Asuka Chapter 1

Heya, Pun here. I’d like to take a rest from FIT because it’s a fuckin’ femdom chapter, I can tollerate it but it will be slow, because I will watch some aphrodisiac JAVs. If someone can TL chap 39 – 471 I’d thank you, if not, I will still TL it, just a bit slower because I will distract myself with Emperor, Asuka, AC Black flag, Dota2….Is that all. Hmmmm. Oh right, and Thesis.

Here’s a teaser for another new nocturne novel to Translate.

Asuka of the Scarlet Sky ~ The Female Hero who Degraded to a Licentious and Wicked Person~

This is ranked 5 in nocturne on the 12 months ranking. Let’s see if this is good.

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  1. If you take a look at the raw titles, you’ll see why I don’t want to translate this chapters