Bonded Goddess – Chapter 14

My mind grew to panic as I found myself waking up in the same bed with Marie, the bartender lady that I just met the previous night. Could I be dreaming? No! It was real! This was reality!

Marie was a beautiful woman with long black hair. When I met her last night, I knew behind that bartender dress was an hourglass figure as I can clearly see her body line. Now, her body was completely exposed to me, her healthy and smooth wheat skin looked glossy and covered in sweat. She had bountiful big breasts, her ass was a plump and big and she had these really long slender legs.

Now, she was cuddled up next to me silently like we were close lovers! Not only that, she leaned her sexy and amorous body even closer as she rubbed herself back and forth while she grabbed at my morning wood through the sheets and blankets, stroking it. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do with her. Her boldness made it hard for me to think! Damn, she was good. If I was a virgin boy, I would have ejaculated already.

Marie smiled as she looked at me and put her free hand on my shoulder and brought her mouth to my ear and whispered softly.

“Good morning, darling. I hope you slept well.” Marie smiled brightly while stroking my dick.

“Erm… Good morning too, Marie,” I managed as I felt her hand move.

Wait…Did she just call me, darling?

Seeing me look frustrated, Marie giggled as she kissed my chest as she continued giving me a hand job.

I was confused. This was confusing enough that I was unable to say anything! No, I was not confused about the one-night stand part but what made me so confused was her eyes! I mean, she literally held my gaze with so much affection! Those eyes were filled with so much love and longing! What the hell did I do to make her show that face?! How did this happen!? Just what the hell happened last night?!

And I still didn’t know whether I should be excited or regretful. I mean, I never cheated on Yuriko when I married her but now, I had cheated on Evelyn! I really felt guilty towards Evelyn and thought I ought to withdraw before the situation escalated further! Especially, I felt something that I did with her was the greatest mistake, very stupid and completely horribly wrong.

I pushed Marie away and sat up, then exclaimed. “I’m sorry Marie, but how did I get in bed with you?”

Marie stopped touching my boner with her hands as she also sat up, which caused her big breasts to wobble, and she looked at me intently with her brown eyes.

Marie gave me a little smirk. “Don’t you remember?”

“Considering the way I feel, I assume that I got pretty drunk.”

“You could say that,” she laughed “You drunk too much last night. At first, I called a cab for you but I changed my mind. So, I brought you to my apartment and things happened.” Marie replied.

Changed your mind? Please don’t change it! What made you changed your mind? Don’t tell me my bad boy charm was still capable of charming a lady like her?! Is that the reason why she changed her mind!?

“Did…..we have sex? I can’t remember anything?” I asked, rubbing my eyes and trying to get my brain working again.

Marie smiled bashfully at my question.

I didn’t remember anything other than the shitty taste in my mouth, a sour stomach, and the ever-increasing pounding in my head. I had no memory of how I got there. In fact, my sluggish brain tried to recall the events of the night before. I was supposed to meet Grace last night! But I realized that I had no memory of meeting her. The last thing I could remember was… I hadn’t been that drunk. Had I?

I looked at Marie. Please say no! Just say no! No is the best!

“Yes, we did and you are so wonderful last night, that was the most wonderful sex in my life… too bad, you were too drunk to remember it… Well, at first, it was me riding you…Until… You know… Oh my, it so embarrassing by just remembering it. Anyway, it was unbelievable that I’m waking up with you in my bed.”

Yeah, it’s fucking unbelievable for me too that I’m waking up in your bed, naked and with your naked body touching me while you showing me such affection.

I still couldn’t believe her words until I noticed the wet spot on the bed. There appeared to be drying cum-stains. I looked at the stained sheet stupidly for a moment. Fuck! So, we actually did it, huh? Did I really fuck you so hard that it messed with your brain?

“And because of it, I need more loving, so please make love to me now, Kyou.” Marie continued.

Marie spread her legs so I could see her sweet nectar and sperm dripping out from her vagina which was prove we had sex last night. As I kept staring at her pussy, her pussy getting more soaked with excitement and looked so fucking hot. I could hear her breathing hard. Her mischievous smile and pink cheeks were so inviting. And Oh shit… That does really turn me on! I couldn’t resist her intoxicated invitation but I wouldn’t! I had Evelyn! I know I just cheated on her and I couldn’t make excuses of it! But I wouldn’t do it!

“No Marie, I’m sorry but I can’t…You are a very lovely lady, and I would love to make love to you. I’m very horny, and it is only with my greatest will power I can resist the temptation but I have my lover already.” I said weakly.

“Kyou, your lover wouldn’t know about this!” Marie pouted her mouth like a little child.

Yeah, Evelyn wouldn’t know especially as she was in her own world right now and our connection was sealed. She wouldn’t know and I could do anything I wanted! The young me would definitely say yes without thinking the consequences! But nope, I wouldn’t do it when my eyes open or while I’m conscious! I am not a cheater despite being one already! I shook my head before I actually fell to temptation.

“True, but I will know and it will rip me apart! What happened last night, if anything, I don’t remember. If I fuck you now, I will remember, that’s the difference. I’ll dress and take my leave. I am sorry. Please forget we slept together last night, Marie.”

I looked over the side of the bed and saw all my clothes on the floor. I got off the bed, picked up my clothes and dressed.

“Just like that? You think I can forget?” Marie said with trembling voice.

True, one can’t forget.

“….I expected you to but in the end, it’s up to you whether you want to remember or forget it.”

Hearing that, I paused to look at her. She was the verge of crying. Shit, I really sound like an asshole here. Part of me wanted to take her in my arms and hold her to comfort her. But I couldn’t.

“I am so sorry, Marie,” I said without turning back, I walked away as I closed the door behind me.

Outside of the apartment, I didn’t see my car anywhere nearby. Marie must have brought me here in her own car. I realized I didn’t have the car key with me. I guessed I left them on the night club or Marie’s apartment? Looked like I had to wait until tonight if I wanted them back at Luben Club or maybe I should check back on Marie’s… but it will be awkward after what just happened.

Should I call a taxi? Hmmm, I think I better walk to clear my head. Yeah, I guess I had to walk home from Marie’s apartment since it was not far from my house. It probably took 15 minutes to reach there.


As I walked down the street to my house, there was a moving truck parked next door, I saw three strapping young men lifting the back door of the moving truck. I guess the house next to mine had finally been moved into. I would like to say that I missed the Yajima Family, who had lived there until about six months ago, but I guess I relieved they are moving out. Why? I was used to the neighboring house being empty since the previous occupants had moved out a few months earlier, which was no big loss because that family seemed to think I was to blame for my wife and daughter leaving me, despite everyone else knowing it was my wife who had the affair and had left me. So, it was good to have an empty house next to mine, but even better when the new neighbors moved in. I wondered when the other neighbors moved out like the Yajima Family? By the way, the house next door was bigger than mine as it got a big yard and pool. I guess the new neighbor has quite a bit of cash in their pocket.

Well, as much I was looking forward to meeting a new neighbor. I really needed to clean up, for the strangest reason, I felt especially odd after what happen with Marie’s.

I arrived at my door and quietly searched for my keys and let myself in. Exhausted, I just let everything drop to the floor. I’d put that away later. I felt like just crawling into bed, but I felt sweaty and sticky from the walk, so I decided I’d take a hot shower.

After finishing the shower, I heard the moving truck pulling out, so whoever had moved was all settled in as I got changed into some more comfortable clothes

Alright, I’m hungry but I should bear it for now, since I needed to write down my plan to take Evelyn back. That’s what I was about to do until the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it only to be stunned. I was looking at foreign beautiful woman standing there in the open doorway.

She seems to be mid-twenties and was about 5’6” tall. She had beautiful platinum hair down to her shoulders. She had a pair of stunning blue eyes and a great smocking figure. She had a pair of nice, firm tits. They weren’t too big or too small and she was dressed up to be obviously sexy, she was wearing a tight blouse with the top two buttons undone, revealing her ample cleavage and the hint of a white lace bra. Her skirt was short flowing skirts that stopped a few inches above her knees. Her legs were bare and she was wearing some expensive looking white high heeled shoes. In short, she was hot as hell!

I realized I was staring for too long, and looking up and down at her sexy body, but she didn’t seem to mind it.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

She smiled, “Yes, my name is Jeanne Lefebreve, your new neighbor.”

Wow, her Japanese is fluent but she’s definitely not from here. European?

“Hi, I’m Ogawa, nice to meet you and welcome to the neighborhood.” I put a friendly smile.

“Thank you,” she said warmly. “I have warm lasagna for you as a greeting gift.”

Ohhh, what a nice new neighbor! I liked her already, she came when I hungry!

“Oh, really?” I felt like a total ass when I said this. “Thanks. Please come in.”

“Yes, Mr. Ogawa,” she simply quickly answered.

I gestured for her to come into the house and I led her through to the kitchen.

“Let me get you a drink, Jeanne, and please sit down.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ogawa. Can I have tea?”

I turned around and started to make the tea for Jeanne.

“Here’s your tea. Are you moving alone, Jeanne?” I placed her cup as I sat on the chair.

“No, I’m not. I’m living with my family. Even I’m looked like this I am a mother of two with a wonderful husband.” Jeanne smiled as she grasped thecup and cupped her hands around it, warming them.

Hmmm, married woman? But she had no wedding ring, I would have noticed. She saw me looking at her hand and said.

“I removed my wedding ring when I was showing the movers where to put a few things. I don’t want to dirty it with dust. After all, it was my prized treasure.”

“I see.”

I want to say, “That’s a very stupid reason, you know.” But I should refrain myself from being blunt to my new neighbor.

“So, where is your husband and kids right now?”

“We supposed to coming here together but my husband just left with my children to their new school, he sends his regard by the way.”

“I see, send my regard later.”

She smiled, she then told me about herself and family a little. She used to be a nurse on certain hospital and her husband was a professor, now he will start teaching at Tokyo University. The Lefebreve family was originally from Paris, and they had relocated to Japan. Jeanne had two children, a boy in middle school and a girl on an elementary school. Both of them have transferred to the nearby school.

“Mr. Ogawa, how long ago did you divorce?” Jeanne suddenly asked me.

I was surprised as I glanced over at her with a questioning look. How did she know about it? Did Yajima family or others tell her family about this? Guess, I’m gonna give them a piece of mind.

“Why would you ask me that?”

“Your finger has a slight tan line.”

Really? I quickly checked it myself. There was an actually a slight tan line! It was hazy. No wonder I didn’t notice it.

“Very perceptive, I’m flattered when married women check out my ring finger.”

“Well, considering we are even. After all, you checked out mine a few moments ago.”

We both laughed, however, I laughter quickly drifted back into silence. After a moment, I started talking again just to feel the awkwardness.

“Well, I’ve been divorced for two years already. The reason is I caught my wife with her lover in this house.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that…” Jeanne said with sad voice.

“Ah, It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

“Is there any chance for reconciliation?” she asked

“Nope. Not in this lifetime.”

“I see.” the woman nodded before a sudden smirk formed on her lips. “I have to say I’m surprised. I can’t imagine why a woman would leave a man as attractive as you. Was he a good looking man?”

I let out a cough. It had been a long while since anyone had ever really said I was attractive. Evelyn never said that to me, maybe because her fiancée is handsome? Even then, it was mostly as a means of flirtation. This woman wasn’t flirting with me, was she? I had heard about foreign women who fetishized Japanese men. She wouldn’t be one of these home wrecker women? A man who lives alone at home, who can be available while her husband goes off to work? Is this seriously one of those things?

“No… he wasn’t attractive…” I didn’t mean for my voice to sound so angry.

I wasn’t trying to just stroke my own eager here. If it came to attractiveness as a Japanese man, I’d say I was very attractive. That guy definitely wasn’t more attractive than me. I could never understand why my ex-wife chose him. I know he was richer, but I worked hard and she never wanted for anything. Ah… I was getting frustrated again. Jeanne seemed to be picking up on this, but she didn’t seem to be put off by it at all.

“Then… is it the equipment?” Jeanne grinned over her cup, looking down at the edge of the table, where my lap was hidden.

I instantly knew what she was implying. However, if I was confident in my looks, I was even more confident in my equipment. I snorted derisively, giving her a look that probably came off as narcissistic, but I didn’t care.

“Hmph… that couldn’t possibly be the case. My package has never failed to impress.”

Jeanne raised a single eyebrow, seeming amused. “Oh? I’ve heard Japanese men are quite small…”

“I can’t speak for other men, but I know my dick is exceptionally large!” I hit my chest as if to punctuate this fact, speaking a bit bolder than I should have.

“My… my… you’re not modest at all.” Jeanne giggled. “I wonder if it’s really as big as you say…”

“You doubt me?” I growled, standing up, “Fine… I’ll show you!”

“Ah!” Her eyes widen as I start unstrapping my belt.

She lunges forward, grabbing the best of my pants and keeping me from unzipping them. Her long fingers were on the inside of my underwear and her palms are rest only a few inches from where my cock resided. She glanced around nervously as if she was afraid someone would walk around the corner and see us there.

“Y-you… naughty… I’m married.” Jeanne hissed, her face flushed red.

“A-ah…” I was acting impulsively again, I saw that now. “S-sorry…”

Jeanne looked down, but she still had her hands on my belt as if she was thinking about something. “S-since that’s the case, it’ll be our little secret?”

My eyes widened. Was she seriously suggesting this? No! That… I had just cheated on Evelyn and I was still recovering from that fact. Now, I had this woman here. She was married! How could I possibly do to another man what my ex had done to me? Yet, the temptation was there. I couldn’t stop my dick from hardening until it threatening to push against the pants. Jeanne seemed to notice this, and one her hands jumped down and grabbed the shaft through my pants.

“Oh, my god… it really is huge.” Jeanne’s eyes widened as she felt the monster through my pants legs.

She looked up at me, her eyes seeming wrought with indecision. Meanwhile, I was like a deer in headlights, unable to react one way or another. Her other hand still gripping onto my belt started to work its way inside. Her hand was plunging down, moving to grab my cock. I knew what would happen next. She’d pop out my cock from the top of my pants. She’d fall to her knees. She’d start sucking me off in the middle of my kitchen. We’d take it to the bedroom. However, it wasn’t too late. I had to stop it now. The world seemed to move as if in slow motion. My mouth started to open to say something, although it would be anyone’s guess as to what.

The doorbell rang, and Jeanne nearly jumped like a cat. Her hand left the cock she was stroking through my pants, and her other hand retreated from inside my pants. She looked me up and down, and then laughed a little bit, instantly straightening her hair. I took a deep breath, not sure if I was regretful or happy for the interruption. The doorbell rang a second time, and she shot me a look as if to ask if I was going to answer it.

I nodded and walked away, my cock still hard from the previous stimulation. I made sure to readjust my pants just to make sure I wasn’t showing anything. Sigh, who was it this time? Kirino again? When I opened the door, there was a foreigner man standing there in the open doorway, around mid-thirties, he was dressed well and looks polite. He had blond blonde hair and was about six foot tall.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

He smiled, “Yes sir, I’m Robert. You can call me Rob. And I live right next door,” he said pointing to the house next door. “And I’m sure my wife pay a visit.”

I smiled back with a wooden expression, “Oh, Mr. Lefebreve. We have been expecting you! Please come in.”

“Ah, please call me Rob, friend.” The man offers his hand.

I shake his hand and led him to my kitchen where his wife was waiting. I immediately began to feel immensely guilty. Just a few seconds ago, his wife was inches away from giving me a hand job! I still didn’t know if I would have stopped her or not. Was I so completely weak-willed, or was I harboring some resentment for Evelyn? It must be the case. Evelyn never told me about her fiancé, and because of her silence I spent three days in a dungeon and being tortured by various members of her family. How could I not act out given the circumstances? At least, part of me tried to justify my actions in this way.

“Jean!” The man called out with a smile.

“Roby.” Jeanne smiled, putting on a more convincing face than I could.

Both husband and wife hugged the moment they saw each other. She immediately kissed her husband, a noisy wet kiss. More than that, she grabbed his butt.

“H-honey! What brings this on?” The guy named Rob cried out in surprised.

“I just really missed you…” She purred, rubbing up against him, even her crotch straddling his leg.

“I-I missed you too…” He gave me a helpless look.

Then they resume kissing. I frowned, but otherwise made no expression. I knew I shouldn’t be jealous or angry at a woman showing her husband affection, however, this Jeanne was doing it as overcompensation for nearly cheating. At least, that’s the way I saw it. I got her riled up, and now she was going to go fuck her husband. The thought made me feel complicated.

Maybe I should have just pushed her down and shoved my cock down her throat. That dark thoughtshot through my mind.

For a brief moment, I regretted not just pushing this woman down and enjoying her. A sadistic side of me wanted to make her cheat. I mean, to some people, we’d already cheated. Personally, I don’t consider it cheating unless my dick goes inside her. This morning, waking up naked in bed with Marie stroking my cock, I wouldn’t have even called that cheating, which is why I let her continue. So, I didn’t really feel guilt for Jeanne feeling me up. No, mostly I felt guilt for not knowing how far I would have gone. There was a time where I could say without a doubt I’d never cheat. Now… I wasn’t so sure.

“Ahem.” I coughed as I noticed Jeanne feeling her husband up through his clothing as if to shower him with all the love she had been tempted to use on me.

My voice was loud enough that both of them looked up at me.

“Get a room, you people.” I put on my best smile.

They looked each and then hastily walk to door. The idiot couple left with a meaningful smile, I guessed their kids were going to have a little brother or little sister soon. I think this Jeanne woman with her Japanese fetish was a little too dangerous. I probably won’t invite her in next time. Yeah, that would be the best solution. Rather than making another mistake I’d regret, I’d keep my distance from this homemaker MILF.

Ok, I was completely distracted thanks to my new neighbor. But anyway, let me get back to my plan to take Evelyn back from her world!

All I need now is a weapon and right equipment! But the thing is I don’t have any of them… I used to have a few of them but I sell it for my college’s expense.

Then I heard my smartphone. I saw the number. It was Grace. So, I answer it.


“Kyou, I’m sorry about last night. I was caught up with something so I couldn’t make it.”

“No, it’s okay. I enjoy free drinking thanks to your gift. “

“… I see.”


“I will be waiting for you on Luben Club tonight.”

“Ok, I’ll see you there.”

I went to my garage only to find nothing. Right, my car was still there… I needed to call the cab.

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