Bonded Goddess – Chapter 13

“Ugh… is it morning?”

I was awoken abruptly by the sudden headache that hit me, I found myself sweating a lot.… That was the worst way to wake up.

I found myself lying on the couch in the living room. Why was I sleeping here?

I slowly sat up, rubbing my bleary eyes while still dazed. Ugh… my head hurt and just lifting my body up a bit made my head spin. There was a light of the sunlight that was streaming into my window from the room. I frowned when I looked at the clock on the wall; it was 12:50P.M in the afternoon.

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. Ouch, my headache was getting worst, I shouldn’t shake my head like that. What was the last thing I remembered? Hmmm… If I recalled correctly, I had an audience with the king. I fought the knights, and got cornered then teleported back from Evelyn’s world to this world… Then I…. Did I… pass out? I guess I did… I remembered passing out after returning here.

Just remembering the ordeal that King Arthur put me through, I felt rage and frustration swelling up inside me. Especially that wedding announcement really made me mad.

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Losing myself in anger was not the solution. I already did it on the throne chamber. It only make it worst and if not for that sudden strength gain. I would have….

Ok, enough of that… I struggled to stand up… I guess I hadn’t completely recovered.

Come on, Ogawa Kyousuke! This is not the first time you struggled like this! Remember the Battle of Wesley Hill on Europe back in 2024! You had fought off starvation and sleepiness while staggering through the heavy rain for almost five days while battling enemy camps! So this is nothing compared to that!

Alright, I needed to drag my battered body back to the toilet. Once I got there, I probably would feel better. Gritting my teeth, I clenched my fists and I staggered to my feet then move toward the toilet.

…….Huh? I walked towards the toilet, but I felt like the toilet looks far… Everything looks fuzzy… My eyes grew blurier.

My body started staggering, and at the same time I feel light and I walked backwards.

I started to wipe my eyes, but that didn’t fix the blurriness….. Ugh, just going to a toilet took so much effort.

I staggered away and began making my way toward the toilet forcibly. As I drew closer to the door, I’ve suddenly got a something creeping up my stomach… ! Shit! I’m gonna puke!

I pushed open the door in hurry as I helplessly tumbled and leaned over the toilet bowl as I fell to my knees, wheezing and gasping and start vomiting. A torrent of vomit ejected itself from my stomach, mixed with of saliva and sweat, followed with chunks of vomit mixed the blood, yet there was nothing I could do until I finished.

“Haaaa… haaaa… haaaa…“

That must be the foods that Evelyn cooked a few days ago… I heaved again, and with “Ugeee” opened my mouth over the bowl, and let a steady flow of puke pour out again….

I panted again and caught my breath then I threw up again…


After finishing throwing up, I felt so much better than before. Reaching the cabinet, I took migraine drugs to ease my headache. I took several gulps of water, but found my throat surprisingly not that dry considered I couldn’t remember the last time I drank.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. I’m too old for this.”

I tried to wash myself in the sink. It was hopeless. I pulled off my shirt and undershirt, laying them on the bathroom bench. They would need to be washed properly.

i realized that I wasn’t injured… now, if I thought about it, I should have broken ribs when that bastard attack with that mysterious force which made me fly. But I only saw my looks normal. Did I feel numb, sore and pain? Yes, but now it’s much better…

I then sniff my body, it smelled horrible… ugh, and it smells like shit, almost making me want to puke again.

I looked at mirror and saw the reflection as though I hadn’t had a shower for age. I really need take a long and deep shower to clean myself.

I open shower door and start have nice bath. Ahhh… nothing beats a day than a hot shower.

After shower and a change into clean, comfortable clothes, I move towards the kitchen. I should just cook something​or heat Evelyn’s foods on refrigerator, if there was one. Man, thinking of food is just making me even hungrier.

I also have calmed down and can think clearly now. But seriously, once this was over, I really needed to see a counselor.

As I entered the room, I saw my smartphone on the table. Right, I left the phone on the table when I teleported back to Evelyn’s world.

Reaching for my smartphone, I saw a message from Grace. GRACE!? Feeling a sense of anticipation, I quickly opened the message.

[I have returned to japan, meet me in ​Luben​tomorrow night. PS. I send a package; it should be arrived at your place tomorrow.]

I reread the email and checked the date, it was 32 hours ago. Phew… I’m glad she’s not returning to japan few days ago. Otherwise, she would be mad for ignoring her messages.

I replied to her simply with [​Iwill be there. Sorry for late reply.]

Once I confirmed that the message was sent, I placed my smartphone into my pocket. But why did she send me a package? I wondered what it was. Well, I can check it later.

I checked the refrigerator. Ohhh, there is Evelyn’s floured chickens ready to be cooked. I immediately cook Evelyn’s floured chicken. After the chicken was cooked, I timidly ate it.

At that moment….a single tear dropped down from my eyes.

“Ahhh… it so good… it still had taste of Evelyn’s.”

I hadn’t had such a well-cooked meal in a while. When was the last time I ate something like this?

Three days ago? Four?

I greedily began ripping chunks of meat out of the fried chicken and shoveling it into my mouth. So lost was I in my hunger that it turned into an automatic, instinctive motion, my hands mechanically reaching out and tearing pieces of the chicken and stuffing them into my mouth. I swallowed after chewing, my mind blank from the sheer ecstasy while shedding many tears.

Before I knew it, I had devoured all chickens.

“Hu. That was a good meal.”

I rubbed my stomach as I slumped back on dining chair.

Now, what should I do? I should come with a plan before went back to Evelyn’s world. I clutched my head, thinking desperately, but no solution came out. Dammit! I don’t have power to stand against the country, let alone enough power to fighting everyone including that shitty king. I mean come on, if I challenged the country, this is not about being bravado anymore. It’s just stupidity like I did in throne chamber. I almost cost both my life and Evelyn’s life. Then I couldn’t help but feel despair and frustration …I understand that much, I know that better than anyone else! I’m not as strong. I know that I’m weak. What should I do…

Then doorbell broke into my chain of thought and brought me back to reality.

My first thought was to ignore it, hoping they would go away. Ah, then I remember Grace’s message. That’s must be the delivery man.

I got up and walked toward the door.

When I opened the door, I couldn’t have been more surprised if God himself was standing on the other side of that door. They were absolutely the last person I expected.

“Hi, Fath-Kyou.”

It was Kirino, my daughter, who was standing there.

She wore a long, blue sundress that had frills on the edge of her skirt, a flower hairpin adorned at the top of her long, flowing brown hair, and a bright blue handbag by her side. She wore a summer sandals that exposed her pale feet. At the mall, I hadn’t gotten a good look at her. In truth, it had been many years since I had seen her so up close. She is really become beautiful girl.

I just stared at my estranged daughter in a stunned silence. We both looked at each other across the divide created by the door frame, until Kirino started to fidget from being uncomfortable with the situation.

“Can I come in, Kyou?”

I literally shook my head to break myself out of the trance I had gone into at the sight of Kirino standing in front of me. I stepped back and let her come in.

As she passed by me into my living room, I couldn’t help but notice how good she smelled. At least, she looked like she had been taking good care of herself. I certainly didn’t think my ex-wife was doing it. I glanced outside into the empty breezeway and then shut the door. I turned to look at my daughter for the first time in two years. Many things had changed, but she still didn’t wear a smile for me.

I followed her to find her sit on the couch without asking permission. Girl, this is not your home anymore. I hoped her still remained. It was nostalgic of a better time.

“You look younger since the last time I saw you.” Kirino began.


“What are you doing here, Kirino? I thought you were pretty clear when you said you didn’t want to see me again?”

Instead of answering me, she looked around. She must have noticed that the photographs and mementoes had been previously been placed all around the room were gone.

“No family pictures?”

“No family,” I returned angrily. Her face went through a host of emotions as she watched me.

“All gone?” Kirino asked. Her voice was trembling.

“All gone.” I said coldly. “Even you look through the rest of the house, you won’t find anything including your old room.”

“Fathe …” she began, stopping herself a second. “Kyou… I-”

“No, don’t say anything,” I spat. “You had made your position pretty clear from the beginning. You were on her side. And you refused to accept phone calls or reply back to all of my letters and even Christmas cards, unopened. When I went to see you. You never showed up to see me! It pretty much made it clear that you already replace me with your new dad in your mind.”

Kirino looked at me with tears forming in her eyes. What’s with the reaction? I know I’m being cruel here as I felt a tinge of guilt deep within me, but I stamped it down. I was in the right here. Even if she was my daughter, she was an adult now. She had chosen to abandon me. Every time she refused to listen, she had affirmed her choice.

“Is… something the matter?” She suddenly asked words I never would have expected.

Was something the matter? I’d spent the last fewdays being starved in a dungeon. I’d been beaten up, healed, and beaten up again. My soul-mate, my goddess, was taken from me. I had finally come out of a slump that nearly cost me my life, only to have my new life stolen from me. In a week’s time, my precious Evelyn would be married to that other guy. There was literally a kingdom standing between us. I wasn’t even on the same planet.

Saying there was something the matter wouldn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. Yet, those words I couldn’t speak to this girl. As to why Kirino was here, I could guess. That bitch of an ex-wife likely sent her. After all, my daughter had seen me at the mall and must be telling her. They likely had some curiosity about this new woman in my life. Was Kirino looking for pictures of the family? Or was she looking for pictures of Evelyn? Any kind of trust or kindness I once afforded my daughter had been melted by years of distrust and anger. I wasn’t’ trying to be rude, we seriously weren’t family anymore. I doubt we can return to where we used to be.

“Yes.” I responded finally.

“…” Kirino sat uncomfortably for a moment, and then spoke up. “Do you want to talk about it?”


Talked about it? Is this girl for real? You’re not here when I’m needed you.

“Kyou… I came here to see how you’re doing. We heard you quit your job. Some… unpleasant men visited mom wanting money you owed them. You should be thankful to Kenji-san for paying your debt withou-”

Come here to check me? After leaving me for two years? Dark feeling inside me start swelled inside me.

“Hehehe…” I broke into a chuckle, the idea of the look of that whore’s face when the debt she started came back to bite her on the ass. “Perhaps I should just disappear then.”

“Wh-what?” Kirino looked taken aback.

“You heard me. Maybe I should go. Leave. Die. Disappear. Whatever. This world no longer needs me in it.” I laughed, snapping my fingers. “It would be so easy… “

I could return to that world. At least it was a world with Evelyn in it. I could await my fate. Or I could run. At the least, I’d have a chance to start over.

“Father, what happened to you?” Kirino asked.

“You…” I growled, causing her eyes to widened. “Your mom. Evelyn. Life… I can only be kicked on my ass so many times before I lose it, before life itself becomes a meaningless drawl.”

“You… don’t sound like yourself…” Kirino seemed uncomfortable.

“LIke myself? How would you know who I am? You’ve never bothered!”

Kirino stood up, glaring at me. “I remembered a man who stood up for what he believed in. I knew a man who fought for what he wanted and tore anyone apart who got in his way.”

“That wasn’t enough!”I growled.

“Enough for what?”

“Enough for you!” those last words came out in a shout; Kirino’s stunned expression causing me to back off. “I sent you letters. I tried. But what’s the use in fighting… for someone who’s already decided to leave you.”

Kirino expression turned weird for a second. She grabbed her arm, looking away, a strange blush forming on her cheeks. After a moment, she eyed me out of the corner, but still seemed nervous.

“Sometimes… what a girl says… and what a girl want… they aren’t the same.” She said slowly.

“What?” I looked at her sharply.

What is she, some kind of tsundere character? There was no way that could be possible.

“If you’re strong enough, maybe… you’ll know what she really wants. If she’s worth fighting for, maybe it doesn’t matter what she says. In the end, it’s how she feels that matters.”

My eyes began to widen. I felt like a fog I had been in since I teleported to the other world had been lifted. My mind started to be clearly. It was how she felt that mattered. Evelyn loved me!That’s all matter! It didn’t matter that the King had her engaged to someone else. It didn’t matter that she was engaged. It didn’t matter that we were apart. I just needed to be stronger. I just needed to fight. I wouldn’t accept defeat this time. I would fight until the bloody end. Only then would I be satisfied. Who give a damn care about fighting country!

“Evelyn…” The words escaped my lips as the excitement rose throughout my body.

“Hm? Evelyn? Is that the girl who…MMmm!” I immediately grabbed Kirino and pulled her towards me.

I embraced my daughter so tightly, and perhaps out of habit of having only been with Evelyn for the last couple of weeks before being stuck in a hell dungeonmade me did something a father shouldn’t have.

At first, I just wanted to kiss her on top of the head but I don’t what’s going on with me, maybe lust took over my mind.I kissed my daughter right on the lips. Kirino’s lips were very soft. In fact her entire body felt really good, nearly as nice as Evelyn’s. Is this familial affection that I had been missing for all of these years?

In my excitement, I inserted my tongue in her mouthand slid my hands down her back, letting them come to rest over her small butt and gave her a squeeze on her small butt. Stranger than my action, was Kirino. I had expected her to shove me off of her and hit me. Instead, she barely resisted, pushing more with fidgety movements than aggressive ones. Then she closed her eyes, and I swore her tongue started to dance with mine. Our tongues were playing together aggressively and my hands were caressing her ass. Her butt was small, firm and quite round… it’s so comfortable.  When I pulled, she could clearly feel my hard-on pressing against her. Her hips grinding against me told me that was the right move.

However, my brain quickly caught up with my excitement. Shortly before kissing could be called making out, I pulled away.

What I have done?!

“Ah…” Kirino looked up at me, her eyes half-closed, her body shaking.

I probably really pissed her off. I didn’t have time to deal with that. I had a plan now. I was going to fight, just like Kirino had said.

“Thank you, my beautiful daughter.” I smiled at her. “You saved me and open my eyes…”

“Oh…” Kirino’s eyes started to tear up.

“But sorry, I have things to do…” I grabbed her and dragged her to the door, opening it and pushing her outside.

“Huh? Hey! Wait!” She finally shook out of her daze just as the door shut on her face.

A moment later, I heard shouting from the outside. “St-stupid father! I’ll never forgive you!”

Soon I heard her leaving with huff. To be honest, I’m still angry towards Kirino, but thanks to her words of encouragement, I felt completely revitalized. Now, I knew what to do! But thanks to our kiss, now I was hard… Wait a minute! Why the hell was I getting an erection from my own daughter!? I was just trying gives her a kiss of appreciation but what hell I do?! I making out with her and massage her butt!? What the hell wrong with me! I was definitely not a sick pervert who lusted for his own daughter!! This must be… an Afternoon WOOD! Yeah, that must be it!!

I glanced at the clock, it was 3:30 PM now…Still no sign of the delivery man? Or maybe they already were here when I was still passed out. If so, then they would return tomorrow.

Then my doorbell ringing again. Is it Kirino? No, it must be the delivery person… Crap, here I am with a huge hard on and I need to get the door so I can sign for the package. I try to tuck my hard cock away while I run for the door. I can’t miss this delivery. Since it was Grace who sending this. I’m sure it’s important for job that I asked for!

I stumbled to the door and opened it to find, the man with a small package in his hands. He read my name from the package and asked if this was me. I answered, “Yes, that is my name,” holding out my hand for the package. He scanned the label once again and gave me the package then he casts his eyes down and sees my own “big package” popping a tent in my sweats. SHIT! Busted!

The delivery man starts sweating on his forehead then start leaving hastily after I received the package.

HEY! I don’t get hard on from you! How dare you think I was getting erection from unattractive man like you! Wait! That’s sounds wrong! I am not GAY! You overestimated yourself! Come back here! I’m gonna kick your ass! I get erection from my daughter!! Wait, this also wrong! AH, fuck that!

I took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm myself down. Geez, why am I getting mad over something stupid like this? Anyway, let’s unpack it. What inside it was a small black box, I wonder what the inside of it is.

I opened the box and find a platinum card. What is this card? There is my name on it. I checked the card and surprised.

This is was a member card of Luben club and it a V.I.P card at that! Grace was giving me a free V.I.P card!!

Hmm, there is a letter under box.

[This card would give you free access of the club. This card also grants free drink and food. P.S. This card is very expensive. So don’t lost it.]

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GRACE!!! I really owe you… Hold on, why she giving me this card for free? Was she acquainted with the owner or she was the owner of that club. Well, I can ask her later.

Ok, now what? I have nothing to do. Should I just take a nap on the couch again for now? Well, I really could use one right now. Maybe it’s a good idea considering I’m not completely recovered yet as I still feel slight numb and sore… I need to see Grace tonight when I completely healthy.

Lying on the sofa, I closed my eyes.


By the time I woke up, it’s already dark. Shit, I must’ve overslept when I take a nap. What time is it? I check my smartphone’s clock, it’s already 21.35 PM.

No messages from Grace.

Shit, I need to go to Luben Club. I quickly take a quick shower and changed to my clothes. Alright, I’m looks good now. I went my garage, enter my car and headed toward Luben club. Ok, once I there… I need to forget everything, just for tonight.

It only took 30 minutes to reach there.

I turned into the parking lot, rolled up close to the rear wall of the club. I shut off the switch and went inside. Wait, there is no guard?

It was massive inside. I glanced up at the ridiculously expensive and luxurious interior of the club.

This is nightclub, right? Because this was too luxurious for night club.

The place was crowded. Especially on dance ground. I eased my way into the crowd and I worked my way to the bar. It was better there, there were lights under the bar shining upwards and the row of huge mirrors behind reflected some of that.

I caught one of the bartender’s eye as she looked at me. She? Yeah, the bartender was a woman, very beautiful one at that. She looks like a college student. Was she working part time here?

“What’s your order, sir?” The bartender lady asked as she was wiping the bar in front of me as I sat down.

The bartender lady wore a black dress shirt instead of blouse with black pants. Yes, she was dressed like male bartender but that not’s strange or new as I always see a female bartender dressed like a man. But this one is different; I can see her sexy and model figure despite her wearing male dress. Her breast was bulge under that shirt, that’s quite big. Her healthy wheat skin looks smooth. And I can smell expensive perfume from her. Hmmm, it just me or this perfume smells familiar?

“Vodka.” I told her. I suddenly want to drink some vodka. To be honest, I just wanted a big glass of ice water, but I figured that would embarrass myself in front beautiful woman like her.

She looked at me closely for a second.

“Got a members card?” She asked.

“Sure.” I pulled out my platinum card. Right, I can get free drink with this card.

The female bartender looked surprised when she saw the card then she looked at me, intensely. Ma’am, I don’t mind if you looked like with so much passion and intensity but you make me feel uncomfortable.

“Erm, is there something on my face?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing, sir. I don’t mean to-”

“Ah, it’s okay. Where is my Vodka?”

She immediately poured a glass of Vodka and set it in front of me. Hoh, the way she stands and working on my drink looks so professional.

“Sir, I haven’t seen you here before. Did you just move to this city?”

“No, I’ve lived this city for aged already but I never went to this club since it open.”

“Oh, how did you get that platinum card? That card is very rare here.”

“Maybe with connection?”

She laughed at that for a moment there. Man, even though it was just for a few seconds I had to admit that she looked really beautiful when she smiled like that.

I looked around the club. I saw a couple sitting at a table, they were deeply into conversation. There was another couple on the dance floor, they were seems recently married and seemed to be taking turns with dancing and then making out. It looked like the guy was very busy investigating the woman’s body. The couple in the booth got up to dance, then a strobe light overhead started up. That looked odd, it made their motions appear jerky but at least it was something to watch. It took me a few seconds to realize that they were really fun to watch!

The gal was bending over and rubbing her fanny on the man’s crotch, her boobs were hanging down and swaying. From the side it was interesting, when she was turned my way and looking over her shoulder at him, I could actually make out a nipple peeking out as the light flashed.

“Another, sir?” I heard the bartender ask. I looked down and realized I was so intent on watching the woman dance that I had sucked my drink right down.

“Ahhh…Yeah.” I told her.

“That’s fun to watch, huh?” She said grinning, setting the drink down in front of me.

“Yea, I guess.” I reply as she had caught me staring at the couple.

“Keep watching, it gets better.” She giggled.

The gal was really going for it now; her body was making a series of poses each time the light flashed. The hem of her skirt was very short and flared out, I was getting a glimpse of bare behind every few seconds.

After a minute or two of that I was pretty sure there were no undies beneath that skirt, I even got a couple of peeks from the front side as she turned. If she did have panties on they had to be the same color as she was.

“Want another?” The bartender asked. I looked down, empty again.


Just then the song ended and the couple went and sat back down. I turned to the bar, spotting some peanuts, I grabbed some.

“Interesting, huh?” The gal behind the bar asked me, a big shit eating grin on her face.

“Yea, that girl can really move.” I managed, crunching an ice cube. I glanced back over there, they were sitting at the booth and were leaned in close together.

“It gets better.” She said.

“It does? How?”

“The boss has a light show set up, they change every few songs.” She grinned.

“Oh. That sounds neat.” I answered, grabbing some more peanuts.

“Want another?” She urged again. I looked down at my empty glass and nodded. A softer song came on as the bartender was fixing my drink as the dance floor turned blue.

I looked around, everything was blue, and there was a row of lights over the dance floor that came on. At least the damn strobe was off; I was starting to see spots. The couple got up and began to dance, the woman was leaning in close to the guy who was nuzzling her neck. They were movingslowly to the music, as I watched his hands came down and stroked the back of the woman’s legs. Then it was obvious that he was cupping the cheeks of her behind, she made no protest at all. For the next couple of minutes he rubbed her butt, I was pretty sure there was nothing underneath that short skirt at all. The guy that was leaned up against the bar got up and went over to one of the tables by the dance floor. I noticed that the couple sitting at one of the other tables was now turned and watching, too. The guy dancing had both hands on the woman’s bare ass, the skirt was clear up to her waist in the back.

“See what I mean?”The bartender lady smirking.

“Yea, looks like they are having fun.” I sipped my drink.

“Since the club opened, they come in here all the time, but the only time they get really naughty dancing is when it’s crowded like this.”

I grinned at her as she grinned back and went to wiping at the bar again. The guy on the dance floor let go of the gal’s ass when the song ended, but they both just stood there. The next song started up, the lights changed to much brighter. The couple were moving around slowly, his hands went right back to her behind again. When his hands began to work her ass cheeks, I was now completely sure she was naked under the skirt, as he pulled her cheeks apart almost in time to the music. When they slid by me, it was obvious he was opening her up so everyone could see between her legs. They came by close to me again, this time he swung her out and then back, her top was shifted over and one bare breast was exposed. It was smallish and perfectly formed, the nipple drawn down to a tiny button. She made no move to put it back, either. Then as he turned her back towards me he spread her behind out, I could see her pussy lips as clear as a bell. He actually stopped and held her just like that for a few seconds, lifting her upwards and towards him, her toes barely touching the ground. Her pussy opened and closed as he worked his fingers, and he was looking over her shoulder right at me.

Ohh, that was quite hot to watch. I realized my drink was empty again and the bartender lady refills the glass soon as she noticed it.

The couple kept right on dancing, the guy was exposing her completely and deliberately and she was letting him. He moved her over towards the other man, that guy leaned in, his face was only inches from her bare bottom. The light from the floor shined perfectly on her like a spotlight. This time her feet actually cleared the floor as he lifted her, and her legs splayed out wider. Then they moved back in front of me, he turned her so that her back was to me. This time when he lifted her up, holding her by her butt cheeks she brought her knees up to each side of his body. The tiny little floor light was shining right on her crotch, I leaned forward and could see clear up inside of her, so close I could have easily reached out and touched her. Her beaver was completely bare, not asingle hair on it. It was spectacular, and such a blatant and deliberate act. The guy definitely was opening her up, he wanted us to look at her.

The song ended, I realized I had been holding my breath. My drink was empty again and the bartender lady set another drink in front of me.

She tipped her head towards the man, he was now standing at the bar on the other end. I glanced over at the woman, she was sitting in the booth pointedly looking away. I lifted the drink to indicate thanks, not completely sure what the fuck was going on.

He came over to me and smiled.

“I’m Wakabayashi.” He held out his hand. Wakabayashi as in that goalkeeper from that old soccer anime?

“Ogawa.” I shook it.

“Do you like to dance?” He asked me.

“Uhhh.Yea, sometimes.”

“Maybe you would like to dance with her? She is my wife, she loves to dance.” He grinned at me.

“Well…OK…I guess. If she wants to.”

“She wants to, she said you look dashing.” He gave me another big grin.

“Ok.” Dashing, huh? What the hell, if she wanted to dance with me that was fine with me.

He nodded, then turned and went back to their table. I could see them become engrossed in conversation, then the woman got up and walked over to me.

“My husband says you like to dance….Ogawa-san? Ah, you can call me Yumi.” She smiled. “Would you like to dance with me?”

“OK.” I got up, unsure of myself, we went to the dance floor. She slipped into my arms and I began what I pretend to be dancing.

I was actually a not sure what was going on. But Yumi smelled good and she felt good, too, her movements quickly blended with mine. We danced an entire song, it was a mildly brisk slow number.

I started to lead her back to their booth, she whispered in my ear.

“Let’s do some more, OK?”

The next song was slower, she pressed into my arms. I could feel her soft breasts against my chest, then I glancing at Wakabayashi who just sat there grinning.

“You can touch me if you like.” She whispered in my ear.

“I think it’s unappreciated and disrespected toward your husband.”

Yeah, I really hate touching someone’s wife in that way and I’m not like that Furukawa Kenji!

“Oh, it’s all right. He likes it.” She whispered.

“Excuse me?”

Ha? He liked it? I glanced at the man in question who sat at the bar while sipping his glass. He was giving me a thumb of approval while grinning. Ok, I got permission from the willing man.

What? Am I just contradicting myself? Yeah, I just said I hate touching someone’s wife as it’s very unappreciated and disrespect toward husband. But it’s very different matter when you got husband permission! Well, for now, just keep it moderate and don’t show my expert techniques.

“I can do anything I want?”

“Ohh yes, my dear husband loved to watch. So just do anything you want to.” She whispered again, and there was a little catch in her voice. She reached her hand down between us and slid her top aside, pressed her bare breasts against my shirt. Ohh what bold lady!

Then she placed both hands behind my neck.

“Now reach down and put your hands on my behind, let Yuuya-san see, please? He gonna love it.” She repeated.

Without hesitation, I reached down and slid my hands under her skirt as we moved to the music, then we steered over to right in front of Wakabayashi. Yumi was doing most of the steering. I rubbed her bare ass, her cheeks felt like silk.

By now I had the picture, so I spread her butt cheeks out, watching Wakabayashi he leaned forward to look. I got that, too, so I let my fingers slide in there, the tips of my fingers reached her bare pussy right on the dance floor! I hunched my shoulders a little so I could reach her, the angle was a bit awkward. As I used my fingertips to spread her pussy open, Wakabayashi now had a slack jawed look on his face. We were stopped right in front of him, just swaying to the music, my fingers were stroking the length of Yumi’s slit. She seemed to lift on tiptoe and placed her legs wider, I let one finger slide inside slightly, then another. She felt very wet and let out a little moanwhen I did that. I reached farther and felt her tiny little button, stroked it with my now wet fingers, she shuddered when I did that. Be glad, girl! Because I was pretty much holding back. Otherwise you would squirt on dance floor and making scene here.

Just then the song ended, she tipped her head back and looked at me with a smile. Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Turning, she slid into the booth next to Wakabayashi. I went back to the bar and sat down.

Well, something like happen often back when I’m still in military, like doing something like that right out in public and with someone I didn’t even know.

“How is it?” The bartender lady asked grinning.

“Good. Were they always doing this?”

“Yea, every week they come in, dance nasty, she dances a couple of songs with someone else that feels her up just like that and then they leave.”

“Wow, that is something else. I guess they get their jollies that way?” I took a sip off of my drink.

“Yes, pretty obvious they do. You did good, that was hot?” I glanced at her, she was grinning at me. I realized the top half of one of her nipples was peeking out. I realized that she’s actually not wearing bra.

I gulped another mouthfuls of Vodka I began feeling dizzy. My head was starting to spin now so I knew I had had enough. More than this, I will get drunk.

“Well, here the water to make you feel better.” The bartender lady placed a glass of water front of me.

“Ah, thanks.”

The bartender smiled before she moved on to tend to customer on the side. Man, this bartender lady really know how handle customer. No wonder she’s pro. I gulped the water then I got out of the chair and made my way to the bathroom.

I wash my face as everything starts getting clearer. I completely sober up now.

….I completely forgot the reason I coming here and I realized that I have done something Ishouldn’t have. I was cheating on Evelyn. Oh god… what I have done…? Was that really me? If I right on my mind, I won’t do something stupid like that. Am I high?

My only excuse that I can come with was that maybe because I have too much stress after I have been through that I need to let me get out of my system once a while and took word ​forget everything literally and too far.

Since getting marriage that bitch, I always keep it moderate when I drink as I don’t want to make mistake. Now if I think about it, I have high tolerance toward alcohol before marriage and it shouldn’t affect me that much. But why it affects me now? Was it because my Eternal Pact with Evelyn?

I washed my again and return to bar, as I saw the bartender lady pour some vodka into the glass.

“Another, sir?” The bartender lady asked me if I’d like another drink.

“No, I guess I have enough tonight.”

“Are you going to leave? Shall I call you taxi?”Asked the bartender lady with concern.

Man, this bartender lady truly the best. No mean to offend the other bartender but it’s very rare to see bartender truly show concern like her. The credit went to the club for hiring this great lady!

“No, I’m fine. I actually was waiting for someone.”

I wonder when Grace showing up. Don’t tell me she forgot? No, she’s not the type would forget anything even something trivial.

“Oh, waiting for man or woman?”


“If I may ask, what kind of person she is?”

“Hmm, it’s alright I guess… The person I waiting was my ex-girlfriend. I was beautiful woman with strong personality. She was strict, kind, loving and fearless.”

For some reason the bartender lady smiled pleasantly.

“Oh, I hope you’re going to meet and reconciling with her.”

“I think that’s impossible caused I believe my ex-girlfriend was in relationship with someone.”

“So, you’re not discussing about reconciliation here?”

“Hahaha, no, we’re here not to discussing for something like that. You can say it’s a job related. It was her suggest to meet here and we’re separated in good term.”

“I see. Want another glass of water, sir?”

“Yes, please.”

She placed another glass of water before went to serve another customer. Man, the other bartender who work now looks amateurs compared to her.

I took a sip as I sank into my thought. I wondered what Evelyn was doing. Was she eating well? Was she still depressed like Emilia told me? Was she thinking about me and miss me? Because I missed her so much. And was she know, about what happen in throne room? Man, this was torture… I coming here to meet Grace and got some distraction under word of ​forget everything.In the end, I unable to forget about Evelyn.

I fell into silence while thinking that. But the silence didn’t last long until the bartender lady suddenly speaks to me.

“You seem have been through a lot.”

“….How can you tell?” I asked as before gulped the water. It was nice and cold. Man, women sure are sharp. First, Kirino, now this bartender also realized I had something on my mind.

The bartender lady smiled. “It’s just a women intuition, sir.”

Hah! How long since I heard that word again? Twenty years? And the way she speak those sounds really familiar to someone I know.

“Well, it’s been hard days since few days ago,” I said, “and guess, no matter how I act tough, it won’t hide how tired and stressed I am.”

“I see… that’s must be tough…How about you let everything out?”

“That’s rather personal question, lady”



“My name is Marie Linkstone. But just call me Marie.”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Marie. My name is…”

“Ogawa Kyousuke.” Marie cut in.

“How did you? Ah, the members card… So, give me a reason why I need to talk about my problem to someone I just met?”

“Oh, well, that’s because you are verge in breaking point. I can see in your face, you have so many problems on your plate but you don’t have someone have to talk. That’s why you need someone to talk. And I’m good listener.” Marie smiled at me.

Ugh, she’s right… I really need someone talking with, I want to yell, complain and etc. To let everything inside me out. But that someone is not present here. Then I realized the bartender lady set down another vodka front of me and gestured for me to drink.

“I’m sure I was done tonight.”

Marie glanced at me. “How about this… You know, drunkard always mumbling nonsense and people who heard their nonsense always pretends didn’t hear anything they said, it’s just booze talking.”

Drunkard always mumbling nonsense, huh…

I sighed and nodded reluctantly before took the sip.

I was hesitated to talking about my problem to stranger who I just met. But maybe it’s good enough to waste time. After all, it just drunkard mumbling. I had finished my glass and was now felt thoroughly more relaxed. Marie immediately refilled my glass. I sipped my glass but it already showed the effects… Ugh… my headache starting again.

I start talking about everything, from the end of my marriage to current situation. Well, I didn’t mention Isekai part though. In the middle of telling my problem, I start ranting, complaining, yelling and cursing. I know I was drunk already but Marie still listened to me and said nothing, she just pour another refill and I took another sip.

Then everything started getting blurry as I keep talking. The headache is return but I still continue talking to Marie. Then I heard my voice getting smaller, as I leaned to bar table. I thought I saw Grace when I looked behind my shoulder. She here? I wipe my eyes … then I found nobody there.

I turned around… everything start spinning….

Then I blacked out…


Next morning, half awake, the morning sunrays hit my face. When I opened my eyes I found myself in a soft canopy bed. I realized I was naked and a beautiful woman was clinging to me. She too was naked and had long black hair. Her figure would drive any man into a lustful stupor and her two large mounds where pressed against my chest.

Ah…. So, everything I just saw was nightmares. Nothing happen and everything is okay. Evelyn still with me.

My arms were around her and my left hand was cupping her big boob. I got aroused and started to fondle Evelyn and my erection went in between her legs searching for the one and only proper place for an erect penis to be.

“Ahn…”I heard a soft moan, and she stretched and turned slowly towards me giving me a deep kiss. Her hand took hold of my cock and fondled it lovingly.

Wait a minute, a black hair? Then I was suddenly not half awake anymore. It hit me like a cold shower. Because, instead of looking into Evelyn’s ruby eyes, I saw the sparkle of two glorious brown eyes.

It was Marie….The Bartender Lady.

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