Whatsawhizzer Mass Release!!!

Dear Whatsawhizzer Readers,

Now that I have your attention, I just wanted to talk a quick second about a new novel I put up on MSB, otherwise identified as the Timefall Saga.

I wrote this story, following my favorite fantasy epics like Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time, and Mistborn, tying in science fiction concepts into a fantasy genre sort of like star wars (except I don’t read very much scifi). It’s a complex story, with a massive world, numerous morally amoral characters, multiple inter-lapping PoV, and an interlocking plot…

And it seems to not be doing too hot on MSB… accused of being confusing with too many characters and where’s the MC and I don’t understand anything that’s going on… the criticisms have been informative and helpful… maybe…

That’s my one hangup. This isn’t written like a light novel with one MC and one clear, simple message where you can turn your brain off and read it and have any clue what you just read. So, I’m not sure if the criticism comes from people expecting another WoW or NTR Crush, or from me genuinely writing a bad story. Yes, I wrote it 7 years ago and it’s a little rough around the edges, but if I was ashamed of what I wrote, I’d probably have changed it.

I’m hoping for some help figuring out the problem. I’ve said numerous times that WoW is a dumb simplified story I wrote to appeal to you guys, despite some opinions that it has substance. People asked me to write what I like and people asked me to cut out the sex and give them more plot. This is that… and it seems to be disliked or ignored.

So… I mass released 4 chapters of Timefall Saga. This gets you through the “first act” of the story. Chapter 11 starts settling on two predominate people, Marideen and Darian, with other side characters interspersed into it. This isn’t a harem light novel. Every character doesn’t play an intricate meaning to the plot.

Anyway, I’d very much like to hear people’s opinions on it at that point. If you like the story, keep supporting it, and I’ll keep releasing it. I have like 50 chapters written, and eagerly want to write more for you.

If it doesn’t get supported, I’ll probably kill it for good, like Requiem to the stars. Then, the next time someone tells me they want to read something of mine with more world building, less sex, to my personal tastes… I can point to this as the example of why that doesn’t work and apparently readers are only interested in work with more boobies. :/


A Disheartened Author.


Timefall Saga – Chapter 7

Timefall Saga – Chapter 8

Timefall Saga – Chapter 9

Timefall Saga – Chapter 10


P.S. I’m not angry, broken, pissed-off, or planning to quit writing anything. I’m just an amateur author looking for some help and advice from people who will honestly give it. I HAVE found your comments so far to be more interesting and informative than anything I ever received from Wattpad and the other “Writing sites” I have used, so don’t get me wrong… If I have to take things back to the drawing board and completely rewrite the beginning of the story, then I guess I will.