World of Women V2 Chapter 1

I released chapter 2 a day early, so public readers, here you go.

Chapter 1

I’m no longer going to be posting chapters of WoW. From now on, I’ll announce when the chapter is released on Patreon for Patreon members, and post on MSB like this when I make the chapters public. Just keep in mind that all Patreon supporters can have the early unlock for only $1 a month. This also gets you access to all images, the PoC pdfs, and the story “A Certain Kind of Brothel in the Apocalypse.

The current release schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays. Patreon did donate enough to write the alternative ending for V1. I will write it when I have time.


Oh… and if you’re reading chapter 1 now, there is a good chance you didn’t read the Bonus chapters. Here is a very quick summary of what happened.

Part 1: Morgan has a baby, it’s a girl.

Part 2: Morgan goes to prison, but Clyburn only lets her leave on his terms.

Part 3: Lyra has an older brother, he’s a siscon, and he thinks Clyburn is his rival. Lyra is a confirmed slut.

Part 4: Hannah gets out of Juvey, but as an “adult” sixteen year old girl, she doesn’t return home. Instead, she manages to get into the Academy, where she bullies two girls into being her henchmen with her eyes set only on Clyburn’s future.

Part 5: Madison is heavily bullied in school. Her life is quite miserable, although she’s being pursued by a boy. Little does she know, that boy has formed a plan with two other boys, their intention is to drug her and four other notoriously unobtainable women and pop all their cherries in a single night, Lyra included!