Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Daily lives of the female heroes (2)

「What’s wrong?」

Yuuto tilted his head as he looks at Asuka.
Asuka looked around restlessly after she entered Yuuto’s room.

Speaking of, Yuuto noticed that it was that time when he invited Asuka inside in.1 The day when he received Asuka’s first time. Yuuto’s heartbeat got a bit faster.

「Y-You see. …H-How’s your body? Are you okay?」

Asuka asked while looking away. She fiddled her red hair with her fingers.

「Yes, I’m okay now. I still feel throbbing pain when I use my ability for a bit but I got considerably better」

It seems that she’s worried about my condition. Yuuto smiled at Asuka as he’s glad. ‘I’m okay’, he said as he raise his arm to appeal.

「I-Is that so? Then that’s good」

However, Asuka walked to the bed without meeting Yuuto’s eyes. Then, she sat on top of it.

「Err, Asuka-sama?」

Yuuto tilted his head. Asuka’s behavior is strange, Yuuto approached her.
Asuka removed her pout from the gaze and her fingers are fiddling the sheets. Yuuto stared at the body line of Asuka on top of her light pajama.

The curve of Asuka’s delicate body makes surface on her thin pajama. Her chest is swelling and the tip is seen, Yuuto’s face reddened.

「You see. …Y-You. D-Do you like Captain Risty?」

As he admires Asuka’s body, Yuuto heared her mutter. Yuuto unconsciously raised his voice.


Asuka nodded at Yuuto’s response.
For a moment, Yuuto can’t understand what she’s talking about. A few seconds later, he noticed that it’s a talk about love affair.

「N-No No No No! W-well if you ask me if I like her then I do. B-But not that kind!」

Yuuto shook his arms in front of Asuka in panic. Asuka stared at Yuuto hearing that.

「I-It’s the truth. That, you see. I yearn for her, it’s a feeling closer to trust. Isn’t Asuka-sama the same?」

‘That’s obvious’, Yuuto complained. The rank four in the hero ranks. Yuuto and Asuka understood the true ability and accomplishments of Risty a few days ago. In addition, he’s been in care of her as a boss.

Yuuto had completely forgotten that he’s a representative of a weak person until then.

「But. You’re getting along with captain Risty recently. Also, you’re also doing your best」

Asuka dropped her shoulders, Yuuto panicked lightly.
Yuuto doesn’t understand Asuka’s reason for saying those things at all. Yuuto’s feeling impatient as this is like Asuka’s holding out her courtesy into him.

「No, you see. Well, I often played with Captain Risty recently」

Suddenly, he said something that shouldn’t be said in surprise. Asuka reacted to that.

「Play?…The ass?」

‘Crap’, he thought but it was too late. Asuka’s eyes are full of doubt. Her eyes keeps staring at him, Yuuto averted his face while smiling. Then, Asuka’s glance pierced further.

「…I decided」

Yuuto feigns ignorance, then Asuka stood up. Yuuto asked with a small voice.
Asuka strongly folded her arms as she look at Yuuto. Frowning, the expression of protest surfaced.

「You’ll play with me」

Along with moonlight coming from behind the window, Asuka declared it dignified.
◆  ◆  ◆
「How’s it? Asuka-sama?」

Yuuto looks at Asuka.

「…U, Uu」

Asuka’s face blushed and she squirms bashfully.

「What’s wrong, Asuka-sama? You were the one who told that you’re going to do it?」
「B-Because. This kind of thing… Y-You, what were you doing with the captain?」

Asuka stared at her own appearance while hiding her skin by her arm.

Dog. In a nutshell; Asuka’s dressed as a dog.

A dropping dog ear. Both her wrists and feet are covered with a fluffy ornament. Of course, there’s also a tail shaking in her ass.

「N~, How far should I speak. I became captain Risty’s master」
「M-Master you say? E-eeeeeee. Why!?」

Asuka looks at Yuuto as he speak, she speaks her surprise. ‘Even if you’re that surprised’, honestly, Yuuto also doesn’t know why it has come to this.

「Since captain Risty pestered, so I played with her sometimes」
「Eh…Eh? Captain? …Eh?」

Asuka too looks at Yuuto as she can’t swallow the situation. However, the atmosphere was somehow guessed by the two people from Yuuto’s expression. Because she actually saw Risty fall into disorder, she believes even she can’t believe it.

「Well, I’m the one who took the opportunity. At first, I tried to threaten her since she’s an eyesore」
「No, I got it somehow. That person is a pervert after all」

Asuka gritted her mollar thinking of that brown girl. The hero she yearned for just fell to perversion.2 ‘What is life?’

「Ah, But. This dog costume’s first time is Asuka’s. Captain isn’t normally interested on non-ass stuff」
「Ehh? I-Is that so?…Fuun. Is that so. I-I’m the first?」

For some reason, Asuka’s expression turned happy, Yuuto inclined his neck. However, he didn’t lie. This dog equipment is something he made while thinking of Asuka.

「…I-In short, You’re going along reluctantly with captain’s perverted hobby. 」
「Eh? No, I’m also enjoying myself」

*Glare* Asuka’s eyes penetrated Yuuto. Yuuto was ‘Aah, why I’m so idiotic’, he regrets it.

「Let’s start」

Yuuto trembles on the intimidating Asuka. Raising a pathetic voice, Yuuto watched Asuka’s face.

「Do it, hora. Do it just like captain Risty. Aren’t you the master? Hora」

Yuuto stepped backward from the daunting pose yet almost naked Asuka. He doesn’t understand why Asuka’s so angry but Yuuto quietly began to prepare.

「…Uhm, Asuka-sama. …Are you angry?」

Yuuto glanced at Asuka. Hearing that, Asuka declared with a smile on her face.

「Noope. Do I look like I’m angry?」

‘I-It seems iit’, Yuuto returned his eyes to his hand. Asuka kept watching Yuuto with a smile.
The night has just began.
◆  ◆  ◆
「…D-Don’t do it halfway」

Asuka drank her saliva inside the room where the two people are alone.
Chain. Thin chain made of lead extends from Asuka’s collar.

Of course, Yuuto’s hand holds it. Yuuto thought of what good to do but he can’t speak it out.

「I’m your dog right? What a nice hobby, really」

She speaks ‘fool’ in her mouth as Asuka’s face dyed in shame. Still, Asuka stared at Yuuto like it’s trivial.

She wants to seize the initiative by all means it seems.

「W-what are you going to do? Should I just bark like before?」

Asuka’s motivation is high and Yuuto scratched his head asking his head what to do. Asuka’s too far to go back so Yuuto doesn’t know what to do if this continues.

Yuuto regains his calm soon enough, ‘fumu’, he put his hand in his chin.
Honestly, his feelings is dancing in joy. That Asuka is standing in front of him like a dog. Seeing a glimpse of her fair skin, Yuuto decided.

「Should we take a stroll?」

Seeing Asuka raised a small cry, Yuuto smiled.
Yuuto’s right hand pulled Asuka’s collar.


  1. When they had sex
  2. Don’t worry, you’re next