Whatsawhizzer Announcement

I tend to be a bit of an open book, so if you’re curious about the survey I put out on Friday, here is the major takeaway from what I saw.

* World of Women is immensely popular, with nearly 70% of readers preferring it. TOAE is the least popular book. This seems bleak for TOAE, except interestingly enough, over 80% of the people who say WoW is their favorite or TOAE is their least haven’t read TOAE.

Honestly, I know we all have types of books we like here, but if you haven’t even touched Tales of A Seductress… I recommend you try it. I know you all say “I don’t read female ero crap!”, but I’ve received at least a dozen comments from people who said the same thing, gave it a try, and were pleasantly surprised. If you haven’t figured out by now I don’t write generic stuff, I think you can assume it probably won’t be the typical reverse harem female sex fantasy you expect. I will say that a comment I’ve yet to hear is someone who doesn’t like female MC stuff, gave it a try, and then regretted it. I’m not saying its for everyone, I’m just saying give it a shot.

Plus, it’s a great time to get into TOAS/TOAE. The PDF will be released next month, and the sales/success will dictate TOAE future release.

*You guys aren’t aware I have a blog. Furthermore, it looks like moving this stuff on my blog would lose me nearly 50% of my readers. My only choice if I want to revitalize my blog is to double release.

According to innumerable comments, I should include links to my blog… other than the links already to my blog in every pdf I release, on patreon, in the affiliates page of machineslicedbread, and in the Table of Contents of World of Women. But you know… other than those four places… how could you know I had a blog? I added links to the PoC and TOAE ToC as well, I guess.

By the way, the reason I want to use my blog is simple. I can actually see site statistics on my own blog. I can also get informed when comments are made on my stories. So, it allows me to know when people comment on my work so I can easily respond to them, and it helps me know what’s being read, so I don’t have to depend purely on what commenters tell me and what surveys say. That’s why my blog would be good.

*Images are good. Many people want more WoW images. What I bet a bunch of you don’t know is I’ve already released like 4 of them… but only Patreon members get access to them. FYI, the reason I don’t announce image releases like I used to is because I grew tired of the constant stream of criticism leveled at each image. You can thank your fellow readers for being unable to appreciate something I provided for free.

So… it’s no longer free. Portraits of PoC are still put in the harem list, and Ero images are retroactively added (B&W only). If you want the hd colored images and you want to be notified of them, then follow my Patreon page. (Even if you’re not paying, if I post “Tiana’s Potrait”, you can guess it’ll be released in the harem list in a few days.)

Also, I’ll keep my current volume release pace the same. Few people seemed to want pdfs without images. A few are willing to sacrifice images for faster pdf release. I might move it to 4 ero images, 4 portraits, and 1 book cover per volume. That’d allow me to release about every 2 months.

However, it seems like most of you want a naked image of Whizzer. Hmmm… well, here you go. This is a naked picture of Whizzer. It’s NSFW, obviously. Be careful what you wish for :/.

Clarifying Question on Eros. 

*PoC is still running strong. It’s few people’s favorite, but that doesn’t really change anything. I plan to finish PoC. It was supposed to be 300 chapters, but it might be 350 or so. Depends how long the last few arcs take to get through. Either way, PoC should be done around Spring of next year, with ~7 volumes of 50 chapters each. I don’t know what I will do regarding continuing releasing images. I may speed up release once all the portraits are drawn, or I may stop and draw images for other stuff, we’ll see.

*This one was nice… well over 50% of you liked the ending of WoW, and over 75% didn’t feel any need for a course correction. Only 1% have decide they won’t get V2 a chance. You can’t win with everyone.

WoW 2 is going forward anyway, I will take some of the suggestions into advisement. I don’t actually know how dark V2 will be. I really only have the first couple of chapters and the ending worked out in my head right now. The cost of pushing me to write write write is that I haven’t had the time to dwell on it too much. Hopefully, once WoW PDF is released, I’ll have more time to think.

WoW V1 will be released in two days. The PDF is almost done. It will NOT be perfectly edited. I just don’t have the time. It has been edited and is better than the online draft, I just can’t make it perfect in the amount of time provided.

*For the small degree of TOAS fans… very few are unhappy with TOAE. For those few criticisms there are, I’ve also felt like there has been less sex and less happening in this story… although for a lot of people, they complained TOAS was too sex centric, so it seems like whatever I do, someone will be unhappy. TOAE will probably remain unchanged. I have a particularly vision for how it will go and finish. As for the slow release rate…

When the PDF for TOAS comes out, I’ll be looking for people to buy it. Based on how many sales TOAS gets (in the form of monetary Patreon goals), I’ll increase the releases of TOAE. I will be setting up those goals some time next week once I see how Patreon sits next month.

*A lot of people want me to help Bonded Goddess out the door. Cocultivation Madness came in 2nd.

That was my plan from the beginning. I’m a little bummed there wasn’t more push for Requiem to the Stars to be brought back… but that’s fine. When I finish PoC, I’ll start Cocultivation Madness. Bonded Goddess is Ruki’s thing, and I’ll help when I can. As far as Super H… it might not get more chapters based on the current response. I won’t be starting Cocultivation Madness until the end of PoC.

*I still have no clue what to rename Hawtness. If anyone wants to help me, I’d appreciate it. Here is chapter 1 if you want to check it out. It’s a satire of harem anime and teen romances like twilight. I plan to re-release it on my blog, and then sell the pdfs the same as my others. It is not a ero, but I have nearly 7 volumes already written for it.

*Finally, for all of you unhappy that my survey didn’t include the exact multiple choice option that described your thoughts perfectly… I don’t really care. You can give me your opinions on things even if you didn’t read them (although I did add “did not read options” pretty quickly and took away mandatory on the comment).

I’m sorry you couldn’t select “I don’t pay attention to Whatsawhizzer’s presence on MSB”, instead of “Whatsawhizzer is fine and I don’t notice a problem.” I know you guys not being able to tell me how unemphatic and uncaring you were towards certain portions of my work caused you physical pain, but too bad. I mean, if I asked you rate how you felt about Twilight between 1-9, despite 90% of you never having read it, you could instantly give me a number. If you felt TOAE was probably good, but wasn’t your cup of tea because it was a female protagonist, give it a 6 or 7. If you thought TOAE would be absolute garbage and you don’t even want to consider it, give it a 1.  It’s that simple.

Was a quick optional survey really worth the dozen emails, pms, and comments on how poor you felt the questions were? *Sigh* Whatever…

Anyway… things are going good. Look forward to WoW PDF. PoC Volume 2 and TOAS PDF should be coming out some time next week. I’m still ordering images and I’m still writing. Thank you all for your support, your comments, and your help. Even if I complain, I appreciate it. I guess that’s about it. Thanks!