Beauty Reversal Chapter 6: Nina’s Request


I asked Nina to make a request.
I also said I wouldn’t say no.
I had to do it in order to get Nina to believe me- no, in order to prove that she already trusts me. I was afraid of betraying her expectations.
If that’s the case I need to get rid of my anxiety.
But Nina is confused again as usual.

「Umm, W-What would you do if I asked for something excessive!?」

「I don’t mind. Please say it.」

I will try to keep my promise for whatever Nina requests.
Or, is what I was thinking because I wanted to try sounding cool, but if I think about…

“This is completely unfair isn’t it?”

My heart ached with feelings of guilt.
I already knew what Nina would request because the situation also already existed in the novel.
The main protagonist was invited to Nina’s house when they were in town and the same conversation happened.
At that time Nina asked the main character to say he loves her because even a lie was fine with her.
The protagonist, who had fallen in love with her at first sight, confessed his true feelings and acquired the girl’s trust.
At least that is how the first chapter of the story I know went.

“I am more terrible than I thought huh?”

I understood what request Nina would make so I said such a thing.
This is a little different from the protagonist, but I wonder what kind of resolution is required to earn her trust.
And even if her request was a little different from what I expect, I believe she wouldn’t request something too terrible because she is a nice girl.
Considering her personality, no matter what she would ask for I wouldn’t really lose either way.

In that novel, it is said that in order to receive the blessing of the god of creation you had to convey words of love.
That’s why a love confession is very precious. It’s surely a sacred ceremony… or at least that was supposed to be the setting.
It is difficult for me who has imagined it so but, perhaps the love confession that I remember from Japan is not as heavy as the one here.

Well I forcefully stole her lips but, she should be cornered with just that.
Stuff like that shouldn’t really matter. Or rather I benefited perfectly from it.
I took the first kiss of a beautiful silver-haired girl who I have never seen before. “What kind of galge1 is this?” is what I would like to think.
Wait, I strayed from the main point. I will leave this topic for later.

Anyway soon she will ask me to say “I love you”.
Considering I am a person transferred from Japan to this world, how could I even say no?

The Nina from the novel was able to tell if people were lying based on the small movements they make.
This is a skill learned from constantly handling monsters and watching people’s faces as she asks them questions.

I have taken a liking to Nina.
I think it was probably love at first sight… since I saw such a beautiful person for the first time.
That’s why even if she has the ability to see through people’s lies, there shouldn’t be any problems.

“But… No, this is fine. As long she is happy then it is fine”

When I look at Nina she is bashfully connecting her index fingers while fidgeting. 2

I’d say she seems a bit worried whether I will really grant her wish.

「Ah, Uh…」

She flapped her mouth open and close again as if she was trying to say something.
Nina did that over and over again until she suddenly, tightly shut her eyes as if she was finally determined.
How much courage do you need? Surely it is beyond imagination.
The person whose voice is trembling knows clearly whether it is due to anxiety.
Nina opens her mouth to ask for a request while she holds the edges of her robe.
And then threw words of determination at me.

「M-my… first time3… w-will you take it?」


Eh, the situation is different.
I muttered so in my head.


  1. Dating game
  2. here
  3. Doesn’t specify which first time but I am guess it is “that”