Bonded Goddess – Chapter 25


The man roared furiously as he charged at me with his scimitar gleaming dangerously as it scythed down to take my head off. Not really.

Currently, I was standing in middle of arena as I glanced up at the sky as night approached, noting the orange lights that were slowly creeping out from beneath the horizon. The fresh breeze caressed my armor – I couldn’t feel it, but I heard it nice and clear.

The audiences were excited and booming, while DB and his knights were sitting in their usual seat watching the match in leisure.

You know, today is semi-final match yet my opponent was nothing special. How I should put it in right word? My opponent was sloppy.

I don’t mean to be arrogant but he is just another mob. Before match start, my opponent clicked his neck and approached me like a wrestler who ready to crush his opponent. I thought he was strong but I was wrong. He aggressively attacking me yet his attack never land! Guess my expectation was too high, huh.

“I will be the winner!!”

As I watched him approach, I immediately frowned – it was almost as if I was watching him charge in slow motion.

Too slow.

With long sword pressing my right hand, I casually blocked his slash with ease, crossing their blades to catch his scimitar. As the man struggled to press his blade down, I twisted my body and lashed out with a foot, kicking his abdomen with such force that he was flung across the arena.


I wasn’t done. Before him could land, I was already sprinting toward him. Jumping high up, I whirled around before swinging my leg down in a devastating axe kick that smashed into the ground where the man landed. The man, credit due his, was able to recognize the danger and roll away just barely in time.


Panting and clutching his abdomen in pain, the man grimaced as he shakily rose to his feet. His eyes widened when he saw the crater my foot had left on the concrete ground, but he gritted her teeth and determinedly gripped the hilt of his scimitar.

“Getting tired?” I said behind my mask.


With a resolved yell, he swung his scimitar and unleashed the destructive cloud of razor-sharp strike at me.


Ups! That was dangerous. I dodged it aside. Some sort of spell flew past me and hit the wall behind me. I could hear the stone rumbling.  Is that wind magic? Well, it doesn’t matter to me though.

I pulled my gun from the holster with free hand. I raised it to fire at the man.

*Bang* *Bang*

But unfortunately, the bullets didn’t hit the target as he have shield to protect himself. A barrier? No. Not a magical barrier that Elsha has, but a real shield. I’m sure it was enhanced with magic or it was magical shield. The moment bullets hit the shield, it bounces the bullets like normal shield would do with white glow effect. That’s kinda cool though.

The man charged and brandished his scimitar at me. The first two slices were easy enough. I parried the third strike with my gauntlet, as I didn’t have time to dodge. The strike resonated through my body like a shockwave.

HEAVY!? In a suave movement, I jumped aside. Then my opponent uses that as chance to pressing his charge. He attacked me at great speed. It now felt he was slicing two times at once. He bore down on me with all his strength, forcing me back.

Alright, I guess I underestimated this guy. He has changed his attack pattern when he realized that he can’t keep attacking like that. Now, his attack more organized and focus than when he blindly attack me. Geez, maybe because winning easily through those tournaments made me overconfidence with my strength and unconsciously look down on my opponents. I really should stop doing that.

With him this close, I raised my gun again and shot him. The man didn’t have time to block them with his shield and the bullets were buried into his plate armor but didn’t pass through. Tsk.

Seeing the bullets didn’t affect him, the man bashed my face with a full force shield. To be honest, it didn’t really hurt me. Well, let’s return his punch.

“Uhg!” The man grunted as I punched his face, and kicked his stomach, then I swapping the handgun to the shotgun.


The man quickly ducked under his shield, but the force from point blank shotgun shot made him jumped backwards for few meters.  As if doesn’t want to let me to shot me again, he slashed at me. I parried the blow with my sword then kicked the ground hard, causing dirt and dust to fly up and hit the man’s eyes. Well, that’s enough to blind him for a second.

“Ahh! You-”

The man quickly raised his shield to cover himself from incoming shot.


I shot the shield with my shotgun in point blank, and the shield flew all way to the audience. The shield hit the empty benches, and the sharp edges buried into the stone. Man, that thing was durable and heavy.

With his shield gone, the man growled as he slashed me again, but once again, I parried his slash with my sword. I put my shotgun away. I don’t want to waste more ammo on mob.

After few clash, he kept distance, then swiped the dust from his eyes. I can see his eyes were red from tears that had wiped the sand away.

The man charged at me. I guess it’s time to stop this farce. Sighed, I gave him a good old kick to the ear and uppercut to his face. I could hear bones breaking.  The man’s face was all bloodied.

“Should’ve worn a helmet, huh?” I mocked, but the man asked with a bloodied spit that also included a tooth.

The man tried stand again. Geez, this guy quite persistent. He doesn’t want prevail that easy. I give him that.


As he rose, I reward him with shot at the man’s leg. The bullet had pierced his ankle as blood was spattered on the ground.

“Aaargh!” The man fell.

He tried to reach his scimitar out as he crawl. As he managed grab his scimitar. The man attempted to rise up once more. But once again, my shot pierced through his bicep. He fell on the ground on top of his scimitar that also sliced his nose.

“Ouch! That must’ve hurt!” I grinned.


The gong smash the bell can be hear through the whole arena.

I heard the audience yelling something incomprehensible… They were yelling for me. Oh shit! I was famous! The audience cheered me on, and I had to raise my fists in the air like a boxer who just won a match.

With this, I proceed to final.


After the match, I went back to the lobby. I walked to the tournament board and the remaining three numbers within. I had still yet to see whether Mike would be one to proceed.

As I walked to my room, and stripped some of my armor off, I felt an excruciating pain on my body. I had to stop to take a breather. I threw the parts on the floor and lied down on the bed.

Ouch… I feel so tired…. The feeling wasn’t too bad, but my body was aching – a simple healing spell that would be nice right about now. Since this is something that my regeneration couldn’t heal. Apparently, the regeneration only healing physical wound. It didn’t heal sore and aching. Maybe Fianna could help? Nah, I should just suck it up. This wasn’t my first time to suffer injuries.

The wardrobe was next to the door. Turning on my side eased up my pain, besides I couldn’t bother to drag the thing in this condition if the intruder would come.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself in the park that was next to my house in Japan. During Hanami, the place was absolutely astounding. The birds were singing in the warm sun. The people were chattering around me. I often thought about how Evelyn would feel about Sakura (Pink Cherry Blossoms). I guess this world had a lot more amazing things than Sakura, but to an earthling like me, that was something nostalgic.

I must’ve dozed off. I don’t remember thinking this any further.

I should sleep….


In next morning, I ate my MRE in my room as I turn on TV like device on my room.

It was holographic TV. I just found about this thing last night out of coincidence when I sat on chair cleaning my guns. Then suddenly I heard click sound, I thought I accidently switch something.

Maybe it was hidden door or something. As I start to wonder, as if to answer my question, a holographic screen appeared. Surprised, I raised my head and stared at it.

I was like It was fucking TV. A holographic at that! No wonder Evelyn doesn’t look impressed when she saw TV on my house.

Well, anyway. I can use this TV thing to see Tournament result. Then why bother checking the board on lobby? Don’t ask~

Mike had reached the finals as I predicted. His opponent hadn’t had a chance either. It was his usual win. He liked to feast upon his prey. I hope he grants me this same favor so I can use that to defeat him. And I should prepare to fight him. Mike was the only one that even could possibly give me a hard time. He was good. I’ll give him that.

I was almost entirely healed. Yeah, optimally I’d take another day of rest, but beggars can’t be choosers. Maybe I should go to gym to warm up. The gym was empty. All the other contestants were eliminated, and I could train all by myself.

Hmmmmm….. Nah, I think I better go to Library to see Fianna.

As I walked there, I padded my way over to find Fianna there, standing in front of the desk, she was mumbling something, writing it down, and then mumbling some more. The dusty air that smelled of old newspapers invaded my nostrils as I approached her that as she was oblivious of my presence.

Then she bends over to pick something on table, pointing her butt at me.

She surprisingly had nice butt. I wanted to open my mouth, but the sight froze me; I couldn’t stop myself from checking out her round ass, molded perfectly by her slim skirt.

Normally, I could control myself but, combining my current state of feeling a bit weird. I decided to prank her. With Fianna still not noticing me, I slowly approached her from behind. Before she could do anything, I reared back with one hand and firmly brought it forward, giving Fianna’s ass a nice smack of love. A very hard one smack.


“Sup!” I said out loud as my hand collided with her firm ass-cheek, making a loud sound upon collision, my fingers digging in slightly as soon as I made contact.  She jumped as I did this. That spank must caught her off guard.

“Kyaaaaa!” She screamed, eyes wide in surprise as she rubbed her ass.

People in the library jumped, but I couldn’t hear but slightly annoyed murmurs echoing around the room.

Fianna was furiously blushed. But I had noticed something – something that flashed across her face for just a moment. A look of anger, embarrassment, combined with something else. Her eyes looked glassy. Her cheeks were flushed. Her lips parted with a gasp and I could see saliva forming on her mouth. This was a look what could only be described of pure, concentrated lust.

With her cheeks flushing with indignation, Fianna turning to face me.

“KOUSUKE!!” She screamed half in shock and half in outright indignation as she moved away from me while holding her butt.

The lustful look passed quickly as she erased it from her face, as if she didn’t want me to notice. Fianna gave me a stink eye along with other people I had scared.

“You bastard! What the hell do you think you are doing!?!!” The elf girl half-screamed and half-shouted, her eyes dangerous and her hands clenched tightly into fists.

“…Erm…” I don’t know how to make excuse here.

Fianna’s eyes flashed with anger as she waiting for me to answer.  Wow, she completely pissed and discarded everyone in library. But to be honest, her angry faces… still cute… that face made me want to tease her more.

“Erm… Spanking you?” I replied to her as I looked innocently at her.

“AND WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?” She demanded, her face was flushed in red

“Well, because you present your butt to me when I come here… so I can’t help it but spank you. Man, that’s really soft.”


Fianna gaped, mouth hanging open as shock overwriting her expression. I guess she didn’t expect that kind of answer.



Before Fianna could say anything, everyone in the library remind her to be quiet. Fianna bowed to them apologetically.

Fianna glared at me. She taking a deep breath and sat down.

After finally calmed down, she took another deep breath before she turned to half-glare at me.

“SO….” She said with a cold tone. “What are you doing here, Kousuke? Beside hitting my delicate butt?”

“I’m so sorry for that. And no, I don’t come here to spank you.”

Even though I want do it again if I could.

With huff, she t resuming what she’s working on before I come here.

“You probably heard about this but I have reached the finals.” I stated.

“Oh, congrats!” Fianna said less interested, she keep writing an unknown language to the parchment paper.

“So, is that it?”

“Erm… No, I wanted to talk with you about the magic. I think I understand… Some of it.” I sat down in front of her.

“Go on,” Fianna said keeping her gaze on the paper.

“I think I am ready to do something.”

“Well, what’s stopping you?”

Okay. She was ignoring me. I know spanking her was bit too far. But chill out, woman.

“The fact that I haven’t ever done magic?” I smirked sarcastically.

“Wait. I need to concentrate on this…” Fianna started mumbling as her pupils moved through the lines hastily.

Guess she was busy. If had I known she was this busy, I wouldn’t bother her. But since I already here, let’s wait for her.

Took one hour until she close her book.

“Okay. Sorry. I was stuck with few things.” Fianna apologized.

“Took you long enough,” I said.

“What’d you want to do?”

“I already grasp the basic of magic. Now I want to practice offensive magic. I’d like to learn something to go along with my natural skills.”

“Hmmm. Let’s go.” Fianna smiled and I followed her into a door I hadn’t seen previously. This library sure is big.  The door opened into a hall that looked like a fencing arena. The tapestry on the hallway was coloured deep red, almost the colour of the wine. On the tapestry I saw, magical symbol embroidery.

“This place is somewhat used for practice.” Fianna stated as we walked in the long hall.

“Like magic testing?”

“Exactly. Here we can practice in peace.” Fianna said and then waved her hand.

I could hear a faint glimmering sound as I saw the magic surround me. The feeling was pleasant, surprisingly likeable.

“So, you wanted to boost your natural skills, like strength and speed?”

“Yeeaaah… What did you do to me?” I examined my body.

I didn’t see anything that reminded me from extra arms or such monstrosity.

“Don’t worry. I just cast a simple spell, which helps you stay awake.” She smiled. “Useful for long study hours.”

“Right.” I pulled the spell book, Fianna had given to me a few days back, and skimmed the pages, until finding what I had found this morning. “This one.”

It was a picture of a man with green waves of spells, covering his legs, ankles, wrists, and that kind of stuff. It was a dexterity spell. The one Mike was most definitely using.

“Okay. It’s good you’ve chosen something simple.” Fianna leaned, and then took a wide pose. “Follow my example and listen closely. I need you to focus.”

“All right” I followed her example.

Fianna started the incantation. It sounded like normal language, but it wasn’t similar. The words were distant, not the words humans. As if they were from the divine entity of magic. Her body started glowing with green aura same as the parts showcased in the book.

“This is a enhancement spell, the effect is not really something suited for a girl like me”. She said and tried to shadow box. “As you can see, I feel faster already.”

I chuckled. She looked beyond cute. She obviously had no idea about martial arts, but the basic spell like this was all about giving a slight boost – nothing much more to it.

“Your turn.”

Okay. You can do it Kyou. I took a deep breath and started to mumble the incantation.

“Louder! Why you mumbling like a girl?! Aren’t you a man!?” Fianna said strictly.

I raised my voice, but she had made me lose track of the spell. Fuck – could she be quiet? I needed to begin from the start.

I said the incantation out loud and felt something for the first time. I felt something. The feeling was similar to one; I had when I wore my armor, but… It was more than that. I felt vigor coursing through my veins, like packing power to my ankles. Legs. Knees, arms and biceps. I could breathe more deeply, more clearly.

“Wow! I did it!?” I took a few steps and felt my muscles responding – they demanded more.

I started running in the hall. The still air of the hall felt now like a hurricane. I jumped to a wall and ran against it vertically for a good ten feet. I took leverage from the back wall and did a backflip with ease.


I boxed and kicked through the air like in those corny kung fu movies. Climbing the wall or something like double jump didn’t seem to have an issue.

The sight must’ve looked like something three-year-old would make, but I don’t care. I was the first human from Earth who practiced the magic! A real magic!

I stopped until I saw Fianna staring me in awe. She was blushing and turned her gaze away as I responded to her smile. She was into my raw masculine power. As if.

“The spell. It suits you Kousuke.” Fianna said shyly.

“I know, right?”

I looked my hands, and I was now confirmed that the sky was the limit for my abilities. I can now use magic against magic. I am not an expert. Not yet. But learning even simplest magic was a huge milestone for me.

“This spell lasts only about fifteen minutes.”

I nodded approvingly. Great, I have two days before final… If I focus on magic training, I could kick Mike’s ass in final!


Finally, the day has come…

Today is the final day of the tournament and I am more than ready.

After learning strengthening spell that day, Fianna had taught me a few more simple spells and I had spent my two sleepless night to learning and practicing. Seriously, after learning magic from her, I realized how great she was as magician. Wait, maybe Arch Magus definitely fit her best.

She even cast something on me before yesterday and the way she cast it was kinda…. Weird and arousing…no, no sexy scene… It just her strange way… But I don’t understand why she would go that far to help me though.

Taking deep breath, I left the waiting corridor and walk towards the arena for one last time.

As I entered the arena, Mike also entered the arena. I could hear it from the Audience’s reactions – the resounding cheer. I’m not sure who had more fans.

Stone corridor clanked under my boots, the faint light above signaled me from approaching bloodshed – It was time to send that fanatic back to home. I could just forfeit and give the win to Mike so he could enjoy licking ass of his god’s, but I am not a coward. It’s not my nature. Yeah.

The bright blind blinded me for a second or two, but I heard that I had arrived in the arena.

The audience cheered. The banners were waving in the air, but my current number was 69. Seriously, this number 69 just keeps making me laugh. The number combo might have a different meaning in this world, who knows.

I saw my opponent, Mike, resting his hand on his hilt – ready to unsheathe the blade. Hmmm? After looking properly at his sword… I finally noticed that his sword was katana. Shouldn’t I be the one should wearing a samurai sword? I am Japanese for crying out loud! It was my heritage weapon, and this guy was from… Eh… Wherever his hometown was….

I looked at my sword. I think I should get upgrade for this thing.

DB stomped to the edge of his balcony and raised his hands to greet the audience.

“The two competitors stand before use. Sand under their feet and sun on top their head – the purgatory of honor.” DB silenced the audience.

For the love of god, another speech? Make it quick. Not that I had much to say about the matter in the first place.

“Preserving traditions has always been Taebutopia Rey’s number one priority. Lord Leonardo himself designed this tournament in respect to his origins.”

“Fencing has been a gentlemen’s way to settle disputes. However, as we’re not looking for a perfect gentleman, the usage of spells and other weapons is not forbidden but resented greatly.” DB concluded. “In the event of a draw, we shall judge the winner by the minutes they’ve honored the art of sword fighting.”

Yup, I won’t use anything but my sword. I need to use it to beat this guy. He might be better, but I am clever, highly trained military soldier. Besides, more weaponry I save, more I can actually use for their righteous purpose; to kill everyone in front of me. Including this DB if necessary. To more I think of it, killing DB is likely. The commander is the last link before the last boss; Leonardo.

“Well, Let’s the match begin!” DB said then sat back to his usual seat.

The sound of the resounding gong signaling that the match has started and both I and Mike were circled each other in the arena from the safe distance.

I could see Mike was silently casting a spell. At least until I saw the faint glow that gently enveloped his blade and his body.

Well, the current me can do the same thing! I silently chanted. The incantation worked, and I felt revitalized once more. I felt the spell on my fingertips, as I squeezed my blade and eyed the movements of my opponent; I could tell this fight was going to be a gory one.

Neither one of us make a first move. I knew this was Mike’s gesture of respect towards me, but this was not the case for me. For me this was just plain smart – the counterattacking style suited me, the assumed underdog quite well. The audience sat in their seats, relatively silent, leaning forward, and observing our every move with great interest.

Soon enough I decided to make my move. I wasn’t going to let this drag out for too long. I ran towards him as he waited patiently. It’s going to be a trap, but I prepare for that.

I raised my sword, but deliberately missed, so, I could set-up my counterattack without him noticing. Mike didn’t see this coming, no, but he was just too fucking fast.


He parried my counterattack and pushed me aside. He sliced my armor, but the armor withstood the slash… Barely. Fuck!

He thrust his sword but the fierce stab missed me, and I returned the favor. Mike ducked down, and ruthlessly continued with a middle swing. I had to block the blow with my gauntlet as I had no time to raise my blade.

Mike pummeled my face with the hilt of a sword. I could hear ringing in my ears and the strike felt like getting hit by a car. I shook the pain off and set a flying knee to his chin. Mike flew backwards, as sliding on the ground.

Ouch… that’s really hurt as hell. To think this is my first injury since the tournament start.

I could feel warm in my forehead and saw my armor damaged a bit. Seriously, few of his slash actually cut through this armor. He had cut through my armor for real! The blow had sunk to my flesh and the wound was bleeding rapidly. I think the spell he cast obviously enhanced his strength immensely. Maybe advanced version of the spell I uses?

Well, it didn’t seem to hurt very much. All it did was made me more motivated to crush this man. Maybe it was just adrenaline talking. But it’s great, the wound still haven’t effect my ability to move my body.

Mike immediately sprang into action. Sprinting across the arena, he slashed his sword down with all his strength.

This time it’s my turn parrying his attack.

“What?!” Mike roared. Increasing the pressure, but I held firm. What? Is that really surprising for you that I could block your attack?

Well, let’s be honest here, I struggled to hold him off.

Then I saw his blade glowing again. Shit… Blinking in surprise, I retreated a little.

“Take this!” Mike blasted a yellow arc of energy toward me at pointblank range.

I blocked the attack with my sword, but the energy blast exploded upon contact, instantly engulfing me in a white cloud of smoke.

Coughing, I staggered out of the smoke, only to barely see the whistling blade come at me.

Twisting my body, I managed to just about avoid the tip of the blade by mere millimeters. Jumping away, I quickly raised my sword up to block several consecutive slashes. I managed to force his blade away several times, but he relentlessly pursued me. Finally, I succeeded in throwing him off my tracks by pushing him back with a single, forceful swing of my sword. I then seized the opportunity to hop a few steps back and put a good distance between my opponent and myself.

However, Mike mercilessly pressed on without giving me a break.

“Ora!” he yelled as he thrust his sword toward me. At first I wondered why he would execute a thrust so far away, but the answer came in the form of a white bolt of energy that streaked out of his blade and hurtled toward me.

I dove out of the way in time. I could almost feel a buzz of energy as the bolt passed just millimeters above my hood, singeing the fabric of my armor. The bolt of energy rushed past and struck the wall behind me, cracking it a little. Tsk… I really hate lightening user.

Rolling to my feet, I went for a strike, and Mike answered. We parried the blow, and I could feel the slight shockwave running through my body like earth tremors. I tried to push him aside, by kicking his ankle, but he had no trouble moving aside. This guy is tough.


A quick stab slashed my mask. The blade had come close to my eye and cut brow open. The blood was flowing to my eye. Luckily, my mask was still intact for most parts. I needed it to stay incognito.


As we clash our sword again, Mike was delivering slash after slash and forcing me into the defensive.

As I retreated, I took my knife and pushed it into Mike’s side abdomen. The forceful blow made him back off, and I saw my knife sticking out from bleeding mess. Mike pulled out the knife and smiled widely as like complimenting me. Are you serious? I had penetrated his flesh but he still can withstand that? I should take a note that everyone in this world was too stubborn to die. For example, Evelyn, she’s strong enough to stay alive with wide cut on her back while bleeding like crazy. Or maybe this guy wasn’t even human.

Then the audience exclaimed resentfully. I had used a knife, so what?

Mike clicked his head and readied his stance. He treat the stab I give like wasn’t enough to hinder his ability to fight.


Then he lunged at me, bringing his sword down in a vicious arc, like a falcon after its prey. Mike swept my side, and I could see my blood splattering on the ground – fuck, that hurt! I had dodged, but it didn’t match his extreme speed. He swept again, but this time it was time for a lesson. I jumped then kick him on his stomach. It was enough. Mike fell on his back, but the momentum carried him forward for another ten meters.

Pushed my advantage against my dizzy opponent, I charged toward him as Mike was struggling to back on his feet.  I quickly grasped his shoulder and threw him against the wall. Before sliding on the ground; however, Mike turned and used the wall to propel himself forward.

Damn, this guy has bigger body than me but he is so nimble!

Just as his sword carved into my shoulder. I took this trade as I had managed to push him into the exposed area below his ribs. This spot was painful to strike, but it wasn’t lethal. And Mike’s counterattack proved to be quite efficient as well. It’s really hurt.

I quickly re-casted my spell. I could feel the spell stunting the flow, and I could breathe freely. It was becoming my habit. Sadly, the boost doesn’t stack up, eh? Would’ve been nice.

Then Mike hopping back to put some distance between us and pulled something from his waist and threw blade like kunai towards me. The time moved like slowed. The whirling blade penetrated through my left arm and my right leg!  Blood spilling from my wounds as I dropped to my knees, reeling from pain.

As he glanced at me who still on his knee, Mike didn’t hesitate and seized the chance to attack me!

Bring it on! As long I can still move, I shall retaliate!

Mike slash in three strikes, I deflected his strike with my blade. Our swords moved so fast that the eye could detect nothing but a blur. What is this? I could match his movement solely depending on my instincts. It doesn’t matter! I had to finish the fight as fast as possible. My armor couldn’t keep up with me much longer!

He lunged across the arena at superhuman speed, thrusting heavily with his sword. White, vicious tongues of energy lanced from his blade, slicing and tearing into everything that was in his path. Rearing back, they dove at me voraciously, eager to bite into my flesh.

Guess it’s time for me to use another spell. A magic that

Holding up my sword, I allowed my magical energy to stream into the blade and explode in a white flash. The white energy solidified into a transparent wall that stood before me like a shield. Towering over me and Mike, the energy shield held firm against the vicious tongues of energy.

Even as the tongues of energy dissipated, the massive shield remained, sparkling in the air. However, the sword that formed the core of the arcane shield did not share its durability.

Phew, I managed success this time…

Sensing movement in front of me, I instinctively stepped to the side, allowing Mike to fly past me. With my free left hand, I slammed my palm into Mike’s midriff and allowed the accumulated magical energy there to detonate at the point of contact. Alright, let’s use basic offensive magic that Fianna taught me! This is her original magic.



Mike’s scream tore through the air as he flew across the arena, past the ring and slamming into the wall just below the spectators’ seats. He vanished in an explosion of dark dust and white mist, the white energy suspended over his fallen body like a mocking blanket.

Lowering my palm, I pointed my sword at Mike, knowing that such a low-level technique wouldn’t incapacitate him. Still, I was amazed at the devastating effects a simple palm strike could produce from just supplying tons of magical energy to it. Fianna was right when she taught me that the basics of magic! The foundation is everything! As I can do it in right away, even basic offensive magic can be dangerous!

“That was powerful defensive technique,” Mike grumbled as he stumbled out of the smoke before falling to his knees. Thrusting his sword into the ground, he leaned on it to prevent himself from totally collapsing. His entire body was full of wounds. Even his suit was not spared, with huge gouges and rips in the expensive fabric. I doubted a professional tailor would be able to mend it. “I see why you focus mostly on defense now.”

“I still can fight!” Mike panting as he tried to stand “I… can’t afford to lose….”

With eyes full of determination, he pointed his blade at me.


What a man… this guy won’t stop until he completely defeated. I guess this guy is not your usual fanatic. This guy has pure intent to serve Leonardo. Guess, I should respond his fighting spirit with respect. Heh.

“Come,” I replied, as I readied my fighting stance.

With a sudden explosive burst of strength, Mike jumped to his feet and lunged at me with his sword, yelling in vigor.

I assumed a familiar stance and shut my eyes to concentrate. As per my practices, my magical energy began to flow into my sword.

I calmly waited as he drew closer. Once he was within range, I open my eyes as I flung everything I had into this strike.  I swung my sword with all my might. A golden black wave of magical energy swallowed Mike and doubled back on him and leaving smoke as the arena shaking.



What the fuck I just did!? I did that?! How is that possible?! There is no way I could do that?! Is that my cheat?! I actually could use Getsuga Tensou?!

Oh shit, this attack just swallows my opponent… Is he dead?! Please don’t tell me I actually kill my opponent! As the smoke cleared, I saw Mike lying on the ground.

Then one knight of the knights went to his side checking Mike’s condition.

He was alive.

I know what that means… I have won!

I rose my hands up in the air and the whole audience booming as they responded to my call. I was standing there victorious, exhausted in front of the audience that roared like a lion. Seriously, this is so tiring. I felt energy slowly escaping my body.

Then I scanned the audience and find the beautiful woman in the audience seat stared me, smiling widely. It was the beauty; Goldi! She looked overjoyed. Why? What’s she’s look happy? Is she happy for me? It’s hard to believe if you think our shared history. It was a strange one. But that face. That expression raised so many questions.

The knights had teleported into the ring. The DB walked up to me and hugged me. I resisted a bit since I slightly resented everything that had something to do with that thief, Leonardo.

“Congratulations, champion!”

The knight behind me suggested me to get on my knees. I didn’t comply; the line had to be drawn somewhere. Why would I? He wasn’t the king. The people must have their limitations. Instead, I saluted him with familiar army salute, which worked fine what I can tell. Hmph. I guess I just had seen the salute somewhere because what I intended to do was a basic hand-to-brow salute…

“The title is yours. Please, let’s go talk more details in somewhere less crowded.” DB said with a charming smile.

“Your champion, number 69!” DB raised my hand, and then he waved, and all of us teleported into a different place.

This wasn’t the lobby. This was… This was the congress hall. Royal hall considering the fine setting. You know the place before the ramparts.

DB poured himself a glass of alcohol that left a lingering fragrance similar to brandy. He raised a bottle to me like hinting ‘one for you?’.

“No. Thank you.” I responded even though, after the match, I could really use a strong drink.

I couldn’t take my mask of needlessly. Who knows what would happen?

“So, Oda Kousuke. Number 69.” DB sipped the glass.


DB smiled and nodded. He looked into the horizon through large glass doors. We were on the upper floor, as I could see town from this room through window.

“You can rest after meeting the lady.”

“By all respect, I would like to get to the work right away.” I meant what I said.

I had enough with charade. Cut the bullshit and let me get Evelyn back to earth.

“So. Eager.” DB said almost as he was amused. “A man of action. My kind of man.” He was gleeful.

“As you wish.” DB finished the glass and faced me

“As the champion, you shall be the personal bodyguard of the very important person for the Taebutopia Rey family.”

“Yes. I have heard.”

“Interrupting your supervisor, already? We’ll see where this attitude takes, an action man, like yourself.” DB smirking.

“You’re responsible from the safety of Sera Taebutopia Rey.”


“You shall leave this evening, get your property ready”

What? Is this a joke? I frowned but fought against it regardless of my mask.

“And dismissed.”

DB waved, and one knight stepped forward. I didn’t say anything as the knight took me out.


What the hell I am doing now?!? Fucking stupid asshole competition. FUCK! All the time slipped away like sand in a fucking hourglass! Everything was a fucking mess. AGAIN! This world was a fucking mess!

I completely was wasting time for this!! Who the hell want to serve TR family?!


I had dropped my armor and weapons to the smith, but I had generous five to six hours left to my departure of this. Apparently the house of TR would cover all my expenses. Geez, what a generous family!

“Calm down.” I had to say it out loud.

Thanks to my regeneration, my injuries were recovered already. But it still leaving sore to my body.

The clock was about 3 pm, Fianna still in the library. The information she provides will come handier than ever. Yeah. I remember she used the word ‘might’ but screw that. She will tell me or cry and tell.

This information was only thing keeping my sanity. I couldn’t let it be wasted unless I had been wrong about interpreting her friend which is maybe someone else to Evelyn.

No, don’t be negative. Trust your luck! Even though my luck is barely paying what I deserved.

“Hmph.” I had entered the library, the library was empty and Fianna wasn’t in her ordinary research corner.

I looked around the library, and grew anxious; what if she’d seen I won and bailed? She’s fucking with the wrong person, I’ll tell ya. No luck in the magic practice area either. Should I ask the librarian? Oh, right, she must be in the café.

I walked there only find the café was closed.

“CLOSED?!” I yelled.

“That’s right, champion.” A female voice replied.

It was the woman from the hag’s shop

“Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. I just wanted some coffee… bad.” I wheezed sheepishly.

“This place is mostly used for public events or parties. The amount of people that actually live here is quite limited.”

“So, most of the shops are open only ‘during the season’, you say?” I asked.

The woman nodded, smiling widely.

“Okay. Sure. Thank you. I’ll be seeing you around…” I bowed and turned to library.

“You sure will.” I heard over my shoulder, but when I turned the woman wasn’t there.

What a strange lady.

I sat down on the table where Fianna usually sat. Her magic formula, papers, and written books still there. I guess she will be back soon?

I rolled a pen between my fingers, immersed in my melancholy for who knows how long until I heard sharp clink next to my ear. I saw a magic circle forming on the ground. The thing was dark blue, with a pure white color. Suddenly, the echoing boom filled the empty library.

Fianna stood before me, with surprised, large eyes like a baby doe.

“Oh, Kousuke? Hello.”

Fianna greet me with smile, ugh… thanks to that smile, now I wouldn’t be so pissed about her absence.

“Where were you been!?” I grunted, “You were nowhere!”

“Sorry, I had to run some errands on Calastine. What’s up?” She asked happily.

“Umm, I won? You weren’t here to see it?”

“You did?!?” She gasped “Congratulations!”

“Thanks, but that wasn’t my point… Wait, did you say you just were in Calastine?” I froze.

“Umm, yeah? If the spell is what you want to know, it was a simple magic circle teleportation spell with a blue magic crystal… Let’s see here.” Fianna turned to examine the crystals, but I had to ask something – important.

“Did you happen to see any wanted poster or bounty while you were in there…?” I stood up, swaying side to side indifferently.

“What?” Fianna stopped. “Why there’d be a bounty… wanted… There was no such thing.”

“Yeah strange thing to ask. Sorry. I am just. Hooked… With the news, I am…” I chuckled as examining my surroundings.

Fianna looked me suspiciously and raised her brow. A certain book caught my eye; mysteries of the universe.

“Just a hobby I like to do in my free time. It’s fun. You should try sometimes.” I nodded.

Wow, what a bulls shit.

“Right.” She said.

Why there wasn’t a poster spread? That made no sense. I was a wanted criminal, wasn’t I? Did they forget about me already? What if Evelyn doesn’t remember me… No wait. Get your shit together, man. Why the moron of a king or Leonardo hadn’t put anything that would signal my existence? Are they trying to forget I ever existed? That must be the case. Evelyn should be easily manipulated if they’d just deny everything long enough.

“So, you said you won the tournament?” Fianna ask.

“Yeah! It was a tough match. You should’ve seen it. I used the all the basic spell you taught to win!”

“Oh, really?! My champion!” Fianna hugged me.

Wow, I don’t understand why she’s happy… maybe because she happy for me because I can be considered as her first pupil.

Well, it great as I felt her big breasts pressing against my lower chest. Her nipples seemed to be hard from the cold library air. Hmmmm. NO BRA! She doesn’t wear BRA!?  I am not gonna lie, the feeling kinda made me hard. Suddenly, Fianna twitched raised her index finger. As I didn’t expect that kind of sudden reaction, I accidentally tripped her as we separated from our embrace.

She was falling, but I managed to catch her, and lousy balance we both fell on the ground. The impact made our mouths to touch, and it was like we sort of kissed by accident.

Our lips mashed together. Caught up in the moment, without thinking both of us kissed forcefully, once, twice, three times before Fianna instinctively parted her lips, her eyes closed as her tongue darted into my mouth, pressing her lips firmly to mine.

My tongue danced back with her as my hand abruptly froze on her slender waist, Fianna’s hand resting on my shoulder as we began to kiss passionately, breathing heavily as our tongues danced and their lips smacked loudly, filling the room with the hot sound.

“Hmnn!” Fianna breathed loudly as she pressed her lips instinctively against my lips.

There we were laying mouths against each other, but neither of us did anything to stop the act or proceed any further. As I could feel my slightly hardened cock on her soft panties. I felt my cock throbbing, and decided that this should be enough.

“Oh no… That means…I…” Fianna started looking deep to my eyes like she had something on her .

“That you should tell me about your friend.” I interrupted.

For some reason, Fianna blushed. I guess the kiss might have been her first consider how much of a bookworm she was… Nah, still, the accidental kiss doesn’t count. I hope she think that way.

Fianna pushed me aside and stood up. I followed her tight ass. Damn, I should fondle them during the kiss.

“What were you going to say?” I asked.

“Why’d you…” Fianna started and then continued with a complicated look on her face. “Right… My friend…”

“Come on; you promised!” I said as I stood up too.

Fianna was silent. She looked me into the eyes. I could see her turquoise eyes deliberating all the different scenarios she would create with the information. She walked to me as I could sense an erotic radiation coming out her. Why she suddenly looks so erotic?

“Okay. We’d better sit down since…” She said.

“I’m sorry but I’m in a rush. I should pick up my stuff from the smith and… Leave.” I said glancing quickly at the sun; it had moved towards the west.

“What? Are you in a rush? You are going leave? Now?” Fianna asked, and I nodded in response. Something was off with her…

“I don’t know how you can leave this town at this hour.”

“Apparently, I have a job to do.”

Fianna sat down then she looked at me in the eyes.

“My friend currently was staying in the private villa in the northeastern region of Taebutopia Rey territory.”

“Wait a minute…”

That place… that’s mean….

“It’s the same place you’re going, now, Kousuke,” Fianna said, looking down. I could see the sadness in her eyes. The silence descended.

“What’s wrong?” I asked after a pause.

“Nothing. Guess this is good bye.” Fianna jumped and pulled her hair behind her ear and cover her face.

“Yeah. I guess.” I nodded as I was in a hurry. “And… Thanks for your help. I don’t know how to repay it to you…”

“Repay? You don’t need to.” Fianna smiled as she touched her lips without saying anything.

That was strange, and sometimes I don’t understand women… But I was way too pumped for the news to worry about what was going on with her.

I guess I should be happy that I actually wasn’t wasting time. This tournament worth the trouble. With this, I can reunited with Evelyn!

But I guess when I’m there, I will waste time serving… this lady… Sera? Yeah, Sera. I knew this would take me somewhere.

“Bye, Fianna. Until we meet next time.” I said and kissed her on the forehead.

She was blushing, but responded my farewell, with a quick, cute wave. I think she whispered something. But I believe I was imagining a thing.

After leaving library, I went and picked my armor from the smith. I put on my armor, on the shop – just to check whether I got some upgrades. I might have since the armor felt empowering as usual.  I stretched my arms and legs. I paid the smith a large tip and then headed out. TR household knights were always in full armor so; I decided to act according to etiquette. I hope they don’t try to force me to keep one of their armors.

I had been informed to meet DB at the top of the barracks halls, and it ought to be around the corner.

As I marched through the pebble stone road, I noticed people looking at me, even greeting me. I guess these kinds of events made people popular.

Suddenly, I was stopped by a person standing in front of me. It was a woman who wearing noble gown and she looked so familiar… It was a Goldi! The spanked beauty! She had straightened her hair and changed to outfit!

“Congratulations.” She smiled “Champion.”

The beauty leaned and kissed me on both of my cheeks. “For your hard work.”

“Um. Thanks.” I responded knowing that I wasn’t one to refuse a kiss from a beautiful girl like her. “I worked quite hard, that is correct.”

The beauty smiled, without much further to say, and hopped away humming happily. She was so strange.

I entered the building and made my way on the top of the establishment.  And I was happy that this world had elevator. Yup, glad they have something like this when people would just teleport everywhere, I guess. Well, not everyone could do something like that…

At the top of the building, I saw DB standing next to a thing that looked like a helipad. Were we going to go there with a helicopter?

“Well met, brethren.” DB started with greet that reminded more of a salute.

“Yeah,” I responded.

“Allow me to introduce myself before we get into the details of your job; my name is Leroy.”

Heh, Leroy. I should try to remember the name. Can’t call him DB by accident that’d be bad, even if wouldn’t understand exactly what I meant..

“I serve under Lord Leonardo,” Leroy stated proudly. “I am his first commander and his right hand on various matters.”

I see… Wait. He must’ve seen me then, right? When Leonardo and Elsha took her away from me… He hadn’t understood who I was… No. I was getting set up. This must be a trap.


“All right.” I nodded trying to cover my gruesome realization.

“Okay. Let’s go into details of your job…” Leroy said and then waved his hand.

A voiceless incantation created a paper parchment out of thin air. It was kinda cool, but I had to think about my next move. Everything seemed so normal. The procedure was extremely standard, and not a trap at all. It’s possible that Leroy hadn’t been there. Unlikely, but possible.

“So, in addition to the information that’s already provided, your job description includes helping Miss Sera in every way she needs.” Leroy read out loud.

So, I was some sort of a butler as well? Easy enough.

“Your job is to defend her from everything threatening, and most importantly dispatch any possible conflicts before they start.” Leroy lowered the paper “Besides your skills showcased in a competition, do you have any previous bodyguard experience?”

“Yeah. I’ve been a peacekeeper few times.”

“A peacekeeper? That’s an odd title but fitting for the cause of course.” Leroy gave me a smug smile.

“I am a country boy so…” I laughed.

Leroy joined me, and I could now conclude that he surprisingly enough wasn’t setting me up. He was too blunt honest and seemed so dumb, and gullible. However, I was going to keep my guard up no matter what.

Suddenly, I heard a low strong booming sound on the distance.


The sound was thundering and just merely breathing the vibrating air made my body shudder. It was a plane! Well, kind of. It was flying and made from metal plates, but it lacked the characteristics of a traditional plane found on the earth. It was more like a UFO.

The UFO looking plane landed in front of us, but the wind was tolerable. You would think such a large vehicle would cause heavy wind, but no. The door opened, and I saw a knight inside wearing TR tabard. The knight saluted us and stepped aside.

“Get into plane,” Leroy yelled over the booming plane.

I nodded but was still wary as I didn’t know what was going to take place. I had readied my pistol and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Inside there was only one seat. Otherwise, I didn’t see a cockpit. Well, the plane was piloted with magic. Go figure. Leroy gestured me to beside the knight who had opened the door. We stood in attention position as Leroy looked outside.

I glanced and – Fuck me; it was the beauty again. She was walking towards the plane.

“Kneel.” I heard and saw Leroy kneeling before approaching beauty. “Kneel. That’s an order.” Leroy repeated, and I felt the knight beside me was kneeling as well.

“No. Let him stand.” The beauty yelled and entered the plane. “You can stand too, Leroy.”

“As you wish, milady,” Leroy said rising.

The knight rose up and closed the door. I just stood there amazed from everything. The beauty sat down on the seat.

Finally, the rusted fucking gears and cogs inside my little brain started to twist and turn, and I put all the pieces together… The beauty… She was my protégée; she was Sera Taebutopia Rey!


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