Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 01: Daily lives of the female heroes (1)

One month passed after the desperate struggle against Risty.
The mansion’s peace was restored and for some reason, Asuka’s irritated glare is pointing at me.

*Jiii* Asuka stares at the person in front of her.
The person was carrying the stew in his mouth while smiling.

Asuka began to talk with her mouth trembling.

「Why is Captain Risty here?」

Hearing that, the brown girl looked at Asuka.

「N? No, I have lots of things to teach Yuuto. Umu, this is delicious. Seconds」

Yuuto laughs at the situation and Risty held out the bowl to Sasha. Sasha smilingly received the bowl and poured the stew from the pot.

「Also, Yuuto’s wound isn’t healed up perfectly. That was my fault so I will nurse him」

Risty’s smile doesn’t hide the goodwill, Yuuto was thinking what to do. Yuuto scratched his cheek, then a vein appeared at Asuka’s temple.

「Y-You’re not needed! Yuuto is already lively! He has already recovered!」

Asuka stood up and everyone, inlcuding Sasha looked up to Asuka. The impact of Asuka’s fist shook the stew in front of them.
Noticing everyone’s gaze, Asuka blushed, then coughed suddenly.

「I-In the first place. Aren’t you the princess’ guard? For the guard captain to be in a place like this…」
「Yeah, that one’s fine. It’s not like I’m always next to the princess. I’m off duty today. The princess right now is with the vice-captain」

Asuka correct herself bashfully, Risty explained as she suck the spoon. Feeling somewhat surprised, Yuuto spoke to Risty.

「Eeh, Is that so? I was sure that captain usually stick to her though」

Yuuto knows how Risty feels about the princess. Because it’s Risty, he thought that he’d always stay near the princess. Though Risty frequently visits Yuuto, Risty isn’t seen away from the capital that much.

「…Hahaha. I have an excuse for that」

Risty looked away from Yuuto’s question. Asuka also had a question mark on her head while looking at Risty.

「At first, assuming my role as the captain…I’ll always stick to her」

Yuuto said ‘Oh I see’ to the sweating Risty. To Yuuto’s amazement and Asuka’s glance, Risty moved as if making an excuse.

「N-No but. My duty is written as 『Princess’ Escort』 It’s written in the appointment letter of the princess. Also, I swore to her that 『I’ll guard her all the time』 I’m just trying to carry out my duty」

Yuuto’s smile crumbled to the rapid talk of Risty. For some reason, Risty’s forte is crumbling as she feels like running away. No, well, her forte has crumbled long ago.

「…What did you do specifically?」

Yuuto and Asuka stared at Risty’s face. Sasha too had her glance fleeting to Risty.

「I-I didn’t do anything strange! I just always follow where the princess goes. 」
「So, the specific?」

Yuuto doesn’t loosen his pursuit, Risty’s words are clogged. In addition, his pursuit is getting deeper, Risty finally gave up and opened her mouth.

「B-Bath. …Or bed?」
「That’s not all isn’t it?」

Risty trembled from Yuuto’s voice. The three people’s gaze are as if they’re looking at a criminal , Risty is trembling.

「E-even toilet…」

Yuuto throws out a sigh after hearing her words. Asuka and Sasha had their eyes look at Risty while saying ‘wow’

「A-As expected, there’s one big guy that’s waiting in front of the door!!」1
「Isn’t that obvious!!? Or rather, was there a small person inside?」2

‘What are you doing?’, Yuuto scolded Risty. In the first place, it would be embarrassing for the princess even it’s in the front of the door.

「Aren’t you just a pervert!?」
「Eeeeeee I’m not a pervert!! I-It’s loyalty!!」

Risty is already teary eyed as Yuuto flared up and complains loudly at her. The captain-sama is too clumsy at love, it seems that she’s unexpectedly weak in when in love.

「Err. …Then? Were you removed as the princess’ guard?」

Asuka timidly raised her hand on the two people making noise. Then, Risty turned her sad face.
Downhearted, she dropped her shoulders.

「That’s right. For some reason, one day, the princess’s polite expression turned mad. I was removed from the guard’s daily duty. …Since then, I’m only entrusted on duties on public ceremony and when she’s going out」

Uuuuuu, Tears ooze out from Risty’s eyes. The princess’ angry roar still wounds Risty’s heart.

Seeing that Risty, Asuka looked the other side. There’s also tears difting in her.

「What’s wrong, Asuka-sama?」
「Don’t ask, Yuuto. When you talk about Risty of Dual Sovereignty, I also yearned for her」

Seeing the two people cry, Yuuto and Sasha can’t do nothing but laugh.
◆  ◆  ◆
「By the way Asuka, it’s about Yuuto」

Asuka stopped her hands that was about to put the after dinner tea to her mouth due to Risty’s words. Seeing that, Risty’s serious look turned to Asuka.

Yuuto and Sasha went outside the garden to work. This situation, this timing. Asuka already guessed the reason why Risty visited the mansion.

「What is Yuuto?」

Her pulse gets faster, Asuka faced Risty. Asuka puts down her cup, Risty cuts down to the chase.

「Just how much do you know about Yuuto’s ability? Your weapon is also made from his ability, right?」

The two people alone in the room. Asuka listens to Risty’s talk. Risty’s eyes are investigative, Asuka looked away instinctively. Asuka continue to speak even though her throat is dry.

「Then, what would you do? If you’re going to do something about Yuuto, even if you’re the captain…」
「No, that’s not it. Don’t worry」

Risty raised both her arms in amazement due to Asuka’s vigilant eyes. Even Asuka noticed that Yuuto’s ability is rare. But, if it will cause Yuuto to be troubled, Asuka intends to protect Yuuto.

Assuming Asuka’s feelings, Risty calm tone returned. Risty also likes Yuuto. Asuka regained her breath as Risty’s look isn’t hostile.

「Yuuto’s ability is amazing. I’ve never heard about the ability of making a treasure tool」
「Eh? Is that so?」

Asuka opened her eyes in surprise from Risty’s talk. She thought that it’s rare but she didn’t think that much.

「Isn’t it obvious? Treasure tools are a lifetime work of a craftsman that has the talent. It’s such a dimensional stuff that’s sweeping an entire lifetime. Furthermore, Yuuto’s treasure tool, is perhaps the highest in performance among them」

Though Risty is talking lightly, there’s no lie in her words. For example the pair of swords RIsty has 『Ruler of Heaven』and 『Ruler of Day』are certainly treasure tools, it’s an article that’s been long in the royalty family’s storage, it was bestowed by the princess.

Yuuto’s ability is to freely create a treasure tool, it already surpass the range of the craftsmen.
Did Asuka notice it too? Sweat flowed in her forehead.

「What is Yuuto? Does Asuka know?」

Every time Risty’s lips move, Asuka’s mouth can’t. For the first time, Asuka became conscious that she doesn’t know anything about Yuuto.

「T-that. I…」

She hesitates to speak. Where did he come from? Why does he have such an ability. Asuka bit her lips as Yuuto’s background is blank.
Risty made a small snort seeing Asuka’s expression. It’s not like she’s trying to pry about Yuuto’s past. Saying sorry, Risty stood up from her seat.

「Thanks for the treat. That’s all I wanted to ask today」
「Ah, Captain」

Asuka rose up noisily. Risty looked back and Asuka opened her mouth unconsciously.

「Y-Yuuto is. Uhm. H-he’s not a bad guy. That’s why」

Asuka was surprised at the words that came out from her mouth. Asuka doesn’t know why she said those things to Risty.
Risty began to laugh at Asuka.

「I know. Even I do love Yuuto after all」

Leaving those words, Risty dashed to her room.
Asuka who was left behind scratched her hair as she feels unsatisfied.

「…I didn’t mean it like that though」
◆  ◆  ◆
「Fuu. Still, I’m tired」

Yuuto was lying down on the bed of the room. He left Risty from the garden several hours ago, the mental fatigue is there even though he hadn’t done anything.

「Asuka-sama, seems to be in bad mood」

‘Fumu’, Yuuto recalls Asuka’s recent behavior. Today too, Asuka’s mood is bad whenever Risty is here for some reason.

She’s the boss, and they already tried to kill each other. They can’t go back that easily. Thinking that, Yuuto sighed.

「Somehow, they also did a match」

He recalled it. He was happy but that time was also a hellish memory. Both women are important for Yuuto so he wants them to get along.

He hadn’t made a progress with Asuka since then but he believes that she’s much friendlier than before. Yuuto rolled over his bed as he feels fuzzy.

「…Yuuto, you’re here?」

That moment, a knock came from the other side of the door. He saw the moon shining brightly from the window. ‘What could it be, being this late at night’, Yuuto got up.

「What could it be? Asuka-sama?」

Her master’s knock and the familiar voice. She paused before replying, Yuuto began to walk from the bed to the door. ‘You can just come in’, Yuuto tilted his neck.

「I want to discuss something」

When Yuuto’s hand was about to reach the doorknob, Asuka’s voice was heard from the other side of the door.
Her tone is different from usual, Yuuto direct his face on the door.
*Giii*, the door opened slowly.


  1. 「お、大きい方はさすがに扉の前で待機してたぞっ!!」
  2. 「当たり前ですっ!! ってか、小さい方は中に入ってたんですかっ!?」