Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Female Heroes on both hands (4)

Kashiwagi Yuuto is blushing.

「U-Uwaa. What are you getting excited for, pervert. A-aren’t you hard?」
「Fufu. What’s wrong, Asuka? Are you scared because you’re not used to be seen?」

The two’s voice didn’t reach his ears. Yuuto raised his chin a bit in order to hide his red nose.

「Getting Scared! I-I’m different from Captain? Yuuto accepted me properly」
「Hohou. Well, in my case, Yuuto accepted all of me」

Spark fly as the women fight currently under his chin. ‘What should I do?’, Yuuto glimpsed down.

「Wa, It got big again! Why!?」
「N-Now. Even I am…」

The two people. That’s right, its two of them.
Between Yuuto’s legs, both Asuka and Risty looks at Yuuto’s superb article.

Fair limbs and brown skin. Both are stark naked, they watch Yuuto’s penis with a vacant face.

(Ah, I’m fine dying)

The life was saved with all efforts, but such though crossed Yuuto’s head.
The beauties came near him on good will, the two naked bodies are sticking in his leg.

What. ‘Is this the other world?’, Yuuto thanked his fate this late.

「Then. What’s the method of the match?」
「Isn’t that obvious? The one who makes Yuuto feel good in one way or another wins!」

The Hero rank 4th and 7th. Asuka of the Scarlet Sky and Risty of Dual Sovereignty. That Asuka and Risty, seems to be having a match on who’s going to make him feel good.

(Other world is amazing…)

‘I’m glad I died’ That day’s driver-san, thank you, Yuuto looked up the ceiling absentmindedly.

「Then, let’s lick it for the time being. …Hamu」
「Ah, I started late」

Yuuto’s groin stares up the ceiling, *Nupuri*, a warm feeling wraps it up. He endured leaking out his voice unconsciously, Yuuto dropped his eyes on his lower body.

「Amu. Nn, Nbu. …Puha. How’s it, Yuuto? You love my mouth didn’t you?」

With the glans ahead, Risty made her tongue crawl in his penis gladly. RIsty’s small tongue is moving from the top to the root.

Asuka watch Risty in surprise as she does unexpectedly skillful oral pleasantry. Even if it’s in front of her, she couldn’t imagine the girl making a lewd face is Risty.

「Fufu. In this past month, I practiced my mouth for Yuuto’s sake. My tongue is the best, right? Yuuto」
「Uu. T-that, you see…」

Risty laughed on the hesitating Yuuto. Risty gladly holds Yuuto’s penis in his mouth. Seeing that, Asuka’s face is carrying panic.

「T-That’s unfair! Even I am A-amazing!」

‘Move out’, pushing out Risty, Yuuto’s penis is already overcapacity. Asuka chewed her molar as she failed.
Thinking about it a bit, Asuka in front of Yuuto stared at his ball sack.


*Perori*, Asuka’s tongue licked Yuuto’s sack. *Zowawa*, her tongue made tickle run through his back, Yuuto instinctively raised his voice.
Asuka’s eyes shined to Yuuto’s reaction.

「D-Did you hear that? Uhyaa, he said, Uhyaaa he said!」

Asuka’s eyes is glittering as she expanded her nostrils towards Risty.1 Even Risty had curiosity winning over frustration, she looked at Yuuto’s sack with curiosity.

「Hou. Now that you’ve said it, I’ve never licked that place. …Rero」

From the left side of his sack, this time it was Risty who used her tongue to lick it., To the unfamiliar reaction, the two’s glance went to Yuuto’s face.
Yuuto faced the other way in shame, the two had their mischievous heart move.
◆  ◆  ◆
「N, Nbu. …Haa, nbu」
「Chu. Ah, Hamu. Nu」

Several minutes later, Asuka and Risty’s face was there, licking the penis wholeheartedly.
Yuuto’s heart is throbbing as he looks at the two but the two no longer know when to stop, they’re putting the penis in their mouth with their nasal breathing getting rough.

「Reroo. Yuuto, How’s it? Does it feel good?」

While lifting the sack with her tongue, Asuka opened her mouth and politely licked the other side. She’s been holding it in her mouth to lick it since earlier, Yuuto’s lower half is wet with Asuka’s saliva.

「Puha. Yuuto, me too. Are you feeling good?」

Risty looked up to Yuuto when she released her mouth from the penis. Even if they don’t hear such a thing, Yuuto’s lower half has become even harder, the two was tired of waiting Yuuto speak.

「Err. It feels good」

Yuuto smiled. It’s good that it feels good but too much is dangerous. Yuuto desperately endures ejaculation since several minutes ago.

Hearing that Yuuto feels good, Risty’s expression became cheerful. Risty rubs her face against Yuuto’s body, Asuka stared at the pupils startled.
The blonde hair of Risty strikes the skin, Yuuto lifts his hand suddenly. Seeing the troubled Asuka, Yuuto dropped his right hand on Risty’s head just like that.

「It feels good, Captain」

Patting her head, Risty smiles happily. Risty began to lick the penis while being patted, Asuka wiped off her sweat.

「Y-You. W-what are you really doing? Do you know who she is?」

It’s the middle of the match but Risty’s change of appearance is overwhelming, Asuka sent a complicated expression to Yuuto. Yuuto also scratched his cheek as he wants to tell Asuka to understand.

「Somehow, you’re making love strangely」
「Making love you say. I’m not an abandoned cat」

Though Asuka returned amazed, the question made Risty aroused instead that she sucked the penis stronger. *JubuJubu*, the cheek is puffing as Yuuto’s double is being sucked.

Exposing her shameful appearance is embarrasing but it’s the fact that Asuka, her subordinate is seeing her appearance right now, Risty got excited in the helplessness.
Naked, she herself is serving her younger subordinate. The spectacle unthinkable several months ago. Furthermore, she’s being seen by the subordinate of the same surname.

Risty’s love nectar is dripping down, Asuka turned her face away a bit. However, Risty herself is changing in arousal, Asuka felt a strange heat inside her.

「W-wait. Please pat me too」

In order to deceive the heat inside, Asuka dyed red on the surface. Yuuto turned his face surprised on Asuka’s demand.
Asuka looked the other way bashfully.

「I-It’s not I want to be praised but. It’s unfair if it’s just Captain Risty. I-It’s a match. Do you not want things from me?」

Asuka speaks her dissatisfaction while pouting. After hearing the gulping sound from Asuka’s naked body, Yuuto affixed his right hand on Asuka’s hair while hesitating.

「G-Good girl」2

Pat. Asuka too is a cuticle3 that won’t lose to Risty. Asuka’s expression turned redder than before because of Yuuto’s gentle palm.

「J-Just for tonight. You get it?」

Yuuto doesn’t know how to respond to the really angry Asuka, he forced himself to smile.
◆  ◆  ◆

*Guchi Guchi*, the obscene sound echoed in the room.
Yuuto’s penis is is glittering from Asuka and Risty’s saliva and his own body fluid. The two of them are cooperating to stroke it with their fingers.

「Au, Ua」

He can’t help but leak out his accumulated voice. The hand has became a cloudy body fluid mixer, the fingers sends pleasure and a change occurs to Yuuto.
Asuka and RIsty replenishes it with their mouth before it dries up, then four hands were rubbing it carefully.

Up to this point, no matter how good Sasha’s hand is, this is above that. Feeling the pleasure like never before, Yuuto finally pushed his upper body forward.

*BikuBiku*, Yuuto’s penis tremble as it release, Asuka panicked and pushed away Risty.

「Ah, you can’t. If you want to cum, then cum inside my mouth」
「O-Oi. That’s a foul!」

Asuka released her arm from Yuuto’s penis, Risty frowned and gripped it. However, Asuka exposed her hands to her chest insisted that it’s natural.

「Because, didn’t captain had it inside your anus just a while ago? That’s unfair」

Risty’s words were blocked by Asuka’s words. Certainly, if this continues, Asuka would be in much more disadvantage.

「A-Asuka-sama. If you want it, then a condom…!!」

Asuka somehow heated up, Yuuto put power in his right hand in panic. However, The moment he attempted to materialize 『Unfaithful Cloth』in this boundary, Yuuto’s head felt an intense pain.

「Ah, idiot! You still have to rest! You can’t use your ability」

Asuka gently embraced Yuuto’s distorted face. Thought his face touches the bare chest directly, Yuuto has no room to spare to enjoy the feling.
‘Good Good’, Risty watched from the back with a worried expression as Yuuto’s head is being stroked.

「It’s fine as it is today. You can let it out」
「T-that’s. but…」

‘Lie down’, Asuka supports the penis that became a bit soft with her hand.
Though Yuuto resisted at start, he looked up at Asuka who opened her lets and straddle over his waist, his penis regained hardness.
Asuka dyed red in shame as Yuuto recovered.

「Listen? Just for tonight, Just tonight. Since it’s a match, it can’t be helped. I-It’s not like I want to do it with you, or want children, it’s not like that okay?」

She was smiling gently, but ‘fuufuu’ Asuka’s nasal breathing is turning rough, Yuuto instinctively gulped down his thirsty throat. Asuka stradle to show her secret place, Yuuto’s penis was shaken off by just that.

「I’ll be the one doing it tonight. Y-You should just lie down and rest」

Asuka’s breathing is rough, her excited face looks down on Yuuto. *nupuri*, when the tip entered Asuka, Yuuto let out a voice.

「Ah, Uaa」
「Nuu, Ah. Y-You shouldn’t move okay? Yuuto only has to feel good」

She lowered her waist just like that, Yuuto opened his mouth from the rubbing feeling. The sensation isn’t much different from the time when he used the condom with his ability.
However, with the fact that there’s no contraception right now, Yuuto’s inside has anxiousness and excitement mixed in, it’s transmitting a unfamiliar pleasure.

「A-Asuka-sama. You can’t do this」
「Don’t. It’s already in. Also, it’s so hard. You have no persuasive power, Yuuto」

It was slow but, Asuka’s waist is moving. *Zuryuzuryu*. with the pleasure of pulling out and putting in, Yuuto desperately closed his mouth. Seeing that expression of Yuuto, Asuka’s womb throbbed.

「Ehehe. As expected of Yuuto, you’re cute and weak. Only your penis is energetic」4

Asuka moved her lips to make Yuuto hear on purpose. Actually, Asuka’s body is heating up but, she somehow was able to seize the initiative, Asuka moves her waist up and down with all her might.

Even she herself is surprised with the wetness of her vagina, Asuka bumps deep inside.
Still, Yuuto’s penis further increase in size, Asuka feels good as she move her waist.

「Ahn. Yuuto’s penis is hard. Ehehe, you’re feeling good. Inside me, it feels good」

Unintentionally, she played with her nipples, Asuka firmly pinched both her nipples just like that. ‘Haahaa’, Yuuto’s breathing turned rough, he spread his legs and shake his waist. *NukoNuko*, Yuuto endured his voice as his penis is going in and out.

「AaAh, Nuu. I-It’s sticking in. Yuuto’s penis is sticking inside me. This position reaches so deep」

Asuka’s legs shiver. Asuka stopped moving, the feeling of Yuuto’s penis hitting deep, she exhaled out deeply.

「Shit. This is nice. Yuuto, I’m was able to cum properly…Rufuun!?」

Suddenly, Asuka’s voice turned inside out. To a stimulation she’s not used to, Asuka looked back in surprise.

「Captain!? W-what are you doing!?」

When she looked, Risty is making her tongue crawl on Asuka’s anus. Though Asuka instinctively tightened her anus, Risty lifted her right hand while grinning.

Asuka raised a small voice because Risty’s hand has the dildo. It is to hinder Asuka, Yuuto has no idea what’s happening.

「W-what’s wrong, Asuka-sama?」
「’What’s wrong?’ It’s captain. Hey, Hii!」

Asuka panicked, Yuuto had a question mark floating in his head. It’s a good thing that Yuuto doesn’t notice, Risty put the dildo in Asuka’s anus happily.

The moment it touched Asuka’s anus, the dildo turned to a thin shape in a moment.
The treasure tool changes it’s thickness and length according to the development condition, Risty was ‘Yup Yup’ and smiled.

「Well, look. Since I’m just looking, I’m free, it’s fine. It’s Yuuto’s treasure tool, trust it」5

The dildo that changed to the thickness of a female’s index finger, it entered Asuka’s insides. Turning back in panic, unfortunately, Yuuto’s penis is buried deep inside, Asuka stopped moving.

「Nn, Nhiii!!!?」

Asuka bent back and raised her voice, Yuuto looked up in curiousity.


  1. Just imagine smug face
  2. Yo, yooshi Yoshi
  3. キューティクル
  4. Stop the onee-sama act Asuka, you’re fine being the innocently lewd girl
  5. The power of friendship!