Whatsawhizzer Saturday 1-26-19 Releases

World of Women – Chapter 17

Pushing Up Gravestones – Chapter 8

Tales of an Enchantress – Chapter 49


Patreon Only

World of Women – Chapter 25


P.S. You have two ways to respond to Chapter 17:

Comment Option 1: Oh, Wow. I wasn’t expecting an unlock today. How cool. Thanks Whiz!


Comment Option 2: WTF? I thought you released only on Tuesdays? This breach of promise agitates me for some reason! Are you releasing twice a week now? Answer me! As someone who doesn’t pay you a dime, you owe me your time to completely explain all of your reasoning for every decision you make! Don’t make me not pay you even more! I’ll do it!


Please use common sense to figure out which type of comment I prefer to get.