World of Women – Volume 2 – PDF Announcement (V3 Announcement)

This is the official announcement for World of Women Volume 2 PDF.

The final public chapter is released on 4/30/2019. I plan to release WoW V2 PDF on 5/7/2019, one week later. This will include WoW edited, formatted, and with four bonus chapters (the three commissioned chapters that are patreon-only, and a chapter I will be releasing patreon-only this week) that’s 4 chapters a non-patreon supporter can only access through the pdf.

Then, WoW will start back up on 5/12/2019. That’s right, Volume 3 is starting sooner than you expected. Yay for peer pressure!

Now… here’s where things get a little spoopy.

Now that NTR Crush is out, I’ve been preparing the WoW PDF, but I’ve noticed a bit of an occurrence of late. A large quantity of Patreon supporters have been dropping (more than 50 in the last 4 weeks), many claiming they’ll come back when WoW returns. So people want V3, and they’re not willing to support the comic, the illustrations, the editing of V2, or yes, the bonus chapters.

I was writing five bonus chapters of content that would be in the pdf that $5+ Patreon supporters would have access to. However, since people have been leaving Patreon and telling me they wont return until V3 is out, I’m getting the message that those bonus chapters are not valued by my Patreon supporters. I don’t see any reason to waste 20 hours of my life writing bonus chapters that no one wants written. It’s like the “alternative ending” situation all over again.

So, there are new tier goals on my Patreon. I’ve written one bonus chapter. plus the commissioned chapters. If my account is $1600 by the end of this month, I’ll write two. $1650, three. $1700. Four. $1750. Five. And naturally, $1800 has always been the goal which ensures WoW releases immediately. If these chapter goals are not reached come the end of the month, they will not end up in the PDF, and I will write the story without them, for better or worst. Bonus chapters were always exactly that, a bonus, and a pretty extravagant one at that.

So this way, I don’t feel like I’m doing a bunch of work for nothing, and you guys can directly control how much content you end up receiving in the novel you want to support. I feel it is more than fair, considering I already have 4 “extra” chapters, and WoW V2 was also quite a bit longer than V1 overall, meaning all editing and formatting is a significantly longer and more complicated process.

I’m well aware I have 300+ supporters. You guys are incredibly awesome, and I’m trying to create content all the time to thank you for your continued support. Please understand that I have supporters who want WoW, others want NTR, others want Enslaved, others want TOAE, and so on… and so forth… so when I have a giant efflux of people all muttering about WoW not being released this month, this tells me what I’m doing with WoW isn’t working, and what I was doing with WoW was producing five bonus chapters on top of the pdf. I still have every intention of completing the pdf and even having bonus content, but there are limits to everything. If a bunch of WoW “supporters” don’t want to support WoW, then WoW isn’t going to be supported by my time either.

For everyone who does support, you guys are great. I’m going to keep producing content, keep moving forward. WoW is no way in jeopardy of being cancelled or anything like that. This isn’t some move I’m making to be vindictive or punish people. I’m just trying to approach it logically. I did the 5 bonus chapters between V1 and V2 because an extreme surge of support, and replicating the same thing without the support just isn’t going to happen. My time is too precious for that. Thanks again!



P.S. For my $1 donators, I know I’ve been leaning heavily on $5+ bonuses lately and it perhaps hasn’t been fair to you guys. Enslaved will drop the third chapter to the $1 tier next week, and will be available from then on one chapter a week. NTR Crush will also build up 2 $5 chapters and then similarly release for $1. So, $5 supporters will see NTR Crush on Tuesday, and $1 supporters will see their first chapter on the 29th. Neither Enslaved nor NTR Crush will release ANY chapters publicly until their respective volumes finish. WoW will likely be released in the same way.