Hey guys important announcement!


As promised today starts the beginning of advance chapters available on Patreon! From right now you can access up to 10 advance chapters per novel on my Patreon! However right now I’m still a little short on having 10 advance chapters available for every novel, so this week there won’t be any more releases because I need to finish and make sure all the chapters are available for my Patrons, so I hope you understand.


However, I will make up for the chapters I won’t be releasing this week in the form of a mass release next week. The total chapters I will be releasing next week will consist of Evil Prophet – 4 Chapters, NTR System – 4 Chapters, Sex Online – 4 Chapters. This is because along with the beginning of this month as promised I have increased my weekly release rate, so there will be a total of 2 Chapters per Novel every Week!