Bonded Goddess – Chapter 12

Isekai or another world, fantasy world, parallel world or whatever you called it was a wish-fulfilment world that everyone desired by everyone especially otaku. Hell, the young me also one of these people. Back then I want to be summoned hero that will saved the world from demon lord and have harem. I’m so young that time. Guess, I was too influenced with isekai genre but after grow up, that’s just become part of memory.

You can find isekai genre in light novel, web novel or manga and apparently the isekai trend still pretty popular. We do love isekai.

In Isekai, people can be anything. You can be overpowered farmers, edgelord revengers, harem seeking heroes, or etc. Hell, even trash of society can be a king or god. Well, all of that won’t happen not before receiving cheat-like ability.

There was various ways to be summoned to isekai. Like a god or goddess summons a bunch of people mostly high school students from Isekai to be heroes to save the human kingdoms from the demons, like the “whole class gets summoned together” scenario or a clichéd reincarnation situation, where people being kissed (run over) by the infamous truck-kun and got a second chance to start over again. Well, mostly people who want to go to Isekai were just bunch delusional losers who have no life.

But after all these years, I literally teleport myself to that Isekai.  I never thought the day I went to Isekai would come, I don’t see it coming and it’s very sudden.

I went to Isekai and have fateful meeting with heroine, a goddess level beauty heroine. Well, at least I have something I can brag. But I couldn’t deny that I was disappointed. I mean, I come to Isekai, what follow it must be cheat-like ability, right? I wanted a more cheat-like ability like super-magic spells that allowed me to blow armies away in one hit, or word magic, or being a synergist, creating unlimited blade, leveling up four times faster with one quarter of the experience normally required or my power got multiplied by 777 times. You know, those sorts of cheats that I always read about in isekai light novels and web novel! But I don’t have anything like that. I’m still just forty two years old-man with no cheats. I just got little stronger and still can be knocked out with simple lightening spell or beaten to pulp by loli. Obviously the same concept didn’t apply to reality. Guess, I clearly had read way too many isekai light novels and web novels.

Of course, reality speaking, even I got cheat, I wasn’t delusional enough to think that I would somehow be able to defeat an entire army on my own. Hell, if I had something like that from beginning, I would never captured and thrown to the dungeon. And my “ability” to teleport between two worlds? Hah! I don’t even know how to use it and I started to believe it’s not my power. But I’m not actually being summoned, right?

Yeah. This wasn’t some bullshit web novel where I would conveniently gain a power up or “cheat” ability. Once I realized that I really on another world. Yeah, I know I’m on different world from very beginning but I guess I still need to adjust to accept, I mean I just got out from dungeon. Plus it would prove that I wasn’t delusional and hadn’t gone mad, after all.

And Funnily enough, now that I thought about it, everything I heard sounded like Japanese. That sounded absurd. Why would people in another world speak in Japanese? Was it something the gods of this world did to me or it wasn’t hard to imagine that it had something to do with magic, right?

Well, anyway…. Ahem… I’m completely off topic and just ranting… Let’s back to my current situations.

“How did I get here?”

Yeah, that’s the first question I asked…

Because I suddenly found myself in the forest before I knew it.

I was sure that I stepped toward that magical stairs, following Emilia’s lead. But I felt the staircase was never ending then all of sudden the grey concrete background was replaced by green trees, grassy gardens and beautiful flowers. Staring in disbelief, I studied my new surroundings in awe. Where the hell is this place?!

This forest didn’t look familiar – it was much denser than the Lieben forest where I had encountered Evelyn weeks ago somehow filled with more plant life and a larger variety of vegetation, I then glanced around the trees and thriving flora around me, feeling more amazement from my surroundings. I hope the forest we were in right now just a normal forest and not used as the training grounds for beginners to hunt weakest, lowest level monsters and instead of seeing Tree of Life, I saw a white giant silhouette. What is that?

After looked at it seriously… It took me a moment to realize that was a freaking palace. I’m speechless to what I see, because what I saw was a very gigantic palace… even the gate looked so gigantic, as I can see it from distance. This palace is very huge, like huge…! This show how big and powerful this country! It was more impressive than even any palace from my world!

Obviously someone had money to burn and decided to waste it all on designing such an extravagant palace. I would rather they donate that entire sum to me. I bet I could spend it better, like planning for an extremely early retirement, for example.

Okay, enough of that. I’m thinking about things too much.

I turned around and spotted Emilia standing behind me.

“Where are we, Emilia?” I asked.

“We are in the outskirts of the Vaerian Kingdom’s palace.”

“Outskirts of the palace? I thought we are in the capital of your capital? Erm… Caltein?”

“It’s Calastine! Well, we were in Calastine few moments ago but now we are in Vaerian island”

So, we are in completely in different place… Hmm? What did she just say?

“Island?” I asked, confused. “What do you mean by Island?”

“The palace was located on floating island above Calastine,” Emilia said proudly.


We are in the freaking floating island!! This is the freaking LAPUTA! Holy shit! AWESOME! I always was looking for Laputa when I’m still elementary student. Never thought one of my childhood dreaming true in this way!

Ignoring my slack-jawed, shocked, astonished and awestruck expression, Emilia stepped forward and proceeded to the palace.

She turned her head back. “Hurry up.”

I sighed and was about to walk toward her while glancing at the sky. From my vantage point, I could barely make out the palace in the distance. The sun peeked out from behind the palace’s silhouette, its rays slightly stretching out to bath the forest. Dawn had just barely broken, but once again, it made no difference to my eyes other than the brighter colors.

Walking down the main path of the forest, as we continued forward at a brisk pace for thirty minutes, we finally reach outskirt of the forest. The palace looks more gigantic and intimidating than before. As it was looks clearer than before.

Looking at the palace, I turned to Emilia.

“…Is this really a good idea? I mean me meeting your father?”

I had my trepidations when I followed Emilia into the forest, but she waved my concerns away casually.

“I believe you will survive…”

“Even if you say that…”

As we neared the gate, I caught sight of knights guarding the giant gates.

We approached the gates, the knights who saw us quickly kept their spears trained on me. Erm, Emilia-san? I can use some help here.

“Stay down, soldiers. He’s with me.” Emilia waved her hands to dismiss the knights.

The knights immediately followed the order and went back to their post.

I felt some mystical and supernatural energy through the wall of the gates. Yeah, even if I couldn’t use magic, I could see the faint shimmers of runic symbols carved into the walls. Sometimes the barriers would be visible if I looked carefully, nearly invisible auroras of arcane energies that flickered into view.

Once again, I realized that I really was in another world.

However, I couldn’t help but have a sinking feeling down in my gut….

“Let’s go, Kyousuke.”

Erika smiled as she tugged my hand and led me to the palace.

We passed the gate and I couldn’t help but gasp at the breathtaking view of a magnificent bridge that connected to palace through the river. Rather than some stone or wood material, it seemed to be constructed of some unknown metal and concrete. It crossed a massive body of water leading up to the palace. There was a honk of a horn, and an armored convoy of strange vehicles passed by.


My mouth fell open as I marveled at the sheer moderness of this scene. No wonder Evelyn never really looks surprised to modern items from my world. This world looked just as advanced if not more advanced. With the addition of magic, this world probably was more dangerous than my own. The armored convoy had lined up in a single file to traverse the relatively narrow course way, it was an incredible sight for a fantasy world with modern elements!

So this wasn’t even medieval fantasy. It was modern fantasy. For the first time, I felt like I had stepped into a new world, and oddly enough it was absolutely refreshing to see a tremendous change in the usual fantasy setting.

As we about to proceeded across the bridge. I stopped because I just saw something moving in the river below the bridge.

I looked down carefully. I shivered as I watched the river churn and swirl beneath the bridge. Aquatic monsters swam in their sleek, deadly shapes darting just beneath the surface, while deep below, a giant-sized shadow glided quietly but visibly. I shiver by just seeing that.

“…There are so many monsters.” I mutter.

“Welcome to Acheron Bridge,” Emilia responded cheerfully.

Acheron Bridge? I sighed as I shook my head. The river of Hades, indeed.

“We’re going to cross ​that?”

Emilia grinned and nodded.

“I am not going to cross ​that!”

“Well, you have to cross that because I’m going to drag you by force if you don’t.”

“How am I going to cross the bridge with all those monsters swimming below? What if they jump up and attack me?!”

Emilia shrugged. “That’s a bridge to cross when we come to it.”

“Is that joke? Because it sounds like one”

I sighed as I shook my head then looked at the river again… I felt so reluctant when watching those monsters snap and swim in the river. One of them actually was stopping to watch me. Like it was telling me to cross the bridge and become its food.

Seeing that, I definitely didn’t want to cross the bridge… I didn’t want to be a fish’s food. But I would only be wasting time if I stayed here watching the fish monsters. Might as well get this done and over with.

I stepped onto the black concrete, tuning out the ferocious splashing of the monsters beneath my feet. Taking a deep breath, I began sprinting across the bridge as if a thousand demons were chasing me. It reminded me of the events that happened just under a month ago, when the Cyclopes chased me and Evelyn.

I mused without breaking a beat. I reached the end of the bridge and leaped off, landing on solid earth gratefully. Turning around, I caught sight of Emilia strolling across the bridge.

“What’s the hurry?” Emilia asked, tilting her head and looking at me quizzically considering I had just sprinted across the bridge myself.

“I’m not exactly fond of Acheron,” I admitted, sparing the infested river a fearful glance.

“Well, no one in their right mind would be.” Emilia agreed and continued. “Usually most people wouldn’t even come within a kilometer of this bridge. To cross it by walking would actually take a lot of courage. Only stupid people are afraid of crossing the Bridge of Acheron. It’s actually harmless. It’s not as if you will fall into the river or something unless you’re playing around. The bridge is built to be sturdy and safe, so there’s no way it will collapse.”

Emilia had finally crossed the bridge and passed me.

Without turning back, Emilia glanced up at the palace and spoke softly.

“Welcome to the Vaerian Palace, Kyousuke.”

I watched the huge palace from below, momentarily mesmerized by the breathtaking view afforded to me.

I gaped in awe as I looked up. Just like I said, this palace is gigantic. No, it’s more gigantic than I thought, as I could see the majestic palace that towered over the untamed forest of trees at its feet. The enormous building had to be…what, a thousand stories high? This palace basically sky piercing. Painted with a fresh coat of white paint, the grand, pristine palace stood proudly against the bleak environment. The shiny, heavily decorated building stood like a beacon of light amidst the darkness.

Still, the architecture alone made the building impressive enough. Arches and contours ran around the top of the palace. The clean, bright windows stood out against the white paint, and the ribbed walls and arching towering appearance gave it a gothic feel.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Emilia asked proudly. “Wait till you get in.”

We enter the entrance of the palace… Yup, just like Emilia said. Inside was even more impressive. With an interior that surpassed even the world’s finest first-class, a grand interior hall with a red carpet and dramatic-looking torches that burned ominously. The lush, red carpet ended in a huge door at the opposite end of the grand hall. The hall was a sight to behold. Dozens of lamps decorated the walls and ceilings, shining upon huge, blue sofas that were most probably impeccably arranged by professional designers. Grand, mahogany coffee tables littered the place, giving the palace some air of nobility and superiority. A massive counter with several receptionists stood out in the middle, giving the area an impressive sense of professionalism. This palace got lobby and receptionists?

Welcome to the world of the noble​ and royalty, I thought sardonically.

Emilia then led me to a more desolate area.

I have walking through the hall following Emilia to the throne room but we still did not reach there yet. We have walk like, 15 minutes? Fuck, just how big this palace is?! Well, at least they don’t drag me like before. I really hate being dragged like that. That’s good thing.

When I was walking around the hall I noticed some people, occasionally, with fox like ears, bunny like ears, or pointed ears on their heads. Every time I saw them, I was reprimanded again that I really was in a fantasy world. But there didn’t seem to be very many of them. We passed many people here but for some reason, everyone who sees me look terrified, cautious, and anxious.

I wonder why… Maybe because I look so beggar right now?

My shirt is completely tattered and it has stains of blood on it, thanks to Loli in front of me.

Ouch…I still feel the pain and sore through my whole body. Grimacing, I stretched my arms and shook them a bit to ensure that they were not broken, or at least no longer fractured. Even though the cracks on my ribs had been mended by the convenient omnipotence of magic, I could still feel a bit of tightening on my chest as I stretched a phantom pain that caused me to wince.

The look of the people is enough to tell me that they fear what they see. The blood and fluids which are oozing through my tattered shirt must be a gruesome sight. Not to mention that I haven’t take bath for few days and stay in that disgusting room. I must be smell horrible.

Seriously, this palace is really majestic… I hadn’t uttered a single word ever since entering. I can only gawk openly at my surroundings; everything i see was completely luxury and mystical. I wanted to pause for a minute and take it all in, but there was no time.

Shortly, we finally arrived at huge double door. On each side of the door stood a guard in a shining metal armor. I glanced around the runic symbols carved into the vast, luxuriously looking grand hall for a few moments before fixing my gaze on the large door opposite me, towering over five meters high. They were completely made of metal, probably blast-proof and able to withstand an explosion from the outside. They really made this room completely protected.

“We have arrived,” Emilia announced.

She then gave one of the guards a nod and the guard nodded back then mumbling something to his wrist. Wait, was he using communicating with people inside?

“Behind this door is the throne room,” Emilia said as she turned to me. “Let me tell you something first. You are only allowed to speak when my father permits you to. Moreover, you are to address him as ‘Your Majesty’ and nothing else, understand? Also please keep your vulgar mouth shut. Because it will only make thing worst since my father was really in very-very bad mood. So don’t try provoking my father thoughtlessly.”

Scratching my head, I glanced at the open double doors. I would like to say that mannerism is pretty much my secondary concern in this situation.

Ugh… I already felt a jolt of unease. I already had a feeling that this man going to make my life miserable once he saw me. I hope he won’t pull something crazy like put me in shark cage and throw me to that river.

I sighed and nodded. “Ok, I will try restraining myself.”

“Good. When we entered the room, just follow my instructions.”

I nodded and then grinned. “Then show him what kind of man who rapes his daughter.”

“… I already told do not provoke my father thoughtlessly.” Emilia looked exasperated.

“Sorry, I was kidding. I was trying to calm myself. I kinda nervous.”

Hearing my answer, Emilia smirked and sent a mocking stare at me. Hey, don’t stared at me like that!

“You may enter.” The guard suddenly announced.

“Well then, are you ready? Keep those bad jokes from my father if you want to live.”

Erm, you seems forget something important. If I died, Evelyn will die too!

I exhaled quietly, “Let’s get over it…”

As if answering to my words, the vast luxurious double doors automatically opened them for us. Fuck, its automatic door.

The doors to the audience chamber swung open to reveal a spacious hall with huge and colorful windows on each side. The ceiling was supported by two rows of pillars, which stood along the two sides of the room. A broad red carpet was laid out from the entrance to the throne.

Inside the audience chamber was a group of strangers from different races, all dressed as though they were nobles and important figures of this country and the knights that wear the same armor from dungeon were lined along the carpet and presenting their weapons.

I gulped. There was at least about thirty of them on each side. I should probably behave. Guess I can’t make sarcasms here.

On the throne was a five figure. A man was sitting on the throne. Four men in expensive-looking clothing, probably his ministers or something, were with him.

The man sitting on throne was a huge man with a magnificent crown sat upon his head, and his body was cloaked in a luxurious silver robe. The robe has a magnificent design and covers every part of the body. Rings glittered brightly on his fingers as he held an expensive and majestic long staff. If we used game term, that staff must be the highest rank weapon.

That man is the king of this country and the father of Evelyn, Elsha, and Emilia.

Just by looking at him, I didn’t get a good impression of him and I know both of us won’t ever get along.

But just standing here won’t solve the problem.

Sighed, I took a step forward following Emilia’s led, entering the throne chamber. I looked around and didn’t see Evelyn. Guess she’s really under house arrest.

As we walk to the king, who was sitting on the throne and watching me seriously and begun evaluating me but I can see inside his eyes, hatred and anger was plain to see.

This man was sitting atop his throne, he was arrogantly sitting in his throne, haughtily watching all the people he deemed his subjects. And to him, I was criminal who defile his daughter.


The king raised his voice. It was a deep and powerful voice. You could literally hear his authority. He speaks as if he was superior, but I guess it couldn’t be helped since he was a king and all.

“I assume this was the man who made Eternal Pact with your sister Evelyn?”

“Yes, dear father. As you can see, he was Evelyn Nee-sama’s lover and I have brought him as you ordered.” Said Emilia before she knelt down herself.

“Splendid! You have done well. I will take it from here. You may go.”

Emilia bowed deeply and then retreated to the side.

“Kneel in front of your king, fool!” A man beside the king commanded me to kneel as I still standing. Is he prime minister or something?

“My king, you say? I’m sorry I never served this man. I am not even from here, so I’ll pass.” I said

How shameless! The audience snickered. I can hear Emilia sighed from behind.

The man also jerked in surprise as this had never happened before in front of the King. He was agitated at the lack of respect from me then gesture the knights. The knights placed their hands on my shoulder and attempted to push me onto my knees by force if I don’t immediately. I then heard Emilia whispers.

“Just kneel, Kyousuke, just think you doing this for Nee-sama!”

I clicked my tongue. I personally did not fancy the act of licking another person’s boots but I had no choice. With grumpy and annoyed face, I went on my knee. Seeing me kneeling before him, the king looked down on me with a snort. Fuck this old man! I felt like punching this bastard, but I’ll refrain from doing so for now. Looking at the bunch of knights, it’s not like I can do it now.

Now the king was looking to me. Correction, he has been looking at me from beginning.

A sinister smile spread across the face of the king.

“I am the king of Holy Kingdom of Vaerian, Artur Rheird Von Vaerian. You may raise your heads.”

Erm… I wasn’t even looking down. Also his name is Arthur? He’s not named after King Arthur from legend of King of Britain, right? What’s next? His wife was named Guinevere?

“What’s your name, young man?” Asked the King, Arthur.

Wow! I was called young man after twenty years! Need to remind that I was forty two?

“My name is Ogawa Kyousuke, ​Your majesty”I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Houu… Ogawa Kyousuke, huh.”

The king must be detected the sarcasm in my tone as his eyes sharpened.

“Now, Ogawa Kyousuke… Do you know why I asked Emilia brought you here?”

“I’m not sure, ​Your majesty.”I said innocently but suddenly the knights behind me pointed their spears at me.

Shit… did I screw up? Maybe…

“Oh, you are not sure? Then let me tell you…You brutally committed rape and kidnapped my dear daughter, CRIMINAL!ǃ Not only that! You caused this country in turmoil and verge of civil war! If you did not not share a life-link with my daughter, I would have executed you on the spot and displayed your corpse to public!” The King declared as he tried to calm himself.

I could feel my blood boiling and my fury rising. What the hell? What the hell is this shit?!

Ahh, not good. I felt like I’m going to start a scene here. Is what I thought until I remembered Evelyn, I suppressed my anger while still trembling… Its fine, I can bear it.

Telling the king the truth about what happen that day? Why I need to bother? He wouldn’t believe me. I wasn’t that tactless or foolish and I won’t speak since the king would just flatly ignore my plea. All I could say now was I hoping this king would get cuckolded by his own trusted retainer or this kingdom doomed after I meet Evelyn again! Yeah, I’m sure we will meet again!

I don’t need to stay with this cheap charade. Let’s just end this.

“So, King? What’s my punishment?” I asked apprehensively as I stood.

Seeing me standing against him, the king waved his hands and the knights struck me in the gut.


“On your knee, villain!” The knights forcefully pushed me on knee. Damn! That was monster strength you had! I barely moved my body.

”Fuck you!” I shout as I tried to shake off the knights’ restraint but fail.

“Ogawa Kyousuke, you have committed so many atrocities against the kingdom. Through your crime and sins, with treason and consorted against the royal family! You’ve put innocent lives and this kingdom to horror and desolation of war!! I hereby punish you! From now on, you will live inside Elka dungeon for eternity!!”

Anger swelled up from within me ….What the fuck! I was sentenced to life in dungeon for something I didn’t commit! I looked around, I could see everyone here except Emilia had already judged me guilty before the trial had even begun. Wait? What trial even? This was just a sentencing!

Why was I judged to something I didn’t commit! Rape and kidnapped Evelyn? No, everything was with her consent! All I did just try to saving her life! So, that’s not my crimes. Almost causing civil war here? Fuck that! Let this country burn!

“You… fucker! What about Evelyn?” I managed as the knights pushed my head on the ground.

“Be lucky I didn’t put your head on a pike! Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep you alive. As for Evelyn, you need not worry about my daughter. Leonardo has graciously overlooked this travesty. They will be married by the end of the week!”

When I heard that… I felt something snap…it’s a red hot rage.

I blanked out for a second, but when I recovered, I realized I was standing. I felt hot liquid running down my neck, but there were two knights on the ground in front of me, dead. There was a ringing in my ears. I could hear shouting and there were people running around.

“Alive! He must not be killed!” I heard someone shout.

I looked down at my hand. I was carrying a sword. There was blood covering it. It wasn’t my own, it was belong to the guard who lying on the ground. Knights were running towards me. Someone was trying to stab me with a spear. It seemed so easy. I took his head. He seemed surprised, but I didn’t really care. I started charging. Not escaping, but charging, straight for the king. His eyes widened in shock. Two knights sprang out in front of me. They seemed to be moving so slow. They also fell to my blade.

Just few moments ago, the knights that overpower me with their raw strength now they fall to the ground.

And what is this feeling? I felt the sudden surge of power run through my body… don’t tell me I actually awaken my own cheat?

As I stop moving, one of knights charged with his spear, I slightly shifted my head to the side to avoid it, which only infuriated the knights further. I hurled myself high into the air as one of the knights slashed at me with a sword. Ducking the slash, I spun about and kicked out just as another knight thrust a spear at me. Using my foot, I stepped onto the tip of the lance and used it as a platform to propel myself higher and I slashed at the stunned knight.

At the sidelines, I saw Emelia merely smirking without doing anything. Guess, I should be happy that little bitch didn’t intervening because I know she’s stronger than current me.

I slashed at another knight that charged toward me.

Blood splashed across my face. I could only hear hollow noises. I could only see the King, sitting haughtily on his throne. He showed no fear, even now. I didn’t care. I leapt over another guard, kicking him aside. I’d cut off this fucking king’s head. How would his precious wedding go then? His alliances? His country? I meant it. I’d burn this country to the ground. I’d-

I managed to make it six feet away from the king. A powerful force slammed into me. I felt like I had been hit by truck. The sound came rushing back. I saw the King’s grinning face as I flew away. Halfway across the throne room I landed on the grounded, rolling ten times before coming to a stop. The world seemed to return back to normal. I vomited up a mouthful of blood. Followed by another one. I could hear the guards surrounding me.

Getting up to my knees, I probably looked like how I felt. Some of the people who had been startled by my outburst broke into laughter, although a few were still nervous. Spears were leveled on my neck from all sides, ready to strike and remove my head.

The King stood up, the first time since I had entered the room. Several of those in audience broke into talk. Even Emilia who have been smirking all this now looked shocked that her father moved.

“It’s been a long time since someone dared try to kill me.” The king said, walking down from the throne.

“Perhaps I should thank you, Ogawa Kyousuke, you’ve boiled my blood in ways I haven’t felt in age.” The King sneered as he looked down on me.

Then chills passes through my body!

What is this?

The unexplainable pressure which is being released from him made me feels as though the pores on my skin opened, and I can feel the cold feeling running through my body.

The pressure I’m feeling is telling me to run.

“You-” I tried to speak, but I only ended up coughing up more blood.

“I think I’ve changed my mind. Imprisoning you in the dungeon was too good for you. It was a mistake and too much lenience for a vile criminal like you. I’ve decided to pull you apart. One body part at a time. I won’t kill you but I will turn you into something unrecognizable and barely alive. I would never have my Evelyn lay eyes on you again. Not because of your past deeds, but because your appearance will be so unsightly, so horrific, that it would give her nightmares. I’d dare not traumatize my daughter, who could only say ‘By the Gods, what is that thing!’ This is my fate for you!”

I backed away from the sheer force of his immense pressure. My legs buckled under the pressure and tremendous weight, but I held firm.

I clenched my teeth, biting my tongue until I spit out another spitful of blood. I had pushed things to the end of my rope. I was outside my element here. This was a world of magic and mystery. I didn’t understand it. Earth… I missed Earth… where things made sense.

“Any last words? Before I tear your tongue out?”

I wiped the blood from my mouth and shrugged.

“Just one thing…” I gritted my teeth, lifting up my middle finger. “Eat my ass you cu-”

The word started to turn white. It was a familiar feeling. Now? It triggered now? Why? Why now? What was it? Was it desire? Why didn’t it work before?

“What’s going on? He’s… he’s escaping!” Someone shout.

I glance at the king as he was glared at me hatefully while still pondering over the mysterious occurrence happen here.

I started laughing. Blood dripped down my chin, but I still kept laughing as my body vanished, shocked people staring at me while the light flooded across my body. My laughter drifted off, leaving a deathly quiet throne room full of confused people.

After the light settled down, I found myself back in my living room instead of dinner room where I previously teleport with Evelyn.

So, I’m here back here Again… I am back…? Yeah, I guess I have… but without her… without Evelyn.

Suddenly I feel unease which I didn’t have back in the throne room…

That king has announced Evelyn is getting married in a week.  No no no, I can’t return to this world after learning my lover going to married someone! I am not going let that happen! Evelyn is mine! She is my lover!

No, I need to calm. it’s okay… it’s okay… it will be fine! I can just thrash the wedding when I back and take Evelyn back…. And Evelyn won’t betray me like my ex-wife. She won’t, right!

I keep telling myself that until starvation, stress, fatigue, anger and despair hit me…

My view of the room turned blurry, the edges of my vision slowly darkening.

I start couldn’t see anything. Within moments, the room was engulfed with darkness… Slowly, my hearing began to fail me as the tickling sound from the clock on wall disappeared completely.

I staggered back and collapsed on the couch. I could feel my mind and body slowly shutting down…. I gave up and decided to let the darkness consume and welcome me into its warm, comfortable embrace.

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