World of Women: Volume 1 Announcement

As you probably know, the last chapter of WoW will be released to public on the 19th. Due to overwhelming support from patreon, the pdf will be released on 10/31/2018. It will be available for all supporter at the $5 rank and above on patreon here. Anyone may also buy it for $5 through paypal.

What do you get?

-All of WoW: Volume 1 (120,000 words) reformatted, edited, and cleaned up.

-A bonus chapter, “Five Girls”, which while I call it a chapter, it has five parts and may end up being the size of a small book :/

-Possibly an extended ending. I may rewrite/extend Chapter 29 into two chapters for pacing.

– All the images currently enjoyed on Patreon.

As for Volume 2: It’ll start releasing starting 11/1/2018.

Thank you so much for all of your Patreon support. Although I’m at the limit of what I can manage as a writer (3 books at a time is about it), I will still try to pay it forward to you guys for your support. I plan to use some of the money to start other projects, which may include comic strips and a volume of a  manga.