World of Martial Porn – Chapter 1: Prologue



I had a strange dream.
I was standing in the darkness with nothing but the emptiness around me.
Suddenly, there was a voice that came out of everywhere. I couldn’t locate its source.
“There is a heavy burden waiting for you.”
“W-what? Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter. You should care about other things.”
“W-which ones?”
My voice seemed strange and unsteady to me.
“You have to change the world.”
“What world? Why?”
“Figure it out by yourself.”
I tried to think rationally, but everything seemed just like a nonsense that so often comes up in dreams.
“And for that I give you the power of ”Overcoming” — the only thing that will never betray you in this world.”
I decided to do nothing and just stood there in expectation of what my next dream would be like.
“Oh, I see. You’re thinking that all of this is just a dream? Hahaha!”
As if the emptiness itself was the laughter, with its growls giving me a headache.
Pain? In a dream?
It seemed to me that my eyes were wide open from the surprise.
“Now you’re getting it, aren’t you? Haha! I can’t hear any questions from you!”
I kept silent, trying to realize what was going on.
“I see you kept your equanimity, you deserve a little award! Haha! Or you’ll be better off with a curse?”
What the hell is he saying?
“All in all, there’s a mark of ”Godlike forwardness” for you to bear in soul! Ha-ha! It will make a good use for you… probably.”
“Don’t forget! Change the world! You’d better do it on top!”
At that moment a tiny ray of light dashed into the darkness, replacing all the surrounding emptiness.