Chapter 1

Where am I?

I suddenly woke up but even though I say I woke up, I don’t know if my eyes are really open or not. I mean, I am dead, right…?

The surrounding was dark; too dark that it felt like I was in the center of the abyss.  It felt cold yet somehow warm. Well, at least this one is warm… And dark and solid but for some reason I feel safe and loved… Weird… While I’m thinking that I feel something behind me and when I turn around it’s some kind of light guess it’s time huh.

I “walked” towards it. I can hear a baby crying, and as I get closer it gets louder and louder almost like it’s coming from—


My mouth?! Why am I screaming like a baby? What the hell?! Where am I?!  I was abruptly taken out of darkness, immediately hit by a bright light that blinded me. It’s so bright!! AH! My eyes!

“Congratulations! It’s a cute and healthy boy”…did I hear that right…. I feel pretty cold right now and what is this smell? Blood?

Whoa…It feels like somebody just picked me up.

Although my hearing was a bit distorted, I could still understand what was just said. Boy? What are you talking about?

I open my eyes to see the silhouette of a woman. It looks so hazy here; maybe because the sudden brightness hit my eyes… Then I felt my eyes adjust to the brightness, the first thing I saw once my vision cleared was a giant with a heavenly face. I looked up, stupefied, as I saw a very beautiful giant woman covered in sweat and panting, leaning down to stare at me lovingly. She looked a bit tired like she’d just gone through severe physical exertion, yet she was smiling very affectionately at me.

“……He is so cute…” Even though she was visibly exhausted, the woman spoke softly as she kept smiling at me.

This beautiful giant would be a beautiful young woman. She has golden hair and was currently gazing at me with her beautiful green eyes. Her eyes filled with love and care as if she was holding the most precious treasure in the entire world. A Goddess! A real Goddess! I have met real goddess here!

But who the heck is this woman?! Why is she holding me like this and smiling like that?! Then I noticed, beside her was a man with black hair, showing me a small stiff smile. A strong wild looking man yet somehow, he has a gentle aura around him. His muscles are amazing. He leaned down to stroke my chin.

“Look at him, Dear! He’s so beautiful.” The woman looked at the man, lovingly.

“Of course he is! He is my boy! Ah, hey! LOOK! He has my eyes!” The man said with a smile.

“I’m sure he does, dear.”

Hearing their conversation… I realized something like I was struck by lightning.

To confirm my fear, I tried to move my body, but it wasn’t responding well. My limbs wouldn’t work properly. For some reason, my hands and legs felt really weird, like they were weighed down and truncated somehow. There was no strength in my limbs.

Oh shit… Don’t tell me… it has actually happened!?

With a dreadful realization, I understood what had happened…  Knowing the answer… I panicked.

I stop calling them giants… cause, in this situation even an idiot would realize! There is no other way to explain this other than that!

Yeah, only “that”… there are no other explanations! I was….Yeah…

I was a baby.

For some reason, I had been reborn…no, I had been reincarnated into the body of a baby. My memories remained intact, but my previous body was gone because it became the monsters’ food. And instead of going to hell, I have been given a new shell. Give me a break! first I was thrown into a typical isekai premise where I was transported into another world, and now the Gods decide to throw me into a clichéd reincarnation situation!!!

That’s not funny!

I focused my eyes back to my new mother. The woman began cooing to me, humming a lullaby when she saw how wide my eyes were, and how horrified I looked.

“Don’t cry, dear. Hush…mommy’s here.” The woman comforted me.

Uh…no, that’s not the issue here. Woman, you have no idea what I am feeling right now!!

Maybe she noticed I was looking at her because she smiled. A smile so gentle, as if angels are descending from heaven. But damn! I’m glad she’s my mother! I am a lucky cute little baby to have a very beautiful mother!!

“Now then what are we gonna call you, little guy?”

This guy is grinning like an idiot. Who the hell are you?

“Geez, Dear, didn’t we already decided his name? Are you forgetting about it already” ” said my mother in a somewhat angry tone.

Judging by their intimate actions and words, the man must be my father. I was too late to notice…

“AH, right, Sorry Marianne, I’m just so excited.” My father replied to my mother in an apologetic tone.

Marianne, my mother just put a lovely smile.

She brings me in close, tears in her eyes, her smile was warm as she kissed my forehead affectionately and whispers softly.

“Well, then… oh my baby… from now on… You are Lucas, Lucas Weisberg!”

“Nice to meet you, Lucas!”


A month passed quickly since I was reborn to this world.

Well, there’s not much one can do in their first month of life. Not to mention that with or without my consent, my body was set into a rigid cycle of sleeping, eating, excreting, etc.

Since I was mentally mature, I didn’t cry often. It must’ve been quite a shock to my parents. But it just temporary shock, my parents properly took care of me, and the home life gave off a very happy impression.

Ok, let’s discuss something here…

I was reincarnated… the question is Why? Why was I reborn again? Just what is my purpose in being here?  Was it God’s doing? Did the God of this world take pity on me and granted me a second chance? Perhaps this was what people from my world call entering the cycle of reincarnation? Was I, or will I be part of a grand scheme or something?

Ugh, the more I was thinking about this… the more questions popped out. Very frustrating! There’s no real purpose in pondering these questions. Once I stopped thinking about ‘why’, I began thinking about my current situation.

Well, I guess I just need to take my time to learn everything in leisure as I can’t do much in this state, so I’ll have to wait till I can speak properly. Till then I’ll gather as much information I can through observation alone. And I have made my observation right on the spot!

I look around the room full of different kinds of toys and dolls. I have a small baby bed made of wood. It is pretty fancy though. It also has some gold cravings at the front. I wonder if I was born into a rich family?

And it looks like this world has electricity or at least some kind of equivalent. The lighting in our house appeared to be artificial. I spent hours observing the light from my crib, and I’m now one hundred percent confident in my conclusion. This idea was further confirmed as I saw devices that resembled modern household appliances from my first life. I even saw something that looked like a television.

Wherever I’ve ended up, I think it might be similar to modern earth. One of the times I was carried around the house, I swear I saw what looked like a futuristic looking gun. Definitely not something from Earth.

Without much to do, I passed time by thinking and playing with various tangents like this. Man, being a baby, this was the only thing I could do. I can’t do anything at all besides sleeping and being pampered by my parents. At least my parents don’t have to suffer much from me crying at impossible hours.

“AI..AI..AU!”  I tried making noise.

I learned that when I’m hungry, all I need to do is making noise in my cradle. Oh, being a baby is good and convenient.

“Ara, My cute little boy is hungry.” Mom’s giggle can be heard nearby.

My new MILF, ahem, I mean my new MOM was here. She’s always stayed with me and never leaves me alone for long. However, for my father I rarely see him during the day, he always leaves early in the morning and returns at night. I wonder what his work is. Whatever job he has, I hoped he doesn’t force himself.

Anyway, let’s get back to my mom. When I wake up, she makes all kinds of cooing sounds and funny faces, some of which even managed to make me laugh.  But when Marianne-san gets closer to me a little more, I inadvertently avoid eye contact.

Man, what the hell am I doing?

I feel so awkward whenever I feel her gaze. Especially when she is too close!  I mean, she is too beautiful to be my mom. Sure, I did say I was the luckiest baby for having a beautiful woman like her as my mother… But this is too much for me! Wait, I think I should call her girl instead of a woman!  I’m not really comparing, but… My mother back from Earth was a middle-aged aunty and very plain. What? I’m being honest here. So suddenly having a seventeen years old woman as my mother, I can’t really see this girl as my mother. It’s just too hard to consider her as my mom. Having a beautiful woman as your mother is really unpleasant in my part. Especially her boobs are huge! This is too much stimulation for a boy who died as a virgin with unreleased high sex drive! Man, what kind of torture is this?!

Seventeen? Yes, Marianne-san was seventeen years old girl! I don’t know the details but apparently, my parents have shotgun marriage. I’m not buying. It was plain to see that they love each other, seriously they behave like one of those Baka couples you read about in manga and novel. And they are very active on their night activity getting to work on my new siblings.

“My cute boy, why you always turn away your face away whenever I come near you? I’m your mother you know, so you should properly look here.” Mom smiled as she looked into my eyes.

Yeah, I got it, Mommy. I will look properly at… at your massive boobs. As my mother came to my side to hold me up and sat on a chair, she started slowly unbuttoning her shirt. With the undoing of each button, I could see more and more of her massive breasts, which were covered by the black lace bra. Then her breasts were popping out of the bra.

Man, they are huge! I’m a baby and that’s why I can’t possibly live if I don’t suck on breasts, right?! Hehe…

Mom then grabbed her breast and directed her red erected nipple towards my mouth. Ugh, if I had my former body… I definitely would jump at her with my erection ready to dive inside her!

“It’s time to eat, my boy. Now latch onto your favorite breast and suck real good, ok?”

Erm, Mom? I think I’ve heard that word before… Mom, didn’t you just use it with Dad last night? But with that request, who am I kidding? I sucked for a few seconds until the milk started coming out. Man, this tasted so good and addicting. Her breast was so full and hard, that some of the milk dribbled down my chin.

“Luke-chan. Now you drink from mommy till all the milk is gone, OK?”

Yes, mommy! I could tell she was enjoying it too as she made a few small sounds. By the way, Luke is my nickname.

“Hmn…Luke-chan, today… you are so rough…”

Rough? How can I be rough when I’m still toothless? Well, I will just continue to suck her nipple. But being toothless has its own benefits! I can freely “bite” her!



Around half a year has passed and…

I am finally able to crawl! Crawling skill attained! What a very convenient skill! Being able to move is a wonderful thing. I have never felt so grateful for being able to move.

My mother is very surprised and starts crying happily. Seeing her like this, I use this skill on Mom. She is very happy to see me crawling toward her and raising my arms as if asking ‘carry me’. She snuggled me for quite some time. My father also wanted to hold me but he had to wait his turn, my mother was too busy cuddling and kissing me all day.

They enjoyed watching me move around on the ground and were even more surprised when I carefully climbed down the stairs. My mother wanted to carry me when I reached the stairs, but my father wanted to see what I would do. Don’t worry, they are good parents, their hands were close to me the whole time. But being able to move by myself doesn’t allow me to go anywhere else besides the bedroom and living room. My parents made sure of that. All the other doors are locked, when before they were slightly open sometimes. They are worried about my safety. But since I can’t carry out any exploration I have to find something else to do.

Alright, it’s time to be adventurous! I need to learn everything about this world!

With my newfound freedom and information gathering capabilities, I’ve further confirmed that this world has a lot of technology similar to that of modern Earth’s. The device I saw earlier was indeed a television, and I’ve spotted a refrigerator and electric stove in use.

As I keep crawling around the house, I saw my house’s library. I have been there once so I know. But I can’t enter. Well, even I can enter… I don’t think it will be useful as I still haven’t gotten a good grasp on this world’s written language. But I’m sure in that room. There a lot of the books have pictures, right?

I decided to resume my adventure.  Around me is a fairly well-furnished room with high-quality furniture and wooden walls. I guess our home was built out of wood. I think my house is similar to log-cabin or something?

When I finally managed to climb onto a chair and look out a window properly, I saw that there were other houses nearby. It also didn’t look like we had many visitors, which surprised me considering how small the settlement we were in appeared to be. The reason I had that impression was because the houses here are spaced rather closely together, and I’m pretty sure I could see a wall in the distance. All of this indicated that I was in some kind of protected settlement out in the countryside.

Well then, now that I’ve mapped out my home, and observed the area around the house. Now the only objective left is to finish learning the writing language, so I can begin forming more solid conclusions about my new life.

As I watched the outside world, I heard my parent conversation.

“Sometimes, our son acts as if he can understand us.”

“You’re just imagining things, dear.”

“Maybe. But he’s got some spark in his eyes. Maybe he’ll grow up to be like his mother?”

“I’m sure he will, dear, I’m sure he will.” My mother looked pleased with that statement.

Oh no, I have to be careful. My new parents are very observant. I certainly don’t want to draw attention to myself unnecessarily now. If I show them your typical cliché reincarnation protagonist, my new parents might start giving me special treatment or changing the way they’re raising me. I believe it’s best to grow up in a natural way. I want to avoid any unnecessary troubles. So, I continued onwards, determined to stay on top of things while being a proper child to my new family.

And so begins my new life in a new world as Lucas Weisberg.

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