X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 67


Chapter 67

「Ncu♡ Nbu ♡ Nbonbo ♡ Jujujujuju ♡ JuzoJuzo♡ Juzozozozo♡」

Burying her face in my crotch, Marina shakes her head crazily while making obscene sounds.
Huge amounts of saliva along with the soft but tight meat wall wraps the glans and entwines with the tongue. Being attacked violently in that state is unbearable.
If I didn’t know Yuka’s fellatio, I would’ve been done.
This is far different from Yuka’s technique. Compared to Yuka, Marina’s technique is still bad.

「Juzojuzo♡ Puhaa ♡ Rerorero ♡ Chuchu ♡ Muchu ♡ Nbu ♡ Juppo juppo juppo juppo ♡」

Holding my glans deep in her mouth, Marina desperately shakes her head, when she takes out the glans, she carefully licks it with her tongue, sucks it with her lips carefully then takes the glans inside her head again, then shakes her head violently.
The technique isn’t a match but the pleasure is beyond that.
The pleasure obtained from stimulating the penis deprives of my thought then turns my head pure-white.
Just being driven by the desire to let it out, it’s impossible to resist.
That should be the case and yet, Marina’s fellatio feels something different from impulsive desire.

Pleasure, is that the right word?

Even though I’m being driven by the intense desire to let out my desires, I want to stay feeling this pleasure forever, I certainly feel the calm emotion that counters the urge spreading.


The shivering pleasure spreads from my glans to my crotch through the pole, I unintentionally let out a voice.
There’s an impulsive desire to ejaculate but there’s the relief countering it. I want to feel this contradicting pleasure forever but if this going on, I will ejaculate.
Even though I have have the energy and lust, I was exhausted that I’m not even bothered to move a single finger. I feel like I want to sleep after ejaculating.


Calling out her name, Marina who’s indulging herself in shaking her head has stopped then looks up at me while holding my glans in her mouth.
If I want to ejaculate then I’ll pour it in her womb But before that, I will thoroughly enjoy Marina’s indecent body to my heart’s content.

「Get up on the bed and sit」
「Jupon ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Y-Yes ♡」

Listening to my order, Marina spit out my glans then nodded while breathing roughly.
Her eyes is so moist as if she’ll begin to cry any moment, her skin’s flushed as if she had a long bath.
A female swallowed by the whirlpool of pleasure is there.
Although she was worried about my physical condition, because she suddenly sucked my dick, her pussy wanted it so much that nothing else is in her head but that.
Marina tries to stand up in a hurry but her knees gave in and she sat on the floor.
It seems that she’s unable to stand after sucking my dick.
Marina’s sitting with her knees on the floor.
I can see her pink slit at the end of both her knees. Lewd viscous liquid overflows from her slit.
I can use my ability to ogle at Marina’s pussy until the inside, but since I have my ability cancelled, I have no choice but to check it with my naked eye. And I know what’s happening to Marina’s pussy right now.
It’s dripping out love nectar sloppily. You want my dick that much?

「Marina, hurry up and sit on the bed」
「Y-Yes ♡ I’m sorry ♡」

Looking down on Marina who fell on the floor and ordered her again, Marina apologized and desperately tries to stand up. But, the ass she lifted fell to the floor.
Marina lifts her ass while trembling. But, her ass drops on the floor again.

「You can’t stand up?」

I ask Marina who can’t stand up.

「I-I will♡」

Answering to my orders, Marina say that while desperately standing up but still, she can’t stand up

「It can’t be helped」

Saying that, I stood up and squat down next to Marina.

「I-I’m sorry」

Marina’s apologizing with a fawning voice while she’s about to cry. I look and laugh at Marina then I stretch my left hand over Marina’s shoulder.
She thinks that I’m going to support her. Showing no doubts at all, she entrusts her body to me while showing a bashfull smile.
Hey hey, who do you think I am? I’m not a decent human who will escort you kindly you know?

「Hii ♡」

Marina twitched then raised a sweet scream
My hand stretched out not for Marina’s shoulder but to the pointed nipple on top of her huge bulge.

「U-Uhm ♡ Uhm ♡」

Marina who’s nipples are pinched has her face turned burning red then she raised out a loud confused voice.
I smile at Marina then stretched my hand on Marina’s crotch. Then, I align my middle and ring finger and slip it to her lewd meat hole dripping with love nectar.

「Ihiiii ♡」

Marina clamps her pussy, raised a sweet scream and twitches.

「Here, I’m helping you so stand up」

I tell the twitching Marina then pull the right nipple pinched by my left fingers then pushed my middle finger and ring finger all the way to the back of her pussy and then I pull her up.

「Nhiii♡ Ahiii ♡」

Marina who’s nipples are pulled and her pussy is lifted up with two fingers, she’s holding my hands, gradually rising up while convulsing.

「Cumming ♡」

Marina raised a sweet scream while half-standing then she spout out a tide. Then she fell down to her knees.
Marina’s body is falling. But because I’m pulling her nipple and my fingers are in her pussy, Marina’s body can’t fall. But, because her knees fell down, Marina’s body is trying to fall down. Supporting all of her weight is her pussy being pierced by fingers and her nipple pulled up.


Marina twitches violently as she scream sweetly while squirting a tide, is trying to stand up somehow. But, her knees are trembling and she can’t put power on it.

「Hey, do your best, do your best」

Speaking to her as if it’s someone else’s problem, I lifted Marina with my both hands. In other words, it means that I’m pulling up her nipples and the finger inserted to her meat hole to the root.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ It feels goooooooooooood ♡」

Marina who’s nipples are pulled to the limit and her pussy pierced by the fingers screams in pleasure while her eyes turn white.
She completely forgot her purpose of standing up and she’s completely swallowed by the large whirlpool of surging pleasure.
Moving Marina, I lay her on top of the bed then pulled out my fingers from her pussy and nipples.
Her pinched nipples is painfully erect and the fingers pulled out from her pussy is covered in lewd mucous and draws an obscene string.
The meat hold wriggling and dripping love nectar is completely ripe until the deepest of the depths and there’s no problem sticking my dick in anymore.
Hey hey, even though we just started, isn’t this too fast for you to be done?

「Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡」

Marina who’s lying down on top of the bed is breathing roughly, twitching, and occasionally squirting.
Marina who had the fingers pulled out from her nipples and pussy remembers my order then she squirms though her breathing is rough and she’s twitching.
She tries to sit down on the bed.
Mana’s meat hold has transformed moving. Her love nectar is squirting out? Was the inside of her vagina pressured?
Looking at Marina, my dick pulsating with thick blood vessels on the surface has pre-cum overflowing from the urethra, appealing to enter a pussy faster.
I’m attacked by the desire to put my dick inside her dripping wet meat hole but, I endure the urge.
Not yet. I want to tease Marina more. I’ll make her ahegao a lot before she says she wants my penis. And when her pussy’s at the limit, I’ll thrust in my dick mercilessly and violate her. Then I will pour my semen inside Marina’s womb who has become dumb from cumming too much.
Enduring the urge to thrust my dick in immediately inside Marina’s wet pussy, I look at her actions.
Marina who’s on all fours trembling tries to raise her body kneeling then sits down on the bed. Then, she show me her pussy by spreading her knees to the limit.
I’ve ordered her to sit like that on the bed but I didn’t order her to spread her legs yet. I haven’t, but I intended to order her.
In other words, this isn’t a selfish behavior but a wise judgement, she reads ahead.
I have to reward clever bitches.
Grinning as I thought of that, I squat down in front of Marina who’s spreading her legs. Then, I stare straight at Marina.
Her enchanted maroon eyes and saliva dripping from the end of her pink colored lips. Her sweet breath is reaching my face.

「Marina, give me a handjob」

Marina raised a stupid voice from my order.

「I’m telling you to stroke my dick with your hand」
「Eh? Ah, Y-yes」

When I order Marina clearly as she can’t understand, Marina responds in panic then gently grasps my dick with her right hand.
She must’ve thought she can have my dick in her pussy. And yet, I ordered her to do handjob, Marina looks a bit disappointed but she tightens her expressions and begins treating my dick.
Don’t worry. I will properly play with you.
Muttering in secret, I stretch my hands to Marina’s chest. Then I push both her breasts with my index fingers.

「Ahn ♡」

Marina trembled and raised a sweet voice, she has stopped moving her right hand.

「Don’t stop moving your hand」
「I-I’m sorry ♡」

Marina trembled from my words again then she resumes her handjob in panic while apologizing.

「Listen? Don’t stop moving your hands whatever happens?」

I order Marina while having both of my index fingers are drawing an arc in her areolas.

「U-Uhm ♡ That ♡ Y-Yes ♡」

Marina who’s shaken as I trace her areolas with my fingers has replied with a nod while stroking my dick.

She can’t stop the handjob whatever happens.

That order is equal to saying that I will be doing various things starting now.
Marina should know that. Her nervousness is being transmitted. Andー

She’s expecting it.

I don’t need to use my ability, no, because I’m not using my ability, I can see through Marina’s thoughts.
Marina who’s spreading her legs wide to the limit is breathing roughly with her burning red face as she desperately strokes my dick. I trace Marina’s areola only.
Marina’s body is shaking up and down as she stroke my dick. The movement and vibration shakes her huge tits, my fingertips seems to hit her nipple but I trace only her areola paying attention not to hit it on purpose.
However, her painfully erect nipple seems to be getting harder, it wants to be teased.

「Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡」

Marina strokes my finger while her huge breasts sways, she looks at me for a moment then twists her body faintly.
Due to that movement, her huge tits swayed sideways. The fingertips tracing her areola will hit her nipple as a result. But, I anticipated that so I avoided her nipple magnificently.

「Uu ♡」

Marina raised a sweet groan
Having her areola only played with, feeling the desire to have her nipple teased, Marina twists her body sideways unable to endure it. In other words, she’s trying to hit her nipples with my fingers. But, I avoided it wonderfully.
Marina loves her nipple teased. Especially her left nipple that’s so weak she’ll cum by just being played with. And yet, having only her areola teased, she’s being tortured as her nipples aren’t touched at all.
Marina’s drooling, unable to bear it, she twists her body multiple times while stroking my dick.
Her breasts sway arbitrarily and her movement became irregular.
Marina’s trying to make my finger hit her nipples somehow. And I’m evading it incredibly.
We stare at each other, a silent battle is unfolding.
And the one who gave in firstー.

「P-Please tease my nipples ♡ Also, please let me suck your dick ♡」

Obviously, Marina.
Marina begs to have her nipple teased or suck my dick if that doesn’t work.
I can understand that she wants her nipple to be teased but why do you want to suck my dick?
Does Marina love fellatio? I never knew.
Sucking dicks is dirty no matter how much you think of it. But, I thought that she’s sucking me because I’m ordering her, who’d thought that she likes it.

「P-Pleash ♡ I want to have my nipples teased ♡ Else, let me suck your dick ♡」

Continuing to stroke my dick, Marina desperately begs while twisting her body, shaking her breasts sideways.
Marina’s pussy proves that she’s not lying.
Sitting down with her legs spread out wide, her pussy’s visible. There’s lewd love nectar dripping out of her pussy.
It’s dripping with love nectar from her delusion of having her nipples played with, sucking my cock and the pleasure obtained from it. It’s not something like an act.
It can’t be helped. It’s about time I give her the D.

「Marina, get on all fours」

I stop tracing her areola and ordered Marina.
Teasing only her areola, without touching her nipple even once and sucking my cock, Marina clenched her teeth in agony but she put her hands on the bed without making any resistance. Then, she’s on all fours

「Well done」

Patting marina’s head as she obediently get on all fours, Marina’s agonized expression turned to a smile.
I stand up while having such thoughts, I went behind Marina and kneeled in front of her big ass.
Her clitoris is hard erect, her dripping wet meat hole is wriggling.
I grabbed my pulsating dick bending backwards, lowered the glans to the opening of her meat hole.

「Nku ♡」

With the glans touching her meat hole, Marina trembles and leak a sweet moan.
The tip of my glans presses against her meat hole then I grabbed Marina’s ass with both hands, I pushed my waist forward.

「Nhiii ♡」

The glans pushed inside her meat hole then Marina cramped and raised a sweet scream.
In addition, I only pushed my glans lightly and I pushed my glans only inside the meat hole.
Fuu, it’s a good, tight, hot and wet pussy.
Yuka’s pussy feels better but Marina’s pussy is calming, or rather, it’s fitting.
Enjoying the taste of her meat hole for a while, I endure the impulse of pushing my dick up to the root and pulled out my glans.


She definitely thought I’ll push it all the way in. But because I pull it out, Marina raised a sweet and sad groan.
I pushed my glans only again to her flesh while looking at Marina’s ass and back.

「Kuhi ♡」

Marina convulsed. Looking down on Marina, I pull out my glans.

「Uuu ♡ Uuuu ♡」

Even though the glans is just coming in, it already ends. The desire to be pierced deeply is never satisfied as I pull my glans out.
Now then, how long can she endure?

「P-Put it in ♡ Put it in deep inside ♡ Please ♡ Please pierce me deep, then poke me violently inside ♡」

Just when I was thinking of how long can she endure it, Marina pleads with a sweet voice as her heart broke immediately.
Even though I thought she can endure it for a bit longer.
It’s boring if she can’t hold it. It’s boring if she breaks easily. That should be the case but Marina’s my partner, if’s Marina so I’m laughing.
Well, it can’t be helped if she breaks. If she begs that muchー

「Marina, go back to sitting. Then spread your legs and put your hands behind your head.

Pushing only the glans against the entrance of her meat hole, I instructed Marina.

「P-Please put it in ♡ Just like that ♡ Deep inside ♡」

Even though I’m ordering her, Marina ignores my order and pulls her waist behind while she’s on all fours, she’s trying to forcibly put the dick deeper inside her meat hole.


I pull out my waist and slapped Marina’s ass while scolding her.

「I want to be pierced ♡ I want to be pounded ♡ I want to be deeply and strongly pierced ♡ I want to be pierced violently again and again ♡」

Even though I pull my waist and slapped her ass, Marina seeks my waist instead of repenting, trying to put my dick deep inside her by pushing her ass.
It’s a grave offence to disobey. I have to punish her.
Thinking so, I pull my waist and made a ring with my middle finger and thumb. Then, I accumulated power then aimed at Marina’s clitoris on her crotch that’s wet with love nectar. Thenー.

Releasing the accumulated force, my middle finger flicked her clitoris.


Marina who had her clitoris flicked raised her upper body with a sweet scream, then spouted out tides while convulsing abnormally.

「I’ll order you again. Marina, go back to sitting. Open your legs and put your hands behind your head」

Marina’s ignoring my orders earlier but she woke up from having her clitoris flicked, she goes back to sitting as I ordered while pissing and convulsing. Then, she put her hands behind her and opened her legs wide.
It’s an M posture with her hands held behind.
Having ignored my order once, Marina tries to recover by receiving my punishment, then obeys my order.

「Okay, you’re a girl that can do it if she tries」

Saying that, I pat Marina’s head then she laughed happily.
What an easy girl.
I moved in front of Marina while thinking that.

「Marina, raise your waist」

Kneeling in front of Marina, I ordered her. Following my order, Marina lifts her waist.
I grabbed my dick, pushed the tip of the glans on the entrance of her pussy when she raised her waist. Thenー.


The glans pushed the meat hole inside then Marina raised a sweet beastly scream while convulsing.
My dick’s inside her pussy but of course, it’s just the glans.
Marina’s holding her hands behind and lifts her waist in an M posture. Only the glans is inside Marina’s pussy in that state then I grabbed her tits with my hands.

Now then, let’s begin our investigation.

The current me has the ability lifted so I can’t see Marina’s weak points. But, I understand almost Marina’s weak points after embracing her over and over again.

That’s right, almost. I know the rough location of her weak points but I can’t see it. Therefore I should investigate this slowly and carefully from now on.

Bending forward in the state where only the glans is inside her pussy, I pull up her breasts. I take out my tongue and stimulated her right nipple with my tongue.


Having her big tits grabbed and lifted up and only her right nipple is stimulated by my tongue, Marina twitches and raise a sweet and pained voice, and then tightened her meat hole.
Clenching her teeth while drooling saliva, Marina desperately keeps her position while her body is flushed like burning flame.
Observing Marina, I suck her nipple in my mouth then bite the hard nipples with my teeth, then suck it and kiss it with my lips.

「Hahi ♡ Hyaa ♡ Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡ 」

Attacking only her right nipple, Marina raises a sweet and sorrowed scream, her meat hole tightens every time I bite her nipple.
It looks like it feels quite good but her right nipple isn’t just good enough.
Well, I know that.
But, she might cum if I tease her a bit more.
Thinking so, I continue to keep playing with only her right nipple as I observe her.

「Ahyaaaaa ♡ Noo ♡ kihii ♡ nkuuuuuuuuuuu♡」

Marina’s feeling quite the pleasure but that’s why she’s feeling painful. Marina’s sweet and sorrowful scream echoes in the room.
And, her left nipple that’s not being teased at all is much more erect than the right.
Even though she’ll cum from teasing her left, it’s frustrating that only the right is being played with.
It’s exactly like a dog who’s ordered to wait with the food placed in front of it.
Even though they can immediately bite the food, the bitch has to wait for the master’s permission.
If it’s just a mongrel then they won’t feel that hard but unfortunately, this one’s a faithful dog. Though she sometimes rebel, she’s a faithful dog that will endure firmly.
Taking her right nipple out of my mouth, I knead the erect nipple covered in saliva with my fingers. Then I lightly draw an arc with my fingertips around her left areola.

「Aah ♡ Aaah ♡ Aahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡」

Marina bends her back, stick out her huge tits and screams sweet and sorrowfully.
Her meat hole tightens the more I tease her. Furthermore, her love nectar is overflowing endlessly, and because it’s tightly wriggling, my dick is being dragged in out of my control.
Taking care that only my glans is inside and it won’t go further, I knead her right nipple with my fingers and continue to trace her left areola.

「Ahaa ♡ Kihiii ♡ Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii♡」

Marina who’s bending her body shaking her tits clenches her teeth as she looks up the ceiling, spewing out abnormal amount of sweat from her whole body.
The pleasure hell that would make her cum to insanity is never thought as a hell that would just stop before she cums.
Marina’s desire should be reaching the peak soon.
Then, next would be making her taste the pleasure hell of cumming without end.
Thinking so, I pinched the untouched left nipple with my fingers. At the same time, I lower my hand that was playing with her right nipple and rubbed her erect clitoris with my thumb. Pulling her left nipple further enough to be torn, her waist reacts violently.

「Kahyuu ♡」

The dick crawls all the way inside in one stroke, and feeling a strong pierce to her uterus, Marina trembled and exhaled.

Go and fly to the sky.

I rub her clitoris and belly with my hand while pulling her left nipple to the limit, then I began swinging my waist vigorously.


Marina who had her accumulated frustration explode at once roared like a mad beast then squirts a tide while abnormally twitching. She tries to maintain her posture even she’s at that state, there’s nothing to say but as expected of her.
The intense watery sound gushes out as I scoop out her uterus.
I really want to pierce her weak points in her pussy but I can’t figure out the exact position without my ability.
The weak points in the pussy is a small dot like a needle hole.
But, any more than thatー

「It’s a good pussy! Marina’s pussy is the best!」

Pulling her left nipple to the limit as I rub her clitoris like crazy, I do not have the room to find the weak point as I swing my waist violently.
Wet, tight, and sloppy, her pussy’s sucking me amazingly.
My dick’s being clamped too much that it might break but the deformed cock of mine is sucked in the gap and it creates a tremendous resistance every time I try to pull out. However, contradicting it is the amazing amount of love nectar taken in and out.
In other words, this is unbearably pleasurable.

「Cummming ♡ Cumcumcumcumiiiing ♡ Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo♡」

Convulsing abnormally, squirting out tides, Marina’s making an ahegao, sticking out her tongue with her eyes whited out.
Making such a sloppy ahegao, it arouses me.

「You pussy! This pussy! You’re a tits pussy! Having such a good tits and pussy! Your position is just a pussy and tits I don’t get bored easily!」

Abusing Marina, I swing my waist in ecstasy, piercing her womb recklessly.
When I use my ability, I think of giving priority on attacking her weak points. I just noticed it now. I noticed for the first time that I’m doing nothing but indulge in pleasure.
Without using my ability, I feel I’m embracing “Marina” for the first time.


The emotions exceeds the limits and changed to the desire to ejaculate, and it bursts out immediately


Pushing my dick to the limit and piercing her uterus, Marina raises a beastly scream in pleasure then twitched.
The pleasure runs up my urethra then I released my semen vigorously to her womb.
The pleasure burns the brain like an electric current, the released semen pours in her womb.
Grabbing her huge tits with both of my hands, I just tremble in pleasure.
Marina is also trembling.

After the lingering pleasures has passed, I stole Marina’s lips.
Sitting over my crotch, Marina and I face each other, she’s coiling her hands behind my neck even though her eyes are white, she’s embracing me tightly. Then, she push her tongue in my mouth.
Her big tits push against me and our tongues twine.
Both of are are sweaty but this sweat will cool down our boiling hot body. That’s also very comfortable.
The softness of being embraced my Marina.
Twining our tongues crazily, hugging each other in ecstasy, am I pushing it up or could it be that Marina’s swinging her waist? Before we noticed, our dicks and pussy are rubbing violently.
Then, we pressed our lips together and twine our tongues, we devour each other greedily.
We just eat each other like beasts piling up.