Whizzer Announcements

So, either known or not known, I’ve been working on Tales of an Enchantress (Tales of a Seductress being the first book) and Power of Creation, two of the original novels on machine sliced bread.

After finishing TOAS, I took a bit of a break as I said I would, which continued on even after wetting my feet with a couple TOAE chapters. So, for those of you wanting to know where I’m at. I finished the “Hawtness 1.5” story in the intervening three month hiatus and am sort of ready to start writing again with regularity.

I brought Power of Creation back from hiatus, and a big contributor to that fact was my patreon. Donating a few bucks a month does wonders towards motivating me to keep writing, and I’d recommend anyone who wants to keep seeing PoC and TOAE to do as such. My wife’s alternator broke, and we’re so poor right now that the only way my kids will have Christmas is if I donate plasma, so, you know, no pressure.

As for the official release schedule, it is my desire to release Power of Creation 5 times a week give or take, M-F. This will be a not-so-concrete schedule and subject to how I feel at the time. More reliably, I optimistically hope, would be Tales of An Enchantress, which will get one chapter a week, always falling on Saturday. So expect that.

I’d love to hear more from the TOAE fans, as I’ve not gotten too much feedback on the six chapters released and it’s been hitting my motivation a tad. I know the story has barely started yet, but given the gap in writing I wanted to make sure the quality and expectations were still up to par. I have some heavy plans for the story, but it’ll be a good 15-20 chapters before the story is in full tilt (not unlike TOAS).

Anyway, I just wanted to officially announce the schedules. Now, we’ll see if I can stick to them.