World of Women – V2 – Chapter 3 Open for Public…

Link to Chapter 3

I’ve decided to take off the embargo on the new WoW chapters. If you donated $1 to read WoW, the money isn’t taken out until the start of next month, so I don’t blame you for retracting it now if you want. It is not my intention to bully or force people to pay for my content. That said, if you’ve partaken in downloading any of my PDFs, I do ask that you finish the donation before canceling. At that point, you’ve acquire content that wasn’t intended to be free.

I’ve always intended Patreon to be an open option for people to provide me support so I can do all those rich people things like feed my children something besides hot dogs and Ramen. Despite some opinions, I don’t like locking anything behind a paywall. I always intended Patreon as a means of supporting future work, not as a means of obtaining previous works.

That said, I like continuing to reward Patreon Supporters for being Patreon Supporters, and despite the many many many many many many many….

many many complaints aimed by people who don’t pay a dime, everything I lock behind patreon has always been stuff that was specifically produced for Patreon supporters as a reward and encouragement for their support. I’ve not taken anything away from you that you would have ever had if Patreon didn’t exist.

That said, on to the topic at hand, the recent infringement. I genuinely expected Webnovel to take DMCA seriously and remove the webnovel in short order, and am shocked and appalled at how shitty their business practices are.

That said, the guy hasn’t shown signs of putting the two V2 chapters I have on Webnovel in the last week, so I’m “hoping” he’s going to stop with this. Perhaps he’s already abandoned Project Scumbag and is just waiting to let someone else clean up his mess and delete his accounts for him. Or… perhaps he’s just waiting for more chapters to become available before he steals in mass.

Either way, I’ve decided to cautiously start unlocking chapters. I’ll release one a week for public consumption. Yes, I still plan to keep releasing two a week on Patreon. No, I don’t plan to do it indefinitely until there are 50 chapters locked behind Patreon. This is just what I’m doing right now until I figure some things out. And if they start getting stolen again… well, I’ll handle it. I have some plans, but they require time and money, neither of which I have right now.