YAYD Update

Hey readers!




This post is to let you know about 4 things.


1. I will be releasing my new novel Sex Online!

Sex Online is simple terms is VRMMORPG + SEX

Hope you enjoy it!



2. I won’t be releasing any new novels till I’m done with my current novels.

And starting from next month I will be increasing the release rate of my all my novels to 2 chapters/week!



3. As thanks to Michael who donated 75$ to me on Ko-fi in the name of Evil Prophet, I will be releasing 7 bonus chapters of Evil Prophet this week!

Thank You for the support Michael!



4. I’m discontinuing my novels International Sex Slave Law, and Lesbian Society. I might pick them back up, but that won’t happen anytime soon. I’m doing this so that I can properly focus on Evil Prophet, NTR Sysytem, and Sex Online.



P.S – The place where I’m at right now has a very bad internet connection, so I’m unable to properly post the chapters. So it might take a while for all of them to get released.