Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Treasury from the other world (3)

「Uwaa. A relaxing nice scenery」

When she opened the window, Asuka watched the landscape spread beyond with a smiling face.
Glancing beneath, a maid can be seen watering the flower bed diligently. A hardworking person who does all the house work by herself.

「Iyaa, As expected of Asuka-sama. Having a three floor stand-alone house with a garden. Even accompanied with a maid. Just by living in this house, I can’t express my gratitude in words」

An eloquent voice destroys the refreshing feeling of Asuka.

「W-what do you want to say?」

Asuka faced that direction with her cheeks twitching.

「No, no, I want to say something?! I’m merely a man of low birth that you can just set aside!」

While putting his foot on the table, Yuuto reads the newspaper without looking at Asuka.

Three months. Everyday was full of ups and downs after the day Yuuto met Asuka.

Frost dragon in the northern land. A true ancestor vampire in the country. A legendary old soldier rebelling against the kingdom.

Asuka made them vanish in one punch1

「A sacred sword that cuts anything. A deep crimson armor that repels anything. An armor that’s as light as a feather. Well, the only one who can manage that in the world is only Asuka-sama」

To Yuuto’s smile, Asuka unpleasantly let out a smile.

「Y-You. Still such a thing. …I-If you want to say something then say it!」

Asuka turned to Yuuto. Along with her trembling feet, she stood in front of Yuuto.

「Therefore, I’m not dissatisfied in Asuka. If I want to say something,
Then it’s thank you , it’s wonderful」

Asuka sent a frown on the smiling Yuuto that reads the newspaper.

Asuka already knows it. Though she feels guilt in some respects, Yuuto lend out his treasury and her military exploits piled up.

Reaching a point of being no return, Asuka sweats cold every day.

「Oh? This weeks hero ranking is here. Asuka, ninth place」
「N-ninth place!?」

To Yuuto’s report from the newspaper article, Asuka’s consciousness is almost blown off. Collapsing, Asuka’s right hand held the wall.

「I-I’m at the ninth place. I-In the hero ranking. Haha, hahaha…」

For some reason, it seems that she feels that everyday is just a bad dream, Asuka’s field of view turned limp and distorted. Yuuto peeped on that Asuka.

「Is ninth place so amazing?」
「It’s obviously amazing!! Do you know my rank before I met you!? 4807! It’s 4807!! Didn’t I just rise up nearly 5000 place?」

Yuuto looks adrift to the shouting Asuka. To the uninterested Yuuto, Asuka at her wits end.

「I who came to meet death in the border of the country. I who gave up the title of the hero. But now I’m residing in the imperial capital. F-furthermore. I-I entered the princess guards troops」

Yuuto enjoys his morning black tea time while looking at the Asuka whose trembling all over. This tea was the first tea she drank from this past month.

「But, for Asuka-sama to ignore the imperial guard officer. That Risty woman is irritating isn’t she? Should I kill her secretly?」
「W-what are you saying!! S-someone might hear you!!」

*Hiii*, Asuka looked around the surroundings. ‘What are you so afraid of?’, Yuuto was amazed this late.
Apparently it seems that Asuka’s heart is still not catching up.

「R-risty-sama is the fourth in hero rankings you know, Fourth!! Even if I tried to oppose her, I would be minced meat in a moment!!」

Asuka opens her mouth and she turns to Yuuto. It should be time for her to finally want credit.

「It’s okay. There’s no guy who can damage Asuka-sama. As for me, I’m hurt. Do you still not trust my armor?」
「I know that! I trust you more than anything in this world! But that’s not the probleeem!! I’m different from you who can take it out anytime, if I’m nude I’m just the same as a garbage existenceeee!!」

Yuuto drinks his tea as he understood the Asuka who shakes her ponytail. Yuuto’s ability also has a certain capacitance, he can lend out his treasury except for emergencies. Now that she mentioned it, Yuuto justified that it’s what make Asuka anxious.

Glance, *Fueee* Asuka looked at Yuuto with watery eyes2

「…Haa. I got it okay. If something happens to Asuka, I would be troubled. I will make self-defense armor」

Asuka faced Yuuto while sniffling, Yuuto chug down the tea. He hid his face on the newspaper and faked cough.

「…I-I can’t do it immediately. It’s different from a disposable treasure tool, this guy will step out the current boundaries, I have to be strict on the detail that I will imagine」
「Matsu Matsu3 I don’t understand it but I’ll look forward to it!… Ah, but. If it’s possible do it as soon as possible」

‘Yaay!’Asuka closed up to Yuuto and *Piki4 it entered Yuuto’s eyebrow. He doesn’t know why he’s irritated but Yuuto glared at Asuka.

「W-what? D-don’t get angry. I’m getting scared」

Asuka flinches and panics to the displeased face of Yuuto. Even though he knows what Asuka is trying to say, Yuuto still pondered for some reason.

「…For the time being, It’s okay with just defense right?」
「Yup Yup! It’s all okay!! The important part is defense, it’s important!!」

Yuuto was hit by an idea, he muttered to himself. In addition, Asuka nodded cheerfully.

「…What about the design? Do you want something?」
「It’s fine, anything is okay!! As long as it protects me it’s okay!!」

Seeing Yuuto do a good tactful act, Asuka says thanks with tears welling up. Seeing that he’s a simple guy, Yuuto gently wiped Asuka’s appearance with his sleeve.

「Yuuto. I, may have misunderstood you. You’re really a nice guy」
「What’s with you. I’m always a nice guy, I’m Asuka-sama’s ally」

Asuka smiled once again and thanked Yuuto.
Yuuto’s evil smile can’t be seen by Asuka as it was hidden in the shadow of the newspaper.
◆  ◆  ◆
「What’s this?」
「A ring. An anti-physics defense and also has an effect of anti-magic defense」

That night, Yuuto handed over two rings on Asuka’s palm.

「…I’m greatly thankful but, uhm. This is too small」

*Jii* Asuka looked at the ring curiously.
It’s too small to fit to the finger, Asuka looked up at Yuuto while having a bad feeling.

「Asuka-sama. I worked my hardest to make it」

In ther, is Yuuto who has his face smiling at Asuka.
His index finger poked her chest since earlier.

「By the way, it won’t have any effect if you put it in a different location. 」

‘Then this is all for me’ Yuuto turned back from Asuka. A gentle man shouldn’t stay any longer in a lady’s room.

「U-uhm. …Yuuto-san?」
「Oh, right. Tell me if the effect comes out bit by bit, since it has some added features. Well, I really worked so hard to make that treasure tool」

‘Well then’, *Patan* he closed the door gently.
「…Uu. This, I wonder if it’s good on the left or the right」

Thus, another treasure tool was born.
・・・ ・・・ ・・・

Sacred Utensil: Orth Linde Jicurn 5

Physical defense《Orth Linde》: S Magic Defense 《Jicurn》: S Rarity: S+
It’s a supplementary defense treasure tool that Yuuto made for Asuka. They have a shape of small rings and shows effect when attached to both nipples. It’s defensive capabilities is excellent that it can nullify all physical and magical attacks. Especially the magic ability of Jicurn is amazing, not just magic attacks but also illusion and abnormal status, it’s even able to reject it’s own barrier.
In addition to the activation of it’s ability, it would shrink little by little telling the owner the level of attack. Whether the left or right shrinks you would be able to determine if the attack is physical or magical.


  1. Blow
  2. Yuutoemon tasukete!
  3. De arimasu,- Akitsumaru.. Jokes aside, it means “Looking forward to it”
  4. Sound of vein popping
  5. オルトリンデ・ジークルーネ