Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The red haired girl (3)

「I’m going in」

Asuka firmly grasp both her hands in front of her chest. She closed her eyes and she’s trembling like a puppy
Yuuto watches that Asuka and held his waist out.


Asuka raised a small cry, Yuuto’s penis began to push Asuka open. The impact was felt on the tip, Yuuto instinctively raised his voice.

(It’s completely different from captain Risty!?)

Asuka’s secret place is wet, Yuuto stopped moving his waist. It’s just the tip.
Although it’s rude to compare, Yuuto recalls Risty’s anus. There’s no superior. It had a completely different kind of pleasure.

Calming down, Yuuto puts in his thirst. It’s his second time feeling pleasure. He had to endure at least until he deflowered Asuka, he can’t stand to apologize to the Asuka who’s giving him her first time.


Asuka’s voice carried anxiousness as Yuuto stopped his movement. ‘Is there something wrong?’, Asuka watches Yuuto with a teary face.

「It’s fine. …Sorry. It’s also my first time after all」

Yuuto told his mind then Asuka widened her eyes. Asuka is surprised and Yuuto scratched his cheek.

「First time? Wait, you and Sasha」
「Sasha only did it with her mouth. That, Asuka is the first one I’ll be putting it in the vagina」

Yuuto laughs bashfully, Asuka’s face dyed red suddenly. She turned the other way, however, her mouth suddenly gradually loosened.

「I-I see. I’m your first. …W-what. You should’ve said it in the beginnning」

Asuka’s cheeks loosen whatever she did, Yuuto bowed and apologized. Yuuto was glad that he said it. Asuka’s nervousness clearly decreased.

「Then, why did you stop your waist?」
「Uu. It felt too good」

Yuuto answered Asuka’s question like a punishment. Hearing that, Asuka smiled in satisfaction.

「Fufu. Hora, virgin-boy1 It’s Asuka-sama’s bodyー」
「Wai. …Geez. You got carried away immediately. 」

*GuiGui*, Asuka presenting herself forcefully, Yuuto squint his eyes as he was troubled. They equal with this, Asuka watched Yuuto smilingly.

「Come, Yuuto. My first time, Your first time. Let’s exchange」

Asuka smiles slowly.
That moment he saw that smile, he’s reached his limit. Yuuto jumped to Asuka with a dash.

「Ah, Aa, Aau」

Asuka raised a cry with the sense of something breaking. Asuka’s arm firmly coil Yuuto.

「Asuka-sama, Asuka-sama」
「Uu, Yuuto. Yuutoo」

Yuuto lost his control. *Jupo Jupo*, Asuka’s inside feels too good, it lovely invite the penis in.

「Ah! Nnn」

Asuka put power in her arm as there’s the pain of deflowering. However, thanks to the treasure tool he used to train everyday, above the stimulation, Asuka concentrates on Yuuto’s penis.

「Nn, Ah. Ah. No way, it feels good. It feels goooood!」

Although it’s her first time, the sweet feeling shook Asuka’s interior. She feels embarrassed but after seeing Yuuto move his waist desperately, Asuka firmly made an effort.

「It feels good? Yuuto, does my body feel good?」

She called out Yuuto close to his ears. Asuka’s sigh and voice, Yuuto’s back shook.

「Ah, Uwa. I-It feels good」
「I’m glad. Naa, Afu. Ah, Ah. I feel good too. Yuuto keeps on coming」

Separating her hand from Yuuto’s back, Asuka affixed her finger to her own chest slowly. While breathing rough, her breast and nipples are touched unconsciously.

「Fuaa. Aah, Uuu」

Asuka held her erect nipples with both of her hands, the sound of Yuuto gulping his saliva echoed. Asuka pulled her long nipples with her thumb and index finger, then she pinched it. *Kuni Kuni*, while Asuka crushes her own nipples, her vagina tightened.

Shutting her eyes, Asuka concentrating to the pleasure might be unconscious. Yuuto nearly spoke, but he endured it.

「Uuu, it’s entering. Yuuto’s thing is entering. Ah, aaaa」

The movement of Asuka’s finger gets even more violent. Asuka crushes her own nipple and areola strongly with her finger, Yuuto’s penis trembled.

「Ah, shi-. Uu , Ah, Asuka-sama」

He reached his limit. Was it transmitted to Asuka? Asuka clings to Yuuto once again. Turning the leg this time, she’s inviting Yuuto’s whole body.

「It’s fine. Come. Ah, Yuuto. Ah, Ahn, nnu」

The moment they called each other, Yuuto’s limit collapsed. Just like that, he released everything inside Asuka.

「Ah,, Hyu. It’s coming. N, Nnuuuu. Yuuto’s shooting it out.

Not letting Yuuto go, Asuka put force on her arm and legs firmly.

◆  ◆  ◆
「Uwa. A lot came out. This is your…」

The semen collected in the condom is seen, Asuka opened her mouth in interest. Understanding the amount he released after taking a look at it, Yuuto scratched his cheek bashfully.

「Still, are you okay with me?」

Asuka opnes her mouth, Yuuto asked without reason. Even if they did it now, as expected, doing it for the first time feels awkward. \

「It’s good in particular. I didn’t accept any person other than you」
「Haa. So it’s like that」

Yuuto sigh as Asuka laughs blankly. She didn’t mean anything bad with that, that’s Asuka’s misunderstanding.
The ninth place in the Hero rank that the kingdom boasts. \ The beautiful swordsman of the Scarlet Sky. She has no partner, should be none.

However, Remembering the thing about Risty, it might be hard to be an unattainable flower, Yuuto thought over. Also, ‘I’m okay giving it to you’, he was glad that it’s true.

(It feels goo but, …I don’t remember much)

Feeling a bit of regret, Yuuto watches the moon.

In the end, the first sex that he endured desperately ended. Asuka’s a bit satisfied, there’s only the memory of him enduring to ejaculate. Instead, it was pain accompanied with fatigue, Yuuto thought that it’s fine.

He was able to have sex with the girl he yearns for. For a man, there’s nothing more than this.

「By the way, Why did Asuka-sama aim to be a Hero?」

He wondered if they should talk. He just felt the topic come out just like that. The naked Asuka looks back to Yuuto’s question.

「The reason why I aim to be a hero. It’s simple, it’s because want to help」

Asuka opened her mouth as if recalling. Speaking of which, it’s his first time hearing Asuka’s reminiscence, Yuuto listened carefully to Asuka.

「When I was small, the village I’ve been living had been attacked by the demons. …It was cruel. Our family was lucky but a lot of people had been killed by the demons」

Yuuto opened his eyes in surprise from Asuka’s story. Yuuto’s eyebrows got closer in anxiousness from the unexpected past of Asuka. Asuka smiled and told Yuuto that is having such an expression that she’s fine.

「It’s not my village. It’s different from those protected by the country’s barrier, it’s a remote village, they don’t know when the demons attacked them. That time, I gave up. It’s the same disaster. Unable do to do anything against the demon attack」

Asuka’s tone in speaking is different. Looking straight to his eyes. her unforgettable memory, she’s able to recall it clearly.

「That came at that moment. A hero. …I don’t know the name. I have no way of knowing his hero rank. But you see, he has a mantle on his back but he doesn’t have weapons. He knocked down the demons with his bare hands in a flash」

Motionlessly, he watches Asuka. Listening up to now, Yuuto understood. The reason why Asuka aims to be a Hero.

「That’s amazing. You didn’t figure out who that was?」
「N, it’s fine. At first, I also thought of who that was. I wasn’t able to give my thanks. But, it’s fine. Somewhere, sometime, we’ll meet by chance. That’s fine」

Asuka is pure as she said that. He was fascinated instinctively, Yuuto thanked the Hero who’s name he doesn’t know.
Surely Asuka yearns for him as she aimed to be a hero. A hero that helps by dashing by himself, the small Asuka yearned for him.

「You see, I want to protect someone. That’s why, thank you. I’m really grateful to Yuuto」
「T-that’s not. …It’s because Asuka-sama is here」

Asuka loosened her cheeks and smiled, Yuuto looked down unconsciously.
Asuka probably wants to say that it’s thanks to Yuuto’s treasure tools. However, that’s wrong.

Because Asuka would like to help somebody, he’s able to entrust the treasure tool. He wants to tell her that. Yuuto was unable to move his lips well, he scratched his cheek.

「…Are you glad that you became a hero?」

He finally was able to say something, he said such words.
To that, Asuka laughed.

Asuka hugged Yuuto quietly. The temperature of the naked Asuka touches him, Yuuto’s pulse jolted.

「Un. I’m glad」

Hearing the gentle voice of Asuka, Yuuto scratched his cheek bashfully.


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