Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Scarlet Girl (4)

The armor made a clanking noise.

「Nn, Auu.」 Auuuuu」

Scarlet Wing, Helmveed What made Asuka the hero, the cut of the Scarlet Sky above the rest.
The scarlet armor wraps up her arm and legs, she can move beyond limit, it’s a godly miracle that would even protect her from the recoil.

Not changing the situation of the duel at all, the Scarlet Sky armor.

If there’s something strange, it’s Asuka not wearing the Scarlet Armor.

「Nguu, Auu. Ah, nuu」

Concealing it, her arms and legs are the only ones defended by the armament. Asuka exposes her chest and under, her interior helplessly shake.

「Does it feel good? Asuka-sama?」
「Uuuu, It feels good. It feeels goooood」

Asuka who spread her legs in missionary position becomes desperate and raise a lovely voice. However, Asuka’s reason is almost flying away as she can’t help but leak out her voice and love nectar.

Her nipples stretch out, she trembles in pleasure. The sensation of the glove crosses over, it has grown even harder.

「It feeeels gooood. Yuuto’s penis feeeelss gooood!!」

Love nectar overflows every time she’s being pierced.
Yuuto raised his waist to changed the posture and the depth of attack changed slightly.

That moment, a shock runs through Asuka’s body.


Her body pops like a frog.
Yuuto tilted his head curiously from the sensation different from usual.

「Huh? What? You’re getting stiff」
「Noo!? Wait! That, that plaaaaacceeee!?」

Yuuto thrust inside for the time being, Asuka raised a lovely voice as she can’t endure it.

Her womb has lowered. Not understanding it, Yuuto attacked there.
The tip has pressed against something hard. Asuka pouted every time that happens.

「How’s it? Does it feel good?」
「O, Nuuu. I, ihii, listen to meee. Nhiiii」

Asuka shows a vulgar panting face, Yuuto is completely pleased. Feeling pleasure from something unknown, Yuuto kept pinching Asuka’s clitoris.

Asuka’s jaw jumped out and her lewd panting voice echoes in the room.

「Hyuuuuuuu! T-That’s no goood! Nguuuuu!?」
「Asuka-sama, something’s here! Here?」

He kept smashing her clitoris with his finger while he pierce her. Finding out Asuka’s weakness, he held to it with all his might.

She clenched her teeth, she failed to control her own voice.

「Fuguuuuu, noo!? Pwease dwont crush my beaan-saaaan」

Asuka’s eyes went white as her body twitch.
However, now’s the time to attack, Yuuto moved his waist even faster.

Asuka might just cum. Having the arousal and expectations, Yuuto’s penis grew even bigger.

Piercing the deepest part, Asuka’s reason finally flew away and she made a lovely cry.

「Oo, Ogu. Nooooo, oguuuu」

Her lips pouts, Asuka occasionally closes her teeth to taste the pleasure.
Asuka called out the name of her treasure tool even though her reason is blown away already.

「Cumming, I’m cumming! Yuutoo! Yuutooooooo!!」

Having his name called out, Yuuto became conscious that he’s about to cum and he somehow made a reply.

「What is it? Asuka-sama?」
「Auuuu, cumming. I’m going to cuuuuuum」

Asuka looks at Yuuto and pulled him using her armored limbs.
Turning her arm to his back, Asuka held Yuuto’s waist using both her legs.

「Let it ouuut! I want it Yuutooooo!」

Hearing that voice, something runs up to Yuuto’s glans.
With the pulsating beats inviting him, Asuka desperately opened her depths.

It wants all of Yuuto. Asuka entrusts herself to all of her desire.

「Asuka-sama, cumming!」
「Cum, cummingcumming…Iii!?」

Yuuto’s tip was finally let loose.
That moment, Asuka’s body rose up.


While feeling the embraced body, Yuuto fell down to Asuka.
The hot body and the cold armor, feeling strangely good, it’s the girl Yuuto loves.
He closed his eyes while he’s on top of her chest.

◆  ◆  ◆

「D-Don’t misunderstand. It’s not like I want to do lewd things with you, it doesn’t mean like that」

She’s blushing as her body feels the lingering aftertaste, Asuka looked away.
Feeling the feverish state of her cheeks, Asuka reflects to what she was a while ago.

(Somehow, I got excited and said something weird. Or rather, doing it while wearing armor…I’m a pervert)

Swallowing the embarrassment from the rage she made a while ago, Asuka stared at Yuuto next to him trying to calm down.

Asuka pouted because of his smile.

「W-what are you grinning for? Really, I’ll be troubled if you misunderstand. That was the heat left from the duel. You, there’s no way you’re thinking that I’m dying to do lewd things with you? That’s not it okay?!」
「You’re dying to do lewd things?」

Yuuto returned blankly, Asuka looked down with a flushed face. She lifted her eyebrows and looked back to Yuuto while naked.

「Ha, haaaaaaa!? There’s no way I am right!? D-don’t get cocky just because you got a bit skillful with sex!」

Asuka shouted, Yuuto opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Then, Yuuto’s lips loosened for a moment. Asuka was 「Did I say something to please him?」and looked at him curiously.

Yuuto decided to make a victory pose in front of Asuka.

「I-I’m skilled in sex, am I not?」

Seeing Yuuto’s eyes that’s filled with expectations, Asuka understood her slip her tongue.
Her head heats up instantly, then Asuka shouted instinctively.

「T-There’s no way you are! Y-You’re very unskilled! That was clumsy! Really, you immediately get cocky from the situation…」

She shouted, then Asuka was 「Oh?」and looked at Yuuto.

In front of her, Yuuto’s appearance looks like the smile a while ago was a lie.
Seeing Yuuto drop his shoulders in depression, Asuka opened her eyes wide in fright.

「N-No, well? Doing up that till now? C-Certainly? I felt pleasant today so I can praise you for that or rather?」

Sending glances at Yuuto to confirm, Asuka desperately made a follow-up. 「Is that true?」Yuuto glanced to ask, and Asuka nodded.

(W-why do I have to be conscious of iiiiit!)

While knocking down Yuuto inside her mind, Yuuto’s mood had returned to its usual so Asuka felt relieved.

Seeing Yuuto grin, Asuka leered at him as she can’t get convinced.

(G-geez! What the hell is with him. Even though you’re doing lewd things with other girls than me. T-There’s no way I’d know if you’re skilled at lewd things! I never did it with other men after all!)

She felt irritated when she thought about it. Remembering that the man sitting has a lot of female relations, Asuka turned the other way.

(Really, I don’t get him. Just what does he think of me? …How I’m seen as a woman?)

She wore the jacket somewhere else while throwing a look at Yuuto. Her nipples are still erect until now, Asuka’s cheeks became hot.

She’s not hated, she also know that she’s being seen as a woman. But, as a matter of fact, Asuka is completely ignorant of what Yuuto is thinking.

(In the first place, Why does he call me out?)

A simple question. Though Asuka has the confidence in the battle, her question itself wasn’t solved.

Did they just meet by chance? But, Asuka thought that there are more swordsman to her degree.

However, he said it. Though she accepted it gladly and obediently that time, her question is still big.


The lips who tried to ask, stopped.
Yuuto turned around, Asuka however, swallowed her voice.

「No, nothing」

Hearing Asuka’s mutter, Yuuto tilted his head.
Asuka had smiled wryly as if giving up.

They’re sharing the same fate anyway. If it’s like this then she has no choice but to be with him till the end.
She stood up naked and stretched herself towards the ceiling.

Yuuto’s cheeks dyed red from Asuka’s completely exposed armpit, Asuka wriggled her waist to show it off.

「Hey, another round?」

She’ll be able to hear the answer eventually. Asuka thought so as she smile. Yuuto silently nodded.