Commitments: No netorare main girls. Never. Forewarned, don’t bother asking for it.

If you have to ask who is going to be raped, it’s probably the MC, or someone he does or doesn’t know, but likely doesn’t have romantic connections with.

Planned: Bestiality, First-Time Intercourse, Incest, MMF, Orgy, Outdoor Intercourse, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Sex Slaves

Story Tags:

Male Protagonist, Set Party


Protagonist Tags:

Age Regression, Charlatan, Dishonest Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hiding True Identity, Narcissistic Protagonist, Powerful Fake Persona, Pragmatic Protagonist, Unlucky Protagonist, Transported to Another World, Weak Protagonist

Heroine Tags:

Automaton, Couple Growth, Demi-Humans, Demons, Dominating, Dumb Heroine, Elves, Friendship, Hidden Agenda, Imperfect Heroines, Kuudere, Masochism, Party Infighting, Past Trauma, Possessive Heroine, Quirky Heroine, Sadist, Strong Love Interests, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance, Submissive, Tomboy, Twintails, Weak to Strong (Party), Witches, Yandere (Slow Burn)

Story Tags:

Adventurers, Battle System, Betrayal, Comedic Undertone, Conditional Power, Constant Struggle, Contracts, Dark, Depictions of Cruelty, Dungeon Master (Antagonist), Enemies Become Allies, Enemies Become Lovers, Entities from Beyond, Fantasy Creatures/World, Growth Systems, Horror/Mystery World, Humans vs. Everyone, Hunters, Misunderstandings, Manipulative Characters, Overwhelming Enemies, Possessive Characters, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Strong Male Friendships, Teamwork, Unreliable Narrator

Table of Contents

(☆ denotes a chapter containing ero content.)

Chapter 1: Tomb of the First Emperor

Chapter 2: First Fight

Chapter 3: Final Farewell

Chapter 4: Bizarre Research ☆

Chapter 5: Awakening Silver

Chapter 6: Wondrous Works

Chapter 7: Sand, Phoenix, and Shooting Stars

Chapter 8: Up the Castillo in Twenty Minutes

Chapter 9: Up the Castillo in Twenty Minutes – Cold-Warming Touch ☆

Chapter 10: Down the Castillo in Two Minutes ☆

Chapter 11: Down the Castillo in Two Minutes – Mad Rave

Chapter 12: Flesh Stairs

Chapter 13: Godless Chapel

Chapter 14: Oath with the Unknown

Chapter 15: Path to Power

Chapter 16: Artful Malice

Chapter 17: Emergency Imp ☆

Chapter 18: Corner of Meeting and Sorrow

Chapter 19: Unfated Meeting

Chapter 20: Strange Beginnings

Chapter 21: Winning Arguments

Chapter 22: Elf Breaking

Chapter 23: Saucy and Bitter

Chapter 24: Night of Regrets ☆

Chapter 25: A View of Luna

Chapter 26: All For One

Chapter 27: Proof of a False God

Chapter 28: Tight Negotiations ☆

Chapter 29: Discussion On Form

Chapter 30: White Tail Run

Chapter 31: Creeping Doom

Chapter 32: Preparations With Purple ☆

Chapter 33: Investiture

Chapter 34: Vanishing World

Chapter 35: Life and Death Within the Mind ☆

Chapter 36: Desecrated Chapel

Chapter 37: Near and the Nigh 

Chapter 38: One for All

Chapter 39: Gift of Gold

Chapter 40: Terrible Beast ☆

Chapter 41: Terrible Beast – Longest Night ☆

Chapter 42: Freshest Start

Chapter 43: Sublime Gold

Chapter 44: An Elf’s Use

Chapter 45: Luck Can’t Save You From the Cook

Chapter 46: Dance of the Mad Kobolds

Chapter 47: Carnal Combat ☆

Chapter 48: Ancient Enmity