X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 100

My aunt from overseas decided to come over and live with my family for a month with her 5yr old son. And with only an abrupt notice, I was told to vacate my room out for her and her child to stay. Since my pc was in my room, I basically couldn’t touch it for that period of time. Plus, her kid needs so much attention that I had my hands basically tied behind my back for a month :'(


Anyway, everything’s back to normal now that I’ve got my room back to yay!

(I do realize that I suck at keeping promises, but life’s kinda hectic for me and I’m a fucking potato so either I use insufficient methods to fix problems or I just dunno how to fix them entirely so I won’t make them anymore. But please do remember that I will not abandon this TL unless I officially announce it)


Chapter 100 is finally out guys!!! Soz for the delayssss (plz dont be too hard on me)