World of Women V2 – PDF/epub

As promised, World of Women – Volume 2 is now out, PDF and Epub. Because of the extreme Patreon support last month, I’ve made it available for free for all Patreon members $1 and up.

You can also pay for it for $5 and support me that way. It’ll be the only way for non Patreons to access the 9 patreon-locked chapters plus the illustrations. Volume 3 has started today. Please not WoW, Enslaved, and NTR Crush, while they are releasing on patreon right now, will start public releases eventually.

While you guys were getting WoW releases twice a week, Patreons were waiting 2-3 months. Now it’s time for you to wait 2-3 months. If you can’t wait, donate. If you can’t donate, I’m also looking for a variety of help on busy work, and I’m willing to offer unlocks for that, contact me for more details.